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Min Year 2008 Vehicles imported by residents of Kenya must be no more than 7 years old to comply with import regulations.
Please be sure to select 2008 in the minimum year field when searching for your vehicle.

City Delivery Service

BE FORWARD City Delivery Service provides free repair/replacement guarantee to our customers via Mombasa Port.

NEW! Repair/Replacement Guarantee

BE FORWARD is the first car exporter to offer this level of service!
Our competitors do not. With our Repair/Replacement Guarantee you have no worries using our City Delivery Service. We guarantee repair/replacement for the following.

  • Engine Repair/Replacement
  • Missing Part Replacement
  • Power Windows
  • Lights
  • Water pump
  • Spare Tire / Jack
  • Radiator
  • Engine Oil
  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • Gear Box
  • Wheel Caps
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Transmission
Repair and Replacement

Terms and Conditions

  • Only Customers that use BE FORWARD City Delivery Service via Mombasa are eligible for the Repair/Replacement Guarantee.
  • The Repair/Replacement Guarantee is only valid until the customer receives his/her vehicle.
  • Kampala delivery service cars must be stored in Cadam bond yard.
  • BE FORWARD will not guarantee any defects that appear on the car prior to purchase.

BE FORWARD City Delivery Service provides fast and secure delivery to our customers in the Kenya area. See the map below for details.


Delivery From Mombasa Port:
・via driver by BF Kenya
To The Following Cities:
Nairobi, Malaba, Taveta,
Lunga-Lunga, Namanga, Isibania


Delivery From Mombasa Port:
・via driver by BF Kenya
To The Following Cities:
Kampala, Arua

South Sudan

Delivery From Mombasa Port:
・via driver by BF Kenya
To The Following Cities:
Kaya, Nimule
Note: Delivery to Uganda border only
Service also available to:
  • Burundi
  • DR Congo
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
Contact our official BE FORWARD agents in Kenya for details and availability.
Estimated delivery times:
  • Nairobi 1 days
  • Uganda 5-7 days
  • DR Congo 8 days
  • South Sudan 8 days
  • Rwanda 5 days
  • Burundi 5 days
  • Tanzania 5 days
Map Legend
  • Port of delivery from Japan
  • Service Area
  • transported via driver
  • City
  • transported via car carrier
  • transported via container

Estimated Clearing + Delivery Charges from Mombasa Port

Destination Vehicle Types / Weights(kg)
Country City/Border Small Sedan
0 - 1,499
Medium Sedan
1,500 - 1,999
Large Sedan
2,000 - 4,999
Small SUV
5,000 - 9,999
Large SUV
Over 10,000
Uganda Kampala $ 695 $ 770 $ 1270 $ 2380 $ 3420
Aura $ 1395 $ 1465 $ 1915 $ 3015 $ 3915
Kenya Nairobi $ 580 $ 696 $ 1,044 $ 2,204 $ 3,248
Malaba $ 640 $ 715 $ 1215 $ 2215 $ 3365
Lunga Lunga $ 545 $ 625 $ 985 $ 1965 $ 2865
Taveta $ 655 $ 735 $ 1215 $ 2215 $ 3285
Namanga $ 595 $ 695 $ 995 $ 1995 $ 2895
Isibania $ 740 $ 815 $ 1315 $ 2315 $ 3465
South Sudan Nimule $ 1395 $ 1465 $ 1915 $ 3015 $ 3915
Kaya $ 1395 $ 1465 $ 1915 $ 3015 $ 3915
  • * All prices are in USD.
  • * Clearance fee at Malaba border for Kampala delivery is included
  • * KRA tracker fee is included
  • * Escort fee of 100 USD required for DR Congo customers
  • * Delivery for Nimule and Kaya to Uganda border only
  • * Delivery fee for Nairobi is inclusive VAT

City Delivery Pricing

Below are instructions for finding your price for this service:

