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A new feature which allows you to instantly
download a Proforma Invoice.


Please note you will have restricted use after you fail to
make a payment on time while using this feature.

How to use it?

Step 1 - Login
Login / Sign up to My Page and go to your inquirie

Step1 login

You will find a "Buy Now" button featured next to each eligible inquiry
on your "Inquiries" located in your account page (My Page).

Step 2 - Order
Once you have Login / Sign up to a My Page account, Place the order

Step2 Order

Fill in all of the necessary fields in the order form.
Make sure the Consignee Information (the "Owner-to-be" of the vehicle)
is correct. Agree to the payment terms and place the order.

Step 3 - Invoice
Download your Profoma Invoice

Step3 invoice

You will be able to download a Proforma Invoice right after placing the order. You can also download it later from "Orders" page located in
your account page as well.

Step 4 - Payment
Once you have received your Profoma Invoice, please make payment

Step4 Payment

Make the payment using the downloaded Proforma Invoice
and let us know by sending the Telegraphic Transfer copy
(TT slip or any proof of the payment with the bank stamp).

After the issuance of Proforma Invoice

Within 24 hours, you need to make a payment and send us e-mail.


Within 48 hours, you need to send us the copy of Telegraphic Transfer (TT copy) while the vehicle is still reserved for you.

Notice: If you fail to send us the copy of Telegraphic Transfer (TT copy) within 48 hours, your next "Buy Now" purchase won't be reserved for you, unless you make a payment for any vehicle again. If you have any question about "Buy Now" you can
send e-mail to us:

Terms of Use:

  • You can reserve only one vehicle at a time.
  • You can issue more than one Proforma Invoice (PI) for different vehicle(s), but only the first vehicle will be reserved automatically. If you want to reserve more than one vehicle, you can send us an e-mail with BF number(s).
  • You can't issue more than one PI for one vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the "Buy Now" feature without BE FORWARD account (Mypage)?
No. You must have a BE FORWARD account before using the "Buy Now". If you don’t have an account yet,
simply sign up here.
How can I reserve more than one vehicle at a time using "Buy Now"?
You can only reserve one vehicle at a time using "Buy Now".
But you can email us the BF numbers of the other cars that you would like to reserve and process the payment as soon as possible for the reservation to take place.
What happens to unpaid Proforma Invoice (PI) after 48 hours?
Failure to pay the issued Proforma Invoice (PI) after 48 hours prohibits you to reserve vehicle by BUY NOW until you pay for any reserved vehicle. But you can issue Proforma Invoice (PI) without reservation anytime for any vehicle.
What is the Proforma Invoice (PI)?
It is the "final estimate" on the chosen vehicle and shipping conditions in the form of an invoice.
What is a TT Copy? Where can I get it?
TT Copy is the Telegraphic Transfer Copy issued to you once you process your payment via bank wire transfer as a proof of your remittance. The deposit slip may replace the TT Copy only if the TT Copy is not issued immediately by your bank.
How can I download a Proforma Invoice (PI)
using "Buy Now"?
You can download a Proforma Invoice (PI) through the order form (after placing your order) or from your account page. Also, you will receive a Proforma Invoice to your registered e-mail.
If I can't pay the Proforma Invoice (PI) within
48 hours, what shall I do?
Please notify us about the failure to pay by email or phone within 24 hours after you receive Proforma Invoice (PI). By giving us notification, it will allow you to reserve a vehicle next time.
Can discounts be applied after the issuance of Proforma Invoice (PI)?
Discounts must be applied before the issuance of Proforma Invoice (PI). You can access the discount coupon codes from your Mypage dashboard before issuing the Proforma Invoice (PI) using "Buy Now".
What Payment Methods do you accept?
Currently we accept payments via bank wire transfer and Bitcoin. For detailed information, please refer here.