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Our Successful BFS Advisers

These BFS Advisers Started from selling one car as a BFS and succeeded in growing their business!
Feel free to contact them or click on the images to get more information about their success stories.


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We are glad to introduce our BF SUPPORTERS who work with us all over the world! Anyone who sold more than 2 vehicles or 2 items of auto parts using BFS ID can join this campaign and advertise themselves.


Some of Our Successful Members

  • Dennis Gontha
  • Hellesoe
  • Chinzou
  • Mapingire
  • Gontha
  • Banda
  • Osenga
  • nambeye
  • Banda
  • Gontha
  • Mapingire
  • Mbasopi
  • Nkhabu
  • Simmons
  • Pinder
  • Brown
  • Banda
  • Pule
  • Hamilton
  • Mugumba
  • Thank you very much! My reward was received, I am so happy and proud of being a BE FORWARD Supporter and I promise to do my best to win this.

    Mukadusenge Stephanie
    Lilongwe, Malawi
  • I received the reward yesterday. Thank you BE FORWARD, it is indeed appreciated. More referral on coming. Thanks

    Adedayo Aderinto
    Kingston, Jamaica
  • Thank you for my reward bonus. I'm really glad to see that I am selected from among your supporters and promising to work hard for the company. thank you again.

    Joseph Wabita
    Bukavu, D.R Congo
  • Thank u have received my reward my God bless BE FORWARD in Jesus name..

    Abson Ndhlovu
    Nakonde, Zambia
  • I received my first two cars us a BE FORWARD Supporter BFS ID294446 the cars are perfect and my customers didn't hide their happiness! Thanks for that you are the best keep up the good work.

    Ezekiel Matibiri
    Harare, Zimbabwe
  • I want to confirm that I have received my reward and the time I was getting the money in my pocket I had nothing but thanks to BE FORWARD for rewarding me. I promise to purchase more cars from you because you care about your customers and you support my team here BE FORWARD WANDERS thanks for that. Please do not stop give us rewards it's a good thing to us because it assist us in so many ways, thanks be blessed as well

    Bennie B Mthulula
    Zomba, Malawi
  • I have just received the reward from our local money gram agent here. It is with great appreciation in acknowledging receiving the reward. It is indeed a great pleasure doing business with your kind and supportive team. At the moment I'm working very hard to establish a wide range of clients. You will hear from me shortly if there is another order in placed.

    Andrew Panda
    Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • I'm pleased to inform you with pleasure that I, received the reward you sent to me on the 14th of March. I will keep Introducing and referring people to your company. BE FORWARD is the Number One {1} company in South Sudan. It has gained a great trust and excellent reputation in the new nation. Keep that performance.
    Best regards

    Ywomo Samuel Kuacikuan
    Juba, South Sudan
  • Thank you million times guys, i really appreciate the reward it came just in time. once again thank you

    John Mpofu
    Chegutu, Zimbabwe
  • That is wonderful and encouraging keep it up BE FORWARD Team Regards from your client.

    Michael Mwanza
    Ndola, Zambia
  • Dear sir, I'm very happy indeed to receive MWK7300 as living on your word! More understanding more business!

    Your faithfully

    Fanuel makiyi
    Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Thank you so much you are amazing and wonderful partners, i received $40.00.

    Raymond Bingura
    Harare,1 Zimbabwe

    Indeed is great pleasure to receive the bonus. I will continue referring customers to buy units from your company

    Hezekiah Kayange
    Mzuzu, Malawi
  • Thank you I am really proud of this reward once again thank you BE FORWARD.

    Gift Nkhoma
    Mzuzu, Malawi
  • Many thanks for the reward, I hereby confirming receipt of my reward ....Long Live BE FORWARD! I will continue to make business relation with you, Thanks!

    Dotto Bakari​
    Dodoma, Tanzania
  • Dear BE FORWARD,
    I take this opportunity to thank you for the reward which you have sent to me and I really appreciated.

    Kivura Clement
    Bujumbura, Burundi
  • Wow!
    I have earned $100 oh! BE FORWARD supporters we are the best

    Abubakar Mussa
    Goma, D.R. Congo
  • Hello BE FORWARD team.

