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Los modelos mas vendidos en New Zealand


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Live Auction

We would like to remove the middle man and give our customers the opportunity to bid for the cars they want.

  1. 1. Create a BE FORWARD account
  2. 2. Request for auction access (contact us)
  3. 2. Request for auction access (contact us)
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Arrival Port

Collect your car from selected port

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Nelson
  • Lyttelton
Clearing & Delivery Service

Delivery via Ferry

From Auckland Port to
  • AucklandDelivery via Ferry
  • WhangareiDelivery via Ferry
  • PukekoheDelivery via Ferry
  • HamiltonDelivery via Ferry
  • Te AwamutuDelivery via Ferry
  • TaurangaDelivery via Ferry
  • RotoruaDelivery via Ferry
  • GisborneDelivery via Ferry
  • NapierDelivery via Ferry
  • HastingsDelivery via Ferry
  • TaupoDelivery via Ferry
  • New PlymouthDelivery via Ferry
  • ThamesDelivery via Ferry
  • KaitaiaDelivery via Ferry
  • KaikoheDelivery via Ferry
  • KerikeriDelivery via Ferry
  • PaihiaDelivery via Ferry
  • DargavilleDelivery via Ferry
  • WarkworthDelivery via Ferry
  • KumeuDelivery via Ferry
  • WaiukuDelivery via Ferry
  • HuntlyDelivery via Ferry
  • PaeroaDelivery via Ferry
  • KatikatiDelivery via Ferry
  • Te KuitiDelivery via Ferry
  • Te PukeDelivery via Ferry
  • TokoroaDelivery via Ferry
  • WhakataneDelivery via Ferry
  • Tauranga/Mt MaunganuiDelivery via Ferry
  • OpotikiDelivery via Ferry
  • StratfordDelivery via Ferry
  • HaweraDelivery via Ferry
  • WanganuiDelivery via Ferry
  • TurangiDelivery via Ferry
  • OhakuneDelivery via Ferry
  • WaiouruDelivery via Ferry
  • TaihapeDelivery via Ferry
  • WairoaDelivery via Ferry
  • Palmerston NorthDelivery via Ferry
From Wellington Port to
  • WellingtonDelivery via Ferry
  • New PlymouthDelivery via Ferry
  • WanganuiDelivery via Ferry
  • Palmerston NorthDelivery via Ferry
  • North MastertonDelivery via Ferry
  • NapierDelivery via Ferry
  • HastingsDelivery via Ferry
  • WaipawaDelivery via Ferry
  • WaipukurauDelivery via Ferry
  • MartonDelivery via Ferry
  • LevinDelivery via Ferry
  • FieldingDelivery via Ferry
  • FeatherstonDelivery via Ferry
  • ParaparaumuDelivery via Ferry
  • WaikanaeDelivery via Ferry
  • FeildingDelivery via Ferry
From Nelsonn Port to
  • NelsonDelivery via Ferry
  • BlenheimDelivery via Ferry
  • PictonDelivery via Ferry
  • KaikouraDelivery via Ferry
From Lyttelton Port to
  • ChristchurchDelivery via Ferry
  • DunedinDelivery via Ferry
  • TimaruDelivery via Ferry
  • GreymouthDelivery via Ferry
  • InvercargillDelivery via Ferry
  • KaikouraDelivery via Ferry
  • RangioraDelivery via Ferry
  • AshburtonDelivery via Ferry
  • TemukaDelivery via Ferry
  • OamaruDelivery via Ferry
  • WanakaDelivery via Ferry
  • QueenstownDelivery via Ferry
  • CromwellDelivery via Ferry
  • GoreDelivery via Ferry
Map Legend
  • Port of delivery from Stock Country
  • Service Area
  • City
  • delivery via Driver
  • delivery via Car carrier
  • delivery via Container
  • delivery via Ferry

Opciones de Pago

  • Bank Transfer

    Pay with Bank Transfer
    Make the wire transfer (telegraphic transfer) using the Proforma Invoice. For more information click aquí. click aquí.


