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Live Auction in Japan

Live Auction

Looking for a specific vehicle?

with our Live Auction Service, you can access OVER 100,000 Japanese vehicles weekly from MORE THAN 150 Auction houses!


Register for our Live Auction Service NOW!

Fill up the Inquiry Form below or Email us your Live Auction Registration request at


About Our Live Auction Service

If you haven't found the vehicle you want from our stocklist, we can assist you in finding the specific vehicle you are looking for through our Live Auction Service.


Buying from Japanese Auction Houses Made Easier

We provide assistance in bidding and buying cars from Japanese live auctions.

Buying from auction houses might seem complicated at first, but we will support you in every step of the way to make your purchasing experience a pleasant one.


Access to a Large Inventory of Japanese Vehicles

Once you register with our service, you can access more than 150 Auction houses all over Japan, and choose from over 100,000 Japanese vehicles updated weekly.

With more choices, you'll have a higher chance of finding your (or your customer's)perfect vehicle!


Free Consultation and Auction Sheet Interpretation

We provide free consultation with regards to your country's regulation, ideal year of manufacture, engine size, etc, to help you decide on which vehicle to purchase.

We also provide assistance in checking and translating auction sheets that are written in Japanese.

Live Auction Order Steps


Registration (You)

First step is to register for our Live Auction Service. Fill-up the Inquiry Form Inquiry Form and let us know your intent to participate in the Live Auction so we could process your registration.

You may also send us an email us at


Look for a Vehicle(s) (You)

Once you're registered, you can access all available vehicles' information from the Auction Service site. Please feel free to search for the vehicle you like.


Advance Deposit (You)

You are required to make an Advance Deposit before you can buy any vehicle from our auction. We require customers to pay a security deposit by wire transfer only. Deposits are 100% refundable (bank charges apply) if there is NO successful bid yet. However, if you wish to cancel AFTER a successful bid, cancellation fees will apply.

The amount of the required deposit will depend on the total price of the vehicle you wish to purchase. The minimum amount we accept is USD1,000. Please refer to the chart below.

Vehicle price (JPY) Deposit (JPY)
up to 1,000,000 100,000
1,000,001 – 2,000,000 200,000
2,000,001 – 3,000,000 300,000
3,000,001 – 4,000,000 400,000
4,000,001 – 5,000,000 500,000
over 5,000,001 20%

Choose a Vehicle(s) (You/BE FORWARD)

After you pay the advance deposit and found a vehicle that interests you, you can place your maximum Bid Price on that vehicle.

You can place your bid on 10 vehicles per day at most. If you wish to bid for more vehicles, please email us at

Once we receive your bid request, we will check the vehicle's auction sheet for you. Your sales assistant will contact you as quickly as possible to inform you about the vehicle's condition before we activate your bidding.


Bidding Starts (BE FORWARD)

BE FORWARD will activate the bid on your behalf. Your sales assistant will contact you about the results. If you won the bidding, we will send you the Proforma Invoice for the remaining amount that needs to be paid.


Final Payment (You)

Pay the balance amount in the Proforma Invoice via Bank Wire Transfer or Paypal. Read more on How to Pay Read more on How to Pay

Please note that other charges may apply such as Inspection (JEVIC, JAAI, EAA), packing charges for container shipping, etc.


Yard Inspection and Shipping (You/BE FORWARD)

After we confirm your payment, we will arrange the yard inspection, process the necessary documents, and book your vehicle for shipping. You may check the shipping status anytime with our CAP service! Read more about CAP

*Please note that you are responsible for paying the port clearing costs, import duties, taxes and any additional fees required by your country or the port of discharge. Please contact your local authorities for further details.


Enjoy Your Ride!

Register for our Live Auction Service NOW!

Fill up the Inquiry Form below or Email us your Live Auction Registration request at


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 What is Bid Price?
Bid Price or "Bid," is the highest amount a bidder/buyer is willing to pay for a particular vehicle.
Q2 Why do I need to make an Advance Deposit?
We require an Advance Deposit for security purposes, to ensure that there will be no last minute cancellations of bid or any fake or spam bid requests.
Q3 Is the Deposit refundable?
Yes, the deposit is 100% refundable. It can also be used for your next bid/purchase. However, please note that bank charges will be covered by you.
Q4 Is there a deadline for placing bids?
All bids must be placed at least one hour before the auction starts. For example, if the auction starts at 11AM (JST), the bid should be placed before 10AM (JST).
Q5 What if I bid on a number of vehicles, but only want one vehicle?
Don't worry because our system has a function that cancels other biddings once you have already won a bidding for the vehicle. In case you want to buy more than one vehicle, you can do by setting the number of vehicles you wish to buy as well.
Q6 After I won the bid, when is the deadline for the payment (remaining amount)?
Please make the full payment within 48 hours after we send the Proforma Invoice. Please let us know, if you cannot make the full payment within 48 hours.
Q7 Is it still possible to cancel after winning the bid?
Yes, it is possible but we will be charging you with a cancellation fee of $1,000 or 20% of the total cost, which ever is higher.


Q1 What are the costs I need to cover if I purchase via Live Auction?
Calculation for the Live Auction total cost is as follows:
Bidding price + Auction Service Fee + Shipping cost (From Japan to the Final country) = Total Cost.
Q2 What does the "Auction Service Fee" include and how much does it cost?
Auction Service Fee includes the following:
Delivery to the port (From Auction House to Japanese port), Customs Clearance fee, Documents Fee, Courier Fee, BE FORWARD handling fee.
The Auction Service Fee will depend on the vehicle's final country of delivery. Please contact us for more details.
Q3 Can I add Warranty Service for vehicles I won from the Live Auction? I'm willing to pay.
Unfortunately, warranty service is not available for vehicles won from Live Auction.
Q4 Is it possible to place autoparts inside a vehicle so they'll be shipped at the same time?
Unfortunately, we cannot place autoparts inside vehicles for shipping. Most of the shipping companies don't allow, because it might damage the vehicle.


Q1 How do we make sure of the vehicle's condition?
We will inform you about the vehicle's defect/s, if any, based on the auction sheets before we activate your bid.
Q2 How to read the Auction sheets?
Each auction house has their own Auction Sheet format.
You may email us at should you need assistance in interpreting Auction Sheets.
You may also refer to the "AUCTION SHEET GUIDE" below.

Please see below for more information about Auction Sheets and Auction Locations in Japan.

Register for our Live Auction Service NOW!

Fill up the Inquiry Form below or Email us your Live Auction Registration request at

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