    Thanks a lot for this reward. It's really encouraging and reinforcing our faith, trusts and belief to your service. May the Almighty God bless you and your company. Long life to you all.
    Best regards

    Kibukila Ikunji
    ​Beni, D.R Congo
  • Dear BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Team,I hereby write to inform you that I have indeed received my K36100 Reward in my Mpamba account. I am short of words to express my gratitude for this great reward .I will continue to make more referrals and purchases from you this new year.
    Keep the fire burning.

    James M'bawa
    Blantyre, Malawi​
  • I'm glad to inform you that I received my reward through Money gram.
    Thank you being trust worthy and honest people. May God bless and make you continue to excel in business.
    I'm looking forward to continue doing business with you.

    Nelson Kagabo
    ​Kigali, Rwanda
  • Thanks very much, I am very happy to receive the money for the Reward, please continue with your good work. I will also continue bringing more clients, once more thanks!

    Best Regards

    Luciano Phiri,
    Livingstone, Zambia​
  • Hi Team, thanks for your bonus and reward you sent to me. I appreciate at maximum, I'm very sure this is the beginning. Hope we will have strong business relationship. Thank you very much, Regards

    Edson Yohel
    ​Mpwapwa, Tanzania
  • I confirm to receive Tsh. 33,000/= as a reward following a decision to buy a vehicle from you as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER.

    ​Moshi, Tanzania
  • I confirm that I received my reward. Thank you so much BE FORWARD.

    ​Moses Kagimu
    ​Kampala, Uganda
  • Thank you very I can confirm that I have received the amount.

    ​Mutimba Musonda
    Lusaka, Zambia​
  • I'm very very grateful to receive the bonus in my phone. I take this as great!

    Samweli Bweye
    ​Tarime, Tanzania
  • I received my reward!
    Thank you BE FORWARD

    Shane Christmas
    Saint Kitts and Nevis​
  • I truly support BE FORWARD as an auto dealer that delivers on their promise and I was pleased to receive my reward as a BF supporter.

    Andrew Swearing
    ​Grand Cayman, Solomon Islands
  • Thank you so much for the reward payment, I have received the money in my bank account. keep it up BE FORWARD.
    My warm Regards

    Michael Mwanza
    ​Ndola, Zambia
    I can't hide my happiness, I received my reward in time. Continue dishing out cash prices. I'm very happy.

    Oscar D Phiri
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Thank you for the Reward! I have already get it from the bank.
    I will continuing ordering car as a BF SUPPORTER.

    Best Regards

    Irene Atali
    ​Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • First of all I would like to thank you for the reward. I really feel happy doing business with you guys, you are really genuine and professional.
    Happy to be part of the BFS team will keep on working so that I get more rewards.

    Patrice Chisamba
    Kadoma, Zimbabwe​
  • Wow!!! At first I couldn't believe that this is real and it can work, but now am able to go in full gear to ensure my extra income doesn't dry.
    ​Expect more referrals, now that I know it works.
    ​Great Stuff!!!!!!!!!!

    Ivin Kabungo
    Lusaka, Zambia​
  • Dear Sir,

    ​I thank you so much for the reward provided to me. Hope our business ​relationship will continue in the future.

    ​Merry-X-Mas to you and your family. Hope you have a pleasant holidays.

    Kersweet Eria
    ​Weno, Micronesia
  • I must say thank you for the spirit of recognizing your customers who are your partners in business. I will definitely continue to buy cars from you ​and encourage more customers to buy from you. You are the most reliable used cars sellers that I know of for the last 12 years I have been buying from you and recommended others.

    Batekereza Daniel
    Kampala, Uganda​
  • I'm very happy to inform you that I received the payment, I'm proud of you BE FORWARD, the way you are treating us customers continue doing this wonderful job and I promise to refer more customers to you remember this December I have referred 4 and another one is doing the process of Toyota Dyna very soon you will receive the payment.
    ​Bravo BE FORWARD. Stay blessed.

    ​​Bennie B Mthulula
    ​Zomba, Malawi
  • I confirm receipt of the cash back through my Mpamba account. I am very thankful to BE FORWARD for this program and wish that it should continue.
    ​I will use the money to by some groceries for my house.