    Pay with Credit / Debit card
    Pay securely with your credit / debit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. For more information click aquí. click aquí.

  • PayPal

    Pay with PayPal
    Pay online with PayPal. PayPal accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. For more information click aquí. click aquí.


Blackbird Finance

Blackbird Finance – Flexible funding for car importers and dealers
Make growing your business FASTER and EASIER with specialised finance packages for car dealers and importers.

Level 2, Heards Building, 168 Parnell Rd, Auckland
Tel.: +64 9 366 1951

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Puedo realizar un pago en sus oficinas locales certificadas?
TODOS LOS PAGOS DEBEN REALIZARSE DIRECTAMENTE A BE FORWARD JAPAN. Hacer pagos a nuestras oficinas locales certificadas será responsabilidad exclusiva del cliente.
BE FORWARD JAPAN no se hará responsable de ningún costo adicional o pérdida derivada de los pagos realizados en las oficinas locales certificadas.
Are your prices in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)?
You can change the currency displayed by clicking the "currency" dropdown list in the top right corner of our website. Available for NZD,USD,JPY.
How long does it take to receive my motor vehicle?
Here is the breakdown of the process:
1-2 Weeks: Payment confirmation and Shipping Vessel booking
2-3 Weeks: Shipping from Japan to New Zealand
5-7 Days: Vessel arrival into port, arrival processing and discharge; then delivery to compliance centre
5-10 Days: Vehicle processing at compliance centre (dependent upon centre workload)
Total Time: 4 - 7 weeks
Do you deliver the car directly to me in my city?
Upon arrival in New Zealand your car will be cleared and delivered to a compliance centre. After compliance is complete and you have paid the required compliance fees you can collect your vehicle. Alternatively, by paying an extra fee, you can have it delivered by our agent to your chosen destination.
Can I use my own shipping agent?
Yes, you can. These are the shipping agents that we currently have relationships with.
How to import my vehicle?
BE FORWARD has local clearing and forwarding agent in your country for supporting your import procedure.

Q1: What can BE FORWARD agents do?
A1: Essentially takes care of the customs clearance and transportation.
Such as below.
・Arrange to pass the relevant documents at customs and authorities.
・Calculations and Check the process of "Duty and VAT payments" as applicable.
・Arrange Transportation service if needed.
・Supporting best route for the import procedure.
・Ensure smooth and timely shipment of goods.

Q2: What do I need to do if I want to apply for the import service?
A2: Please select your "Delivery Destination" at the time you select your vehicle.

Q3: What am I supposed to do after requesting for the import service?
A3: Please send the Copy of your ID to BE FORWARD Clearing agent as soon as possible.
Our agent will prepare for the import process.

Q4: What am I suppose to do after vessel arrival?
A4: Our agent calculates Duty, Tax and Local charge etc...
After you made the payment of those charges, your vehicle will be released from Port or Border facilities.

Q5: What is included in your service?
A5: Please check the service detail.

Q6: Are import service price negotiable?
A6: Yes it is!! Please contact our local office or visit them.

Q7: If my vehicle has already departed from Japan, will I not be able to use your BE FORWARD import service?
A7: You can still use our service!!
Please contact with BE FORWARD Clearing agent in your country as soon as possible.
Our agent will do the best to support your import procedure without any problem.
How often do you update your stock?
We are Japan’s largest vehicle exporter, and regularly update our vehicle stock with new vehicles. Please check back with us daily or if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will try to help you out.
What does the COMPLIANCE PACKAGE include?
The COMPLIANCE PACKAGE will cover costs up to 5,000NZD to enable vehicles to pass import certification, with WOF and MR2A issued and a basic groom. Once the car completes compliance you will then be given the necessary paperwork in order to get your vehicle registered (at your own cost). Registration can be done at a vehicle licensing centre, such as VTNZ or AA. Registration number plates and window sticker will be handed to you here. The COMPLIANCE PACKAGE does NOT include the Customs GST (approximately 15%) or Vehicle Registration.

