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Contrôle Qualité - 13 check points

Watch the QC video, where the inspection is explained in detail.

Contrôle Qualité

Qu'est-ce le Contrôle Qualité?

It is a check prior to boarding of cars that consists of 13 POINTS:

  • 1. Exterior condition

    Check the vehicle’s exterior for rust, paint chips, rough spots and cracks as well as if there is difference from the photos registered on Beforward web site.

  • 2. Fuel type checking

    and comparison to what type registered on BE FORWARD web site.

  • 3. Interior condition

    Take a good look at the overall condition. This is a good indication the car had experienced much wear and tear. We never forget to check the dashboard for any cracks.

  • 4. Air Condition

    Ensure that the cooler works optimally.

  • 5. Audio System

    Sound and Volume checking if it's working properly.

  • 6. Reverse Camera

    If applicable, inspector check the dashboard if operating states properly.

  • 7. Power Window

    Testing both front and back sides of the vehicle door windows and switch if it's goes up and down without a problem.

  • 8. Side Mirror

    Making sure both left and right side mirror are moving properly.

  • 9. Engine

    In our workshops we check the perfect functioning of the engine, that there are no strange noises, badly connected cables or loss of liquid.

  • 10. Oil and water leakage

    Either big or small we make sure that there's no oil, water and any fluid leakage with the vehicle.

  • 11. Transmission checking and compare to what registered on BE FORWARD web site.
  • 12. Drive type checking and compare to what registered on BE FORWARD web site.
  • 13. Brake system and other electronics

Fast Shipping


Average Vessel Transit Time

Shipping timeline to East Africa
  • ・DAR ES SALAAM13 days to 3 weeks
  • ・DURBAN9 days to 3 weeks
  • ・MAPUTO8 days to 1 month
  • ・MOMBASA8 days to 1 month

*Transit time is the time it takes for the vessel to travel from Singapore to East Africa.

*Vessel schedules availability and loading space are at full discretion of the shipping lines.

Shipping timeline to Guyana/Georgetown
Shipping timeline to Guyana/Georgetown
  • ・RORO SHIPMENT2 months to 3 months (62-99 days)
  • ・CONTAINER SHIPMENT2 and half months to 3 months (75-82 days)

Container 3 weeks faster than RORO

*Shipping speed will be changed based on the contract between vessel company and customer in the case of FOB booking.

*Shipping speed will also be changed due to vessel availability and loading space.

Meilleur Prix Garanti

Nous nous engageons à maintenir des prix bas sur nos véhicules. Nous garantissons des prix plus bas que la concurrence avec des frais de transports plus bas.

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