    Catherine Atusaye Ghambi
    ​Limbe, Malawi
  • Thank you very much for your e mail. I acknowledge the receipt of Tshs 44,000. I'm so thankful and happy for the incentives I got from you and this makes me so eager to extend the good relationship and business with you.

    Simon Peter​
    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania​
  • I would like to say how glad I'm. I take this as a great opportunity, whenever I'm doing it, I feel good and happy because I have something to do now! I feel employed by BE FORWARD, thank you so much. I will work extra hard not just for the money but for the love of working with you. its a great passion!

    Khonje Phiri
    ​Blantyre, Malawi
  • I received that reward, and this one was huge than any other rewards I've ever​ received before.
    ​I'm so motivated to work and push myself more towards on this BF SUPPORTERS program.
    ​Bringing more referrals is my pleasure.

    Kangalla Makol
    ​Mwanza, Tanzania
  • I'm really grateful for the reward you gave me, I really appreciate. That time I didn't have any money in my pocket, but​ by the grace of God, I just heard my phone rings and when I checked…
    Wow.. MKW7,200.
    ​I was so excited about it.
    ​I'm Happy to be part of the team.

    ​​Samuel Phomeya
    ​Mzuzu, Malawi
  • Thank you very much BE FORWARD for the reward you gave me. I appreciate the reward.
    ​We will continue doing business with you and putting BE FORWARD higher and higher.
    ​Thank you!

    ​Innocent Sinjani
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Hi,
    Yes indeed I have received the money amounting of MWK28,800 I'm very happy for your reward thanks BE FORWARD I'm going to use this money for maintenance on my car.
    ​God bless you for blessing me!

    Bennie Mthulula
    Zomba, Malawi​
  • Appreciate so much the reward sent to me. I was really happy to receive the money.
    ​God bless BE FORWARD Team

    ​Regards Mwakilema

    Simon Mwakilema
    ​Moshi, Tanzania
  • I am very grateful to receive the bonus BF SUPPORTERS amounting MWK14,400. Thank you so much I will keep on directing customers to BE FORWARD UNITS


    ​Hezekiah Kayange
    ​Mzuzu, Malawi
  • ​Reward Received!!
    ​Thanks Guys.
    ​We will work together for a very long time.
    ​I'm your ambassador in my Area.

    ​Deogracious Temba
    ​Arusha, Tanzania
  • Yes It is done! I have already received my reward in my mobile account. I like BE FORWARD, I'm so happy today.
    ​I'm looking forward for more.
    ​That is my target.

    Charles Owino
    ​Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Hello!!
    Thank you very much, I have received the money, Tsh.55,000 in my M-Pesa account yesterday.

    Andrew Sanga
    ​Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • With excitement I wish to confirm receipt of my September 2016 reward. I am all smiles and very happy. It's more of a game to me referring new customers to BF and let the game continue!!!!!
    I am looking forward to results of the special bonuses.

    Cryton Mdala
    ​Blantyre, Malawi
  • I would like to confirm that the amount has been credited in my account. Thank you for the good business. I will look for as many customers as i can to increase the money.

    ​Hopeson Kanise
    ​Dedza, Malawi
  • Thank you very much BE FORWARD for the reward I have receive it. This is the first time for me to receive a reward since I started buying cars from Japan and am very sure we will built a big business with you.

    Innocent Sinjani
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • I acknowledge the receipt of Tsh 44,000/= cash to my mobile through Mpesa yesterday! Thanks very much for that and I assure you that I will still keep my colleagues to buy from BE FORWARD, a high quality seller of used Japanese cars.

    Nestor Nasley
    ​Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Thanks a lot!
    I am very happy, the money has reflected sir thanks a lot!

    Christopher Phiri
    ​Lusaka, Zambia
  • Thank you for your reward, I acknowledge for receiving the money through my mobile money account. I'm looking forward a good relationship with you.

    ​Mohammed Hussein
    Dodoma, Tanzania​
  • Dear BE FORWARD Supporter's team, I would want to confirm the receipt of my last month's reward. Thank you very much for your honor I greatly appreciated. I wish to win more and more rewards. Thank you once again.