If you do not need the COMPLIANCE PACKAGE the costs you will need to pay in NZ for STANDARD DELIVERY are:
Customs GST (approximately 15%)
Registration 1 year (approximately $280NZD)
Compliance Base Fee (approximately 450NZD) + any additional costs for repairs for your car to pass compliance certification.
What is the advantage of using the COMPLIANCE PACKAGE SERVICE?
With our COMPLIANCE PACKAGE SERVICE you can rest assured that the inspection costs and compliance costs will be covered up to 5,000NZD. In the unlikely event that costs exceed this amount, the balance will need to be covered by you.
What does the insurance on the vehicle cover?
The insurance cover begins from the Japan port and continues during the voyage and terminates when the vehicle is delivered to the first place of rest after discharge, the importers premises or other commercial premises. An excess of 250 NZD applies to all complaints. For example, if some panel work was damaged, and the repair cost was 795 NZD,
What are the emissions standards and how do I find cars that comply?
Cars with “Kiwi Cars” label meet NZ emissions standards. These cars contain a 3-digit emissions code in the beginning of the Model Code of the vehicle.(European vehicles have different standards.) See also information under "Kiwi Cars" above.

For more info on emissions standards, please refer to the following links.
Japanese Cars:
European Cars:

Vehicles older than 20 years can also be imported into New Zealand as a classic car. These vehicles do not need to meet current NZ emissions, or frontal impact standards.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
Under the new regulations, vehicles with an engine size over 2000cc need to have Electronic Stability Control as a standard safety feature to pass compliance in New Zealand.
Click this link for more information: Currently vans and trucks are excempt from this rule.
When should I arrange vehicle insurance?
We strongly recommend that the purchaser insures the vehicle from the date that the vessel is due to dock at the port of arrival in New Zealand.
How do I obtain an emissions certificate?
If importing a European car with a two digit model code, you must check with our agent to see if the vehicle can obtain an emissions certificate to enable the vehicle to be complied upon entry to New Zealand; if the vehicle cannot get an emissions certificate then it cannot be driven on NZ roads.
Can I buy cars directly from the auction?
Yes. We have a very user-friendly auction order system.
If my car arrives with mechanical problems, such as engine, what happens then?
All purchases from BE FORWARD include full mechanical protection in the unlikely event that your car arrives with problems that were not known before export.
Click here for more details >>
What is the deference between Kiwi Cars and NZ INSPECTED?
Vehicles with the KIWI sticker are a guideline that customers can follow, so they can easily see which vehicles meet New Zealand emissions and regulation requirements.
Do you have Flexible funding for car importers and dealers?
Many customers use BLACKBIRD FINANCE

If you would like to discuss alternative payment options please contact us directly.

¿Por qué elegir BE FORWARD?

  • Exportador nº 1 de carros usados

    Más de 1.200.000 vehículos exportados a más de 200 países y regiones

  • Satisfacción del Cliente

    El 80% de nuestros clientes vuelven a comprar

  • Mejor precio

    Ofrecemos una gran selección de vehículos a bajo precio

Servicio Local

Nuestros clientes desde New Zealand

  • Elizabeth
    exceeded my expectations
    • 5.0
    by Elizabeth C. (New Zealand) on 21/Jun/2018 Verified Buyer

    No hassles encountered....i was kept updated every step of the way. Car arrived and my Dad is absolutely stoked (very happy) with it. would recommend these guys. Thank you! *** Elizabeth

  • Felipe
    VW Golf 1.4 TSI - New Zealand
    • 5.0
    by Felipe (New Zealand) on 15/May/2018 Verified Buyer

    Very satisfied with the car, better than expected. +easy transaction, fast response, and even more important, I can trust Beforward to make business again, Felipe

  • Eddie
    Volvo V50
    • 5.0
    by Eddie Graham (New Zealand) on 04/Feb/2018 Verified Buyer

    A lovely vehicle happy with purchase drives well and fits 2 sets of golf clubs plus

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