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Our Sales Team

Sales Team in Japan

Service Map

from The Valley port to
  • The Valley pick up at port
from St.John's port to
  • St.John's pick up at port
from Oranjestad port to
  • Oranjestad pick up at port
from Nassau port to
  • Nassaupick up at port
  • Freeportdelivery via Ferry
  • Marsh Harbourdelivery via Ferry
  • Harbour islanddelivery via Ferry
  • Spanish Wellsdelivery via Ferry
  • Currentdelivery via Ferry
  • Three Island Dockdelivery via Ferry
  • Rock Sounddelivery via Ferry
  • Governor's Harbourdelivery via Ferry
  • Fresh Creekdelivery via Ferry
  • George Towndelivery via Ferry
  • Simmsdelivery via Ferry
from Freeport port to
  • Freeportpick up at port
from Bridgetown port to
  • Bridgetown pick up at port
from Hamilton port to
  • Hamilton pick up at port
from Port Bonaire to
  • Port Bonaire pick up at port
from Road Town Port to
  • Road Town pick up at port
from Georgetown Port to
  • Georgetown pick up at port
from Caldela Port to
  • Caldela pick up at port
from Roseau Port to
  • Roseau pick up at port
from St. Domingo Port to
  • St. Domingo pick up at port
from St. Domingo Port to
  • St. Domingo pick up at port
from Port Quetza Port to
  • Port Quetza pick up at port
from Georgetown Port to
  • Georgetown pick up at port
from Port Bonaire to
  • Port Bonaire pick up at port
from Port au Prince to
  • Port au Prince pick up at port
from Kingston Port to
  • Kingston pick up at port
from Fort de France to
  • Fort de France pick up at port
from Philipsburg Port to
  • Philipsburg pick up at port
from Willemstad/Curacao Port to
  • Willemstad/Curacao pick up at port
from Basseterre Port to
  • Basseterre pick up at port

Payment Options

  • Bank Transfer

    Pay with Bank Transfer
    Make the wire transfer (telegraphic transfer) using the Proforma Invoice. For more information click here. click here.


    Pay with Credit / Debit card
    Pay securely with your credit / debit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. For more information click here. click here.

  • PayPal

    Pay with PayPal
    Pay online with PayPal. PayPal accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. For more information click here. click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a payment at your certified local offices?
ALL PAYMENTS SHOULD BE MADE DIRECTLY TO BE FORWARD JAPAN. Making payments to our certified local offices will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
BE FORWARD JAPAN will not be responsible for any extra cost or loss from your payments made to certified local offices.
How can I make sure the Invoice is authentic?
To ensure that the invoice is authentic you can match the invoice bank details on the invoice issued to you and match it with the bank details posted on the website.
How do I make payment for the vehicle?
Once you receive the invoice for the vehicle please print it and provide it to your bank and request for transfer or PayPal. All account details are mentioned on the invoice.
What is an Intermidiate bank and my bank is asking for this information?
An intermidiate bank is a bank in the USA which acts as middle bank to transfer funds to our account, all caribbean transfers go throught the Intermidiate bank in USA. Although in the caribbean region the intermidaite banks are commonly assigned, Japanese banks donot have a preferred Intermidiate bank.That is why Your bank can choose any intermidiate bank in the USA when you make the transfer.
How Will I be able to track my vehicle?
Once your payment is confirmed in our account, we will send you a URL link called the CAP(Car Arrival Progress) link for your car. This link will provide you all the updates regarding your vehicle.
When Will I get the documents for the vehicle?
We will send the documents to your address by DHL service roughly 2 weeks before ships arrival date. when the documents are dispatched we will send you a DHL tracking number to track your documents.
What is CIF price?
CIF price is Cost of vehicle + marine insurance + Freight/shipping cost (it does not include custom duty, clearing, Tax (VAT) in your country)
How long does it take to ship the vehicle?
The shipping time can vary from port to port but average time is 2 months from payment confirmation till arrival at your port
Who do I contact when my vehicle is arriving at my port?
You have to contact the local shipping agent at your port for the shipping company. Click here for the list of agents:
How to import my vehicle?
BE FORWARD has local clearing and forwarding agent in your country for supporting your import procedure.

Q1: What can BE FORWARD agents do?
A1: Essentially takes care of the customs clearance and transportation.
Such as below.
・Arrange to pass the relevant documents at customs and authorities.
・Calculations and Check the process of "Duty and VAT payments" as applicable.
・Arrange Transportation service if needed.
・Supporting best route for the import procedure.
・Ensure smooth and timely shipment of goods.

Q2: What do I need to do if I want to apply for the import service?
A2: Please select your "Delivery Destination" at the time you select your vehicle.

Q3: What am I supposed to do after requesting for the import service?
A3: Please send the Copy of your ID to BE FORWARD Clearing agent as soon as possible.
Our agent will prepare for the import process.

Q4: What am I suppose to do after vessel arrival?
A4: Our agent calculates Duty, Tax and Local charge etc...
After you made the payment of those charges, your vehicle will be released from Port or Border facilities.

Q5: What is included in your service?
A5: Please check the service detail.

Q6: Are import service price negotiable?
A6: Yes it is!! Please contact our local office or visit them.

Q7: If my vehicle has already departed from Japan, will I not be able to use your BE FORWARD import service?
A7: You can still use our service!!
Please contact with BE FORWARD Clearing agent in your country as soon as possible.
Our agent will do the best to support your import procedure without any problem.

Why Choose BE FORWARD?

  • No.1 Used Car Exporter

    Exported over 1,200,000 vehicles to more than 200 countries & regions

  • Customer Satisfaction

    80% of our customers repeat purchase

  • Best Price

    We offer large selection of low-priced vehicles

Our Customers from Caribbean

  • Joseph
    • 5.0
    by Joseph (St. Vincent) on 29/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

    I am extremely satisfied with the vehicle that I purchased from BE FORWARD. I choose the vehicle owing to the specifications advertised with it. All the specifications are functional. It also comes with reversed camera. It is in good working condition and very economical on petrol.

  • Manuel
    Very nice ¡ ¡ ¡ you are the best.
    • 5.0
    by Manuel Esteban Paula (Aruba) on 15/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

    Very nice ¡ ¡ ¡ you are the best.

  • Gabriela
    Excellent Car
    • 5.0
    by Gabriela Lebedeu (Cayman Islands) on 06/Aug/2018 Verified Buyer

    Excellent car
    Quick shipping
    As seen in the pictures
    Thank you so much
    Thanks from Cayman

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