    James Mukwara
    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Thank you so much BE FORWARD I received my reward of $20.00 through Ecocash on my mobile number. This reward raised my spirit to work hard and use the marketing material for me to raise money this month.

    Trywell Munsaka
    ​Binga, Zimbabwe
  • Thanks for the reward and I will use this money to top up the school fees for my daughter.

    Harry Dula Ngozo
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Thank you BE FORWARD family for this reward.
    I'm loving it.

    Jay Tuivaiti​
    ​Apia, Samoa
  • Thank you so much I confirm receipt of the reward. This motivates me to introduce more clients.
    ​Thank you!

    Cryton Mdala
    ​Blantyre, Malawi
  • I'm very pleased to be a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER. For every vehicle I refer I'm earning a reward, I will continue referring many clients.

    Mamba Clement
    Binga, zimbabwe​
  • Thank you very much I have received the payment on my mobile number and I am so happy, I hope this month will also get more than this. Many thanks again

    Weston Goddia
    ​Blantyre, Malawi
  • I am writing to say that I have received the money, K7200 in my TNM mobile account. Thank you BE FORWARD Japan for the money. Always BE FORWARD.

    Masautso Nkhono
    ​Balaka, Malawi
  • Thank you very much I have received it this is very great thing you are doing and I'm ready to recommend more customers to buy motor vehicles from you.

    Smith H Banda​
    ​Kasungu, Malawi
  • I'm really excited about my cash reward.. Its an incentive to recommend BE FORWARD to all my friends and family. I'm going to use the extra cash to upgrade my car. Thank you BE FORWARD.

    Tennille Bethel​
    ​Nassau, Bahamas
  • Thank you very much for the reward that l have received through Ecocash. I appreciate that and promise to continue doing business with you. I hope to be one of the bonus winners soon.

    Gift Shambira
    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Hi, I'm very very happy to receive the reward from BE FORWARD indeed. You are a true partner, continue to support us! I'll meet very soon to purchase another car​
    Stay blessed

    Bennie Mthulula
    ​Zomba, Malawi
  • Thank you very much for working with me in good faith since we started our business. I wish you all the best and looking forward to win more rewards.

    Thank you once again.

    James Mukwara
    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • I have received the amount and from now on BE FORWARD will be myblank to each and everyone who wish to buy a car in my beautiful town of Karonga here in Malawi. Furthermore, try to sent me more ​posters about the company.
    ​Keep it up.

    Rabson M.Simkonda
    Karonga, Malawi​
  • I want to inform that indeed I have received the reward. I felt as if I was dreaming when I got that message. I am very happy. You are a true partner indeed. We will make business and build our relationship. Once again thank you very much for rewarding me. Stay blessed

  • I confirm the receipt of the cash back through my Mpamba account. I am very thankful to BE FORWARD for this program and wish that it should continue.
    ​I will use the money to buy some groceries for my house.​

    Catherine Atusaye Ghambi
    ​Limbe, Malawi​
  • BE FORWARD, despite hard financial conditions in my country Zimbabwe I will continue persuade people to buy cars and spares from you. You are the best. Thank you I got my reward and spent it for my grandchildren.

  • Com enorme satisfação recebi o meu bónus. Anima me ainda mais. Vou lutar para continuar a beneficiar deste bónus. É um grande avanço. Sigo enfrente a lutar para lograr sucessos.

    Isaac Ilal
  • Wow that's something I never thought will happen. I really appreciate the​ reward and promise to do more in advertising your products

  • This time, I am going to buy a laptop to enable smooth and flexible navigation of vehicles online with clients. With this reward l feel energized such that l will find more ways to lure clients

    Bindura, Zimbabwe​
  • I have received the reward for all two vehicles. I greatly thanks BE FORWARD for the rewards. May almighty God bless all the staff and people who work with abundantly.

    Muhammad Sosola
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • I will buy a printer and color photocopying machine for me to use when printing my campaign materials. Next campaign I am going to work a bit harder so that I can be number 1.

    ​Gweru, Zimbabwe
  • I want to say that I really appreciate your kind gesture. I will double my effort marketing BE FORWARD stock.
    ​Thank you.

