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BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program is created so we can give you Special Benefits and Offers for referring your friends to BE FORWARD.
Why Should I Join BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program?
BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program is a simple and easy way to receive BF SUPPORTERS Special Benefits and Offers. For every referral, the referrer can receive BUY NOW points and the referred friend can receive a BF SUPPORTERS ID discount for each purchase by using your BF SUPPORTER ID via BUY NOW page.
How Can I Register And Become A BF SUPPORTER?
First, you must sign up to obtain a BE FORWARD account on BE FORWARD's website.
When you sign up or after you sign up, you will be able to register for BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS by agreeing with its Terms & Conditions.
Upon registration, you will be provided with a BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS ID (BFS ID), which you can share with your friend/s.
Congratulations! When you refer your friend/s, you will be called a "BF SUPPORTER" and your friend will be called a "Referral".
How Can I Refer My Friends To BE FORWARD?
If you are already a BF SUPPORTER, simply share your BF SUPPORTER ID with your friends. If you are not, simply sign up here to become one. When your friend/s purchase a vehicle, they must fill in the BF SUPPORTERS ID on the BUY NOW page so the BF SUPPORTER will receive BUY NOW Points and the friend/s will receive a BF SUPPORTERS ID discount upon placement of purchase order. Click here to view "How it works".
What Are BF SUPPORTERS Benefits For Referring My Friends?
We have BF SUPPORTERS Special Benefits and Offers for you! The more friends you refer, the more benefits you will receive! To see all of the BF SUPPORTERS Benefits, please visit here.
How to earn and use your BF points?
You can earn BUY NOW points for vehicles and BFS Reward points for Auto parts by applying your BFS ID when you place orders on our website.
(Reward Points for vehicles can be earned through "BUY NOW" only.)
(To see "How to apply the BFS ID?":
The BUY NOW points will be reflected once the payment has been received in Japan. The BFS Reward points for Auto Parts will be reflected once the shipping from Japan is ready. The earned points can be used as discounts on your next purchase by ordering via "Buy Now" for vehicles or via for Auto Parts. By using BUY NOW system, you can adjust the points by yourself.
1 BF Point = US$ 1 discount
How Can My Friends Receive their BFS ID Discount?
Your friend/s or Referrals will receive BFS ID discount if they enter your BFS ID on the order form when they are placing their order.
Why Can't I See The Images Or Contents On My Dashboard?
You may have to change your setting of the web browser not to block the loading of images or icons. Otherwise, we highly recommend the use of Google Chrome or Firefox as a web browser.
How Can I Refer Friends Who Do Not Have Internet Access?
You can use your email address on behalf of your Friends or Referrals. After selecting the vehicles/items on the order form, please enter your BFS ID. (For the vehicles, BUY NOW page has the BFS ID input box.) The BFS ID discount will be provided to the ordered vehicles.

Last updated: July 1st, 2020

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