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by Kassa Roger (D.R.Congo) on 25/Apr/2017 Verified Buyer

Je suis très content de faire mes affaires avec Beforward Achat bien coordonnées

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA15G)

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TA-ZCA-26,The best model from 2000 to 2005

by Insiya Ali Najafi (Tanzania) on 22/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

This car Rav4 is amazing, i had bought several cars from Beforward, and all cars came in perfect condition, The engine 1790cc vvti is the best engine in this model rav4, it's very powerful and economy engine, strong and reliable.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ZCA26W)



by Alphones Wale (Solomon Islands) on 14/Sep/2016 Verified Buyer

I liked the car is nice high and comfortable driving it

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA11G)


by GOSBERT DAMAZO on 05/May/2023 Verified Buyer

I have received my RAV4 STYLE in good order. I appreciate the extreme service from both BE FORWARD offices in Japan and Tanzania. You are highly committed and r responsible. Keep it up.

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by Josephat on 05/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

Dear Be Foward team, my name is Josephat.from Arusha, I would like to thank you for the good coordination from the first day of selected my car. The car is good and nothing changed or removed from the car. I proud to buy my car through Be fowarding.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)

What you see on the

by Mukadi (. on 02/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

What you see on the website is what you get

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

The engine of my car

by Kambale (. on 02/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

The engine of my car is working perfectly and the car has a beautiful appearance.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)

The car is wonderful! You

by Makame (. on 01/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

The car is wonderful! You cant believe its a used one. The exterior is perfect,no dents and the paint work seems new. The vehicle perfoms well,engine has no any leakage. Interior is wonderful. I am dealing with be forward for the past ten years and trust me,they are wonderful witn respect to used cars. I always recommend my friends to buy from be f ...Read Moreorward and so far,none have regretted. Keep up your nice job! Krgds. Makame Hasnuu . Tanzania. Read Less

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ZCA26W)


by Zura Assuede Rachide (Mozambique) on 01/Apr/2020 Verified Buyer

Bom dia, desde já agradecer pela paciência que vocês tiveram desda reserva da viatura ate o desenrolar do processo todo. também inderessar a minha grande satisfação e gratidão, pois a viatura chegou bem e tem se comportado bem. muito obrigada e ate a próxima vez Cumprimentos

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

Smooth import process and I'm

by Patricia Grundberg (Mozambique) on 31/Mar/2020 Verified Buyer

Smooth import process and I'm very happy with the car.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

Toyota Rav4 g

by Nuwagaba Peter (Uganda) on 12/Feb/2020 Verified Buyer

You guys you are exceptional. I received my car better than what I had seen on the website. Please keep it up.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

Nice item

by Charles Longo (Tanzania) on 25/Jan/2020 Verified Buyer

Nice item

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)


by Bakulikira Muderhwa Paulin (D.R.Congo) on 23/Jan/2020 Verified Buyer

Thank you verry much for this unit which arrived in good condition. see you soon!

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (GF-SXA16G)

BE forward очень надёжная и

by Roman Khimshiashvili (Georgia) on 01/Dec/2019 Verified Buyer

BE forward очень надёжная и честная компария. Фаёз Пулатов саммый добросовестный, дружелюбивый, хорошо знающий своё дело и хорошо чувствует ответстаенность как перед компаней так и перед клиентом.. Уважаю и рекомендую...

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (4WD)

by GATORE THIERRY on 19/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

Be forward is the best,it is the first company which can delevey your car in 35 or 40 days from the day you ordered it. In fact,it give opportunity of paying a half of you bill, it means that you can pay 50% before after 10days you pay other 50%,Be forward give good quality of cars according to your choice.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

Good car

by Lugano Israel (Tanzania) on 18/Aug/2019 Verified Buyer

Good car

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ZCA26W)

To accept Beforward is a future in a coach

by Mulonda Mizumbi (D.R.Congo) on 16/Aug/2019 Verified Buyer

With the honesty of Beforward as well as his sales of beautiful vehicles, all must trust him

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA15G)

Excellent buy

by Monrowe Toussaint (Commonwealth of Domin on 08/Aug/2019 Verified Buyer

I have to say that Be Forward offers the best prices online. There customer service experience is exceptional. Delivery of vehicles and documentation is excellent.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

GOOD car

by Novart Laurent Gwoma (Tanzania) on 11/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

GOOD car

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA16G)

Place to order

by Mark L Figr (Micronesia) on 06/Jun/2019 Verified Buyer

Simple to order and get a timely respond

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA15G)

Good business

by Frank Francis (Antigua and Barbuda) on 27/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

Good vehicles with good quality.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

It's good for everything I'm

by Wahabi Ibrahim Ginga (Tanzania) on 23/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

It's good for everything I'm totally happy

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)


Toyota Rav4 Review

by Exon Masese on 29/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

Thank you for the follow up on Toyota Rav 4 purchased from you. Let me confirm that the vehicle is in perfect condition and is now fully registered in Malawi. Performance is excellent. I really appreciate your great service. Am looking forward to buying another vehicle very soon. See my attached photo with the vehicle.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA36W)

The car battery was not

by Nyembesi Ngove (Zimbabwe) on 03/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

The car battery was not functioning at all boosted without effect.The spare battery was damaged already.Besides the two above the car is in perfect condition and the engine runs very well .Thank you .Will not hesitate to do business with you in the future or make an referrals


Toyota Rav 4

by Mhangwa Sylvester (Zimbabwe) on 01/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

Thank you. The car is great

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)