  • Thanks a lot for the reward. I'll keep buying and referring people to buy​ from BE FORWARD.

  • Thank you very much for the reward. I have received it and I will be doing business with you for a long time.

  • Uuuuuuu!! Thank you very much. I have received the reward. ​I like BE FORWARD and I love it.

    Vickson Chilowa
    ​Blantyre, Malawi

  • I felt so good to receive the Reward. Will add up the cash on my travelling expenses to Dar Es Salaam when collecting the vehicle. It's good that BE FORWARD can give back some cash to us. Will try to support more so that I increase the chance of getting more cash.

    Ophen Banda
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Thank you BE FORWARD, it was great receiving the cash back. I will use the money to buy a modem for easy access to the internet so I can advertise BE FORWARD vehicles under the cash back reward program. I am excited. Thank you once again!

    Prince Majura
    ​Kwekwe, Malawi
  • I am so thankful for the amazing bonus I received. I am so proud to work for BE FORWARD and I will continue to stand with you in everything you do. You are great for Business!

    ​Karoi, Zimbabwe
  • When I heard about the supporters program, I could not believe it. I was surprised to see that this is real. The two of us have received $30. The money I received was of great help. I topped it up to the school fees of my kids.

    Arnold Saka
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • I received the $15 from BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS team. I am more than grateful for being a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER and I will forever refer my friends to purchase vehicles from BE FORWARD! With BE FORWARD, we are a family.

    Chegutu, Zimbabwe​
  • Thank you very much for your email. I am very happy to inform you that I have received my rewards for last month the total amount of Tsh 121,000. I am so glad for that. I am looking forward for more business with you.

    Arusha, Tanzania​
  • I don't know how to express my joy to receive a reward from you guys at first I couldn't believe what I was seeing in my account to receive $30, We will do another business in near future even my friends I will urge them to buy on BE FORWARD once again. Thanks!

    Justice Nyika
    ​Beitbridge, Zimbabwe
  • The secret to my success is the high quality of cars from BE FORWARD offers. Everyone I tell about BE FORWARD gets to see the cars I have bought from BE FORWARD and they become so impressed that they decide to purchase their vehicles from BE FORWARD too. They want to go the same way and buy their own.

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania​
  • Woo I'm happy and happy. I promise to look for more customers so that I'll earn. My target is to be the most referral next month. You make us proud, even my referral is more than happy. Thank you BE FORWARD.

    Michael T.
    Dete, Zimbabwe​
  • Thank you so much! I have received the reward. So amazing! I will always contact BE FORWARD for me and all my relatives who need vehicles imported. Your services nice, reliable, user friendly and much timelier. Please keep it up!

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania​
  • I am really appreciative of the token of appreciation you have given me. I am really proud of you. Wish you well.

    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Thanks very much for the cash-back reward of $30 that I received in Tsh 66000. Thank you very much again. Hope to refer many partners to you.

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania​
  • I was really thrilled to receive the $50.00 It came at the right time when I needed to sort something out. Thank you very much BE FORWARD.

    Harare, Zimbabwe​
  • I am pleased to advise that the money has been credited to my phone account. I am thrilled. The secret behind my success is persistence.

    ​Blantyre, Malawi
  • I am delighted to acknowledge my reward of $15 sent to my Tigo Pesa account.

    ​Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • I will use the money to finalize renovating my shop building that I built near my dwelling house.

    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • I referred someone to buy a car from BE FORWARD and I am very happy that I received my $50 reward through Ecocash. It is true! The more you refer, the more you earn! Thank you very much BE FORWARD.

    Harare, Zimbabwe​
  • Reward received with thanks! Thank you BE FORWARD for ploughing back to your clients. Keep it up continue marketing your products.

    Harare, Zimbabwe​
  • I am well known person for importing vehicles from Japan. Most of customers believe that I am a genuine Agent for BE FORWARD in Chinhoyi.

    Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe​
  • I will use the bonus to support my daily life expenses. Keep selling high quality vehicles, this makes easy to support people.

    ​Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Thank you very much. I have received my reward. I will always be the ambassador of BE FORWARD.