  • 1Choose your vehicle at
  • 2Select “Final Country” and “Nearest Port / City”
  • 3Click Calculate
    You will see the City Delivery price added to Total Price


Missing Parts GuaranteeBE FORWARD guarantees replacement of any missing parts from your vehicle all the way to your border!
24-hour Port SecurityWe have 24-hour high level security to ensure your vehicle stays safe at Mombasa Port!
Fast, Safe DeliveryWe clear your vehicle at the port and deliver it to you as quickly as possible, usually between 3 and 8 days depending on your country!
Save MoneyYou just pay BE FORWARD one time. No need to send money to the agents in Mombasa Port, we take care of everything for you!
45 Days Free StorageWe guarantee 45 days of free storage at Mombasa Port so you don’t need to worry about storage fees!

Local Bill Of Lading Office

Our local partner Stanmore Holdings can issue original BE FORWARD Bill Of Lading (B/L) documents or make amendments to your B/L free of charge, even after your vehicle arrives at the port! This gives you added protection and peace of mind while your car is in our care.

Frequently Asked Questions (Tax, Clearing & Delivery, etc)

Is duty and tax (VAT) included in the price?
Duty and VAT for your country is not included in the price. It must be paid by you or via an agent of your choice in your country. For more information on duty and tax in Kenya please refer to JEVIC, the Kenya Bureau of Standards, and the Kenya Revenue Authority.
Can I still use BE FORWARD Kenya City Delivery service even if I did not pay for it when I purchased my vehicle from BE FORWARD?
Yes, you can contact Transfreight Logistics LTD and make the payment to them for the City Delivery service.
Can I use BE FORWARD agent services if I purchased my vehicle from another company?
No, BE FORWARD agent services are only available to customers that purchased a vehicle from BE FORWARD.
What documents are required for Transfreight Logistics LTD to clear my vehicle?
Please email us a scanned copy of your ID, such as your passport or driver's license.
Does the CIF price to Mombasa include the Kenya clearing fee?
No, the clearing fee is not included in the CIF price to Mombasa.
Will BE FORWARD Kenya agents contact me once my documents are dispatched from BE FORWARD to them?
Stanmore Holdings LTD will contact you after they receive your documents from BE FORWARD. They will also contact you once your shipping vessel arrives at Mombasa port.

BE FORWARD Customers




    Hello BE FORWARD team, I received my vehicle in very good shape here in Juba, South Sudan. BE FORWARD will always be my number one choice if I need a car or if I need to recommend to friends.

    South Sudan

    Just to confirm you that I received the car in a good condition since September 02 after custom operation; It's A BEAUTIFUL model and my family thanks you for your cooperation; nextly I will send you the car picture with my family on celebration. BE FORWARD, you are excellent.

    DR Congo

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Get in touch with us in Kenya

Clearing & Delivery Agent
Transfreight Logistics LTD
Transfreight provides fast clearing & delivery service for your vehicle from Mombasa port. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be delivered safely.

Transfreight Logistics LTD
Consolbase Bldg, 2nd Floor Refinery Road,
Mombasa, Kenya

Tel:254 731 401456
254 722 795228
254 722 746866


Port Freight Service (CFS) Agent
Consolbase Limited
Consolbase provides a secure environment for your vehicle in Mombasa. They will ensure that your vehicle remains as you ordered it from BE FORWARD.

Consolbase Limited
Refinery Rd, Changamwe, P.O Box 86391,
Mombasa 80100, Kenya

Tel:254 736 185105
254 722 172429
254 722 365072


Local Bill of Lading (B/L) Office
Stanmore Holdings LTD
Stanmore offers local Bill of Lading document services for your vehicle. You can easily amend consignee information at any time after Stanmore issues your B/L.

Stanmore Holdings LTD
P.O. BOX 81540-80100, Inchcape Hse, 3rd Flr,
Archbishop Mackarios Cls

Tel:254 41 2315631
254 722 613 210 / 726 095 924