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I LOVE BE FORWARD Sticker Photo Contest gives away Cash Prizes every week.
Three winners of $100 each will be chosen every Friday. This
Campaign starts on January 22, 2016 and ends indefinitely.

How To Join The Contest

Take A Photo

Follow us: @beforward.
Take photos of vehicles with the
BE FORWARD sticker on them.
Be creative.

Upload & Post

Comment on your photo with the following:
#bfsticker100 @beforward
Your Full Name, Your Country
a message about BE FORWARD and tag
three (3) friends (@___, @___, @___)


To be eligible, make sure your
account is set to "Public". Your
photos must be unique and original

For BE FORWARD stickers, visit a BEFORWARD local office near you or we can send them to you upon delivery of your purchased vehicles. Stickers must be located outside of the vehicles. Entrants can post a maximum of three (3) photos only during the entire campaign.


  • - Photos must be unique, original, not a duplicate from other posts and not from the Internet.
  • - Weekly winners will be chosen from all the entries within the campaign period. Any entrant can win only once during the entire
  • - Winners will be chosen every Friday. Make sure to regularly check your direct Instagram messages. You may be one of the lucky
  • - BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS are welcome to join this campaign.
  • - All the winners from the countries where BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program is available are required to become members.

Winners & Prizes

  • Three winners will be selected to receive $100 each every Friday at 12:00 pm Japan Standard Time.
  • All lucky winners will be informed by a direct Instagram personal message. Failure to reply to the winner notification within three (3) days after receipt of the notice will result to disqualification.
  • Prizes can be paid in cash. This method is available only to countries with local BE FORWARD office.
  • Prizes can be paid as $120 discount upon purchase of vehicle/s from BE FORWARD. However, vehicles must have at least $121 FOB price.
  • Prizes can be paid as an Amazon gift card worth $100.

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions >>

BE FORWARD Sticker Photo Contest


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