    Angel Genes
    ​Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Interesting indeed........signing up is easy. The fliers and other marketing equipment is readily available online.

    ​Norton, Zimbabwe
  • I am very happy, I have received the money through my mobile number. Thanks so much.

    Billy Harrison
    ​Balaka, Malawi
  • I'm pleased to let you know that I received the reward. Keep up the professional standard of business. I will always support you!

    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Thank you BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS team for the reward you have sent me through my mobile money account from which l received 15 USD. I hope to receive more rewards from you

    Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe​
  • I thank the management of BE FORWARD for cash-back reward. I received Tsh33,000/= and my customer received Tsh33,000/= too. I would like to thank you a million times for this system.

    Singida, Tanzania​
  • I am experiencing the effect of favorable fortune and have already started working on the April Campaign since my aim is to take the first prize

    ​Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • I am very glad to have good business relationship. BE FORWARD is very kind. I have just received Tsh33,000 as a reward. Thank you very much. I will be good witness to your business and I recommend BE FORWARD to everyone!

    ​Tanga, Tanzania
  • Thank you for the cash back BE FORWARD, it came when I was stranded. I am Waiting for the Bid one the vehicle now. Thank you may God Bless you.

    Machokoto Mind
    ​Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • Glad to receive cash from BE FORWARD, I'll keep on supporting you. We are proud of you! You lubricated my weekend.

    Walter Peisani
    Harare, Zimbabwe​
  • Wow I am so happy, you are family to me, I thought it was just one of those jokes. Had pizza and drinks with my small family. Thanks looking forward to do more business with you.

    Shepherd Jongwe
    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Thank you BE FORWARD, l have seen the reward of $15. l hope to continue doing business with you and you have proved that you are 100% honest and reliable keep up the good work.

    Elvis Mhlanga
    ​Mutare, Zimbabwe
  • Thank you so much. I have received the reward, looking forward to working with BE FORWARD in future, Yeeee… I'm happy!

    Bridget Maungwa
    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Dear BE FORWARD I'm happy to inform you that I have received the CASH BACK reward of $15 and I am also looking forward to star working the you

    Wishborn Walter Gatsi
    Bindura, Zimbabwe​
  • Thank you for your email. I was to write you for acknowledgement for the reward money. I salute you for the good working relationship Keep it up and remain blessed.

    Elizabeth Moyo
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Thank you so much l received the pay out. I Will use the money wisely to print marketing materials and vigorously sell the product. All the best keep up the good work.

    Bochiwe Shoko
    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • I am very happy and pleased to confirm the Cash Back Reward. That's good BE FORWARD Keep this standard! I received the money in real time of need!

    Joseph C. Useni
    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Dear BE FORWARD Supporters I am happy to inform that I have received that cash reward to my TNM account. Thanks and God bless you.

    Kelechi Kenneth
    ​Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Thumps up BE FORWARD. I will always do business with you guys. I am a happy man and what you did shows you recognized me as your supporter.

    ​Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Thanks so much!! I hereby confirm the received of Tsh 33,000 as my reward.


    Omary Sabuni
    ​Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Hoza Hoza BE FORWARD!! God let this company grow world wide.

    Brighton Maketo
    ​Gokwe, Zimbabwe
  • Thank you BE FORWARD I have received my reward.

    Jonathan Nanchinga
    Blantyre, Malawi​
  • I have received my reward! I am very happy. I will keep smiling with BE FORWARD!

    ​Nachingwea, Tanzania
  • Thank you BE FORWARD. I received my reward last week. Good to do business with you!

    Thank you.

    Misuka Irene
    ​Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Hi, the consignee Lillian Matiya and I have both received the Cash-Back Rewards of $15,00 each, thank you very much.

    Godfrey Matiya
    ​Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • I really received my reward 22,000 Tsh to my M-Pesa account no. In that day, I was re-ordering the items from a wholesale shop to my shop, so I used the money to add more stock for my business. Thank you very much!

    Augen Magabila
    ​Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Let me express my gratitude on receiving the reward Thank you for your recognition I will continue to refer and buy from BE FORWARD both for myself and on behalf of other people, Thank you.

    Stanley Patrick
    ​Wedza, Zimbabwe
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