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Nombre de la compañía BE FORWARD CO., LTD.
Founded March 10th, 2004
Presidente Hironori Yamakawa
Dirección 4-20-2, Fuda, Chofu-Shi, Tokyo 182-0024, Japan
Number of employees 217 employees (Tokyo HQ) as of Jun., 2020
Main Business Activities Sale and export of used vehicles
Sale and export of new and used auto parts
Annual Sales 56 billion yen or approximately US $531 million ($1 =¥106)
URL https://www.beforward.jp/

*Update as of November 9th, 2020, we have relocated our Tokyo Headquarters.

Invoices and Bill of Lading (B/L) showing our office's old address will remain valid.

They can be used for payments, custom clearance, and car receipt with no problem.

Tokyo Headquarters

4-20-2, Fuda, Chofu-Shi, Tokyo 182-0024, Japan
TEL: +81 42 440 3440
FAX: +81 42 440 3450

Okinawa Office

1-14-11 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan


1305-15 Teraku, Bando City, Ibaraki, Japan
TEL: +81 297 21 5170
Website: https://corporate.beforward.jp/factory/

Fukushima Office

1-1 Ichinoseki, Nihonmatsu city, Hukushima, Japan
TEL: +81 120 171 079

BE FORWARD is a global leader in used car exports, operating a cross border e-commerce site (www.beforward.jp/). We meet the needs of customers from over 200 countries by selling a wider range of products, including used cars, auto parts, heavy machinery, electronics and consumer goods. Our corporate strength comes from providing to the demands of a global market with services ranging from sales, transport, reliable remittance procedures and delivery to local customers. We serve to over 2.5 million customers. Our main product, used vehicle export, marked 166,745 units as annual export volume for the latest fiscal year.