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BE FORWARD Singapore Stock Quality ControlBE FORWARD Singapore Stock Quality Control


Quality Control - 5 points

Watch our video, where the inspection process is explained in detail.

Quality Control

What is Quality Control?

It is a check prior to boarding the cars that consists of 5 POINTS:

  • 1.Engine

    In our workshops we check the perfect functioning of the engine, that there are no strange noises, badly connected cables or loss of liquid.

  • 2.Mission

    Check that the changes enter smoothly and that the clutch does not snag. Also that the gear lever does not tremble and does not make strange noises.

  • 3.Undercarrage

    The chassis and the underside of the car are meticulously checked for rust and holes caused by corrosion.

  • 4.Exterior

    Check the vehicle’s exterior for rust, paint chips, rough spots and cracks as well as if there is difference from the photos registered on Beforward web site.

  • 5.Interior

    Take a good look at the overall condition. This is a good indication the car had experienced much wear and tear. We never forget to check the dashboard for any cracks.

Best Price Guaranteed

It is our commitment to maintain low prices on our vehicles. Also, with a lower freight cost, we guarantee cheaper prices than the competition.

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