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Getting Closer To You!


Getting Closer To You! BE FORWARD Tanzania

City Delivery Service

BE FORWARD City Delivery Service provides fast and secure delivery to our customers in the Tanzania area. See the map below for details.


Delivery To Tunduma:
From Dar es Salaam
via driver by BF Tanzania
Delivery To Kasumulu:
From Dar es Salaam
via driver by BF Tanzania


Delivery To Lusaka:
From Dar es Salaam via Nakonde
via driver by BF Tanzania and BF Zambia
Delivery To Nakonde:
From Dar es Salaam
via driver by BF Tanzania
Service also available to:
  • Burundi
  • DR Congo
  • Malawi
  • Zimbabwe
Contact BE FORWARD Tanzania for details and availability
Map Legend
  • Port of delivery from Japan
  • Service Area
  • transported via driver
  • City
  • transported via car carrier
  • transported via container

City Delivery Pricing

Below are instructions for finding your price for this service:

  • 1Choose your vehicle at beforward.jp
  • 2Select “Final Country” and “Nearest Port / City”
  • 3Click Calculate
    You will see the City Delivery price added to Total Price

You can find a price chart for clearing and delivery charges from
Dar es Salaam to Tunduma and Kasumulu on our pricing page.

City Delivery Pricing

Why Choose BE FORWARD Tanzania

Using BE FORWARD saves time and money and gives you peace of mind. If you buy a vehicle
from us and use our services, there is no need to worry about the safe arrival of your car. With
BE FORWARD, you can rest assured that your vehicle will arrive safe, sound and in good
working condition. If not, we will repair or replace it. Simple as that. +1 Service. Guaranteed.

Save Time and Money! Save Time and Money!
We offer fair and competitive pricing. And,
you just pay BE FORWARD one time. No
need to send money to other agents, we take
care of everything for you!
Fast, Safe Delivery! Fast, Safe Delivery!
We clear your vehicle at the port and deliver
it to you as quickly as possible! At the port or
on the road, we guarantee safe delivery while
your car is in our care.
Free Repair Or Replacement! Free Repair Or
While your car is in our care, we will
guarantee it arrives as purchased. If anything
goes wrong with the vehicle or its parts, we
will repair or replace it free of charge.
Learn More about our +1 Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duty and Tax (VAT) included in the price?
Duty and VAT for your country is not included in the price.
It must be paid by you or via an agent of your choice in
your country.
Is the clearing fee in my country included in
the City Delivery price?
The clearing fee is included for Zambia customers that use
City Delivery to Nakonde and Lusaka. Other customers
must pay the fee or have an agent pay the fee for them.
How much is the clearing fee for Tanzania
The clearing fee for Tanzania residents is TSH 250,000.
Can I still use BE FORWARD Tanzania City
Delivery service even if I did not pay for it when
I purchased my vehicle from BE FORWARD?
Yes, you can contact BE FORWARD Tanzania and make
the payment to them for the City Delivery service.
Can I use BE FORWARD Tanzania services if
I purchased my vehicle from another
No, BE FORWARD Tanzania services are only available to
customers that purchased a vehicle from BE FORWARD.
Does the CIF price to Dar es Salaam include the
Tanzania clearing fee?
No, the clearing fee is not included in the CIF price to Dar
es Salaam.
Do you offer delivery service for Democratic
Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe
Currently, we can only offer delivery service up to
Can you deliver vehicles within Tanzania?
Currently, our City Delivery service is limited to Tunduma
and Kasumulu in Tanzania. However, we are working on
extending the service to additional cities in Tanzania.
What documents are required for BE
FORWARD Tanzania to clear my vehicle?
Please email us a scanned copy of your ID, such as your
passport or driver's license.
Are Clearing & Delivery fees different on vans
with high roofs, compared to the regular
Yes, the fees are determined by the cubic meters (m3) of
the vehicle.

BE FORWARD Tanzania Customers



    It was my first time to deal with BE FORWARD Tanzania. I really admire the services issued from most of the staff equipped with business language. I got my car in time without any damages. I have been encourage a good number of people to opt to be BE FORWARD customers! Big up BE FORWARD!

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


    Never trusted the internet way of buying a vehicle but when BE FORWARD Tanzania send me an email informing me that the vehicle was ready for collection, my doubt was vanished and joy slowly encroached me.The journey from Zimbabwe to Tanzania was memorable. We spend 3days and nights, this was my first time to travel for such a long distance. Thanks to BE FORWARD Tanzania family for consistent communication both via email and telecom until the keys were finally handed over to me. To me BE FORWARD is the only reliable and dependable vehicle exporter, clearing, and other related services provider. If you want to see your dream car safely landing at your gate then do it the BE FORWARD way.



    I became aware of your services since 2011 through my friends. Since then I was interested in perusing your website searching for the best car. I have realized that you offer best cars with affordable prices. My mom is so glad because she got a car of her choice. Keep it on BE FORWARD, we will be your good ambassadors for your products.

    Morogoro, Tanzania

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Get In Touch With Us In Tanzania

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45-46 Chimara Road,
Opposite Ocean Road Hospital,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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