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Best Selling Car Models in Mozambique


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Local Offices and Agents in Mozambique

César Maputo Office
César Nhantumbo - Prestação de serviços EI (Maputo)

Av. Do trabalho nr 2151, 1 Andar, Maputo, Mozambique

  • César Maputo Office
  • Office Hours
    Mon. - Fri.: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
    Sat.: 8:00AM - 12:00PM
    Sun.: Closed

    +258 21 406288
    +258 82 3833410
    Email: geral.cnps@gmail.com

  • Address
    Av. Do trabalho nr 2151,1 Andar, Maputo, Mozambique
    View on Google Map >

  • Serviços Disponíveis
    • Vendas de Viaturas
    • Pagamentos
    • Despacho Aduanaeiros e Entrega
    • Consultoria Tributária
    • Registro
LBH Mozambique Lda (Maputo)

Av. Martires De InhamingaRecinto Portuario, Portao No:4 Maputo, Mozambique

  • Tel.: +258 21 360 320
    +258 82 312 6520
    +258 84 312 6520
    Fax: +258 21 311 200
    Email: forwarding@lbhmozambique.com
    PIC: Francisco

  • Address
    Av. Martires De InhamingaRecinto Portuario, Portao No:4 Maputo, Mozambique
    View on Google Map >

  • Serviços Disponíveis
    • Emitir B/L
    • Emissão de ordem de Entrega
    • Envio de Documento
    • Documento Aguarde
    • Entrega de Mercadorias
    • Compensação e reenvio
    • Entrega
    • Consultoria tributária
    • Registro
LBH Mozambique Lda (Beira)

Rua Eduardo Ferreira de Almeida No. 51, R/C Esquerdo Beira, Mozambique

  • Tel.: +258 23 327 235
    Fax: +258 23 327 236
    Email: beirafwd@lbhmozambique.com
    PIC: Rafael

  • Address
    Rua Eduardo Ferreira de Almeida No. 51, R/C Esquerdo Beira, Mozambique
    View on Google Map >

  • Serviços Disponíveis
    • Documento Aguarde
    • Entrega de Mercadorias
    • Compensação e reenvio
    • Entrega
    • Consultoria tributária
    • Registro
LBH Mozambique Lda (Nacala)

Rua da Mocago, Armazem 4 Q.20, Nacala - Nampula Nacala, Mozambique

  • Tel.:
    +258 26 526 359
    +258 26 526 797
    Fax: +258 26 526 797
    Email: nacalafwd@lbhmozambique.com
    PIC: Cornelio

  • Address
    Rua da Mocago, Armazem 4 Q.20, Nacala - Nampula Nacala, Mozambique
    View on Google Map >

  • Serviços Disponíveis
    • Documento Aguarde
    • Entrega de Mercadorias
    • Compensação e reenvio
    • Entrega
    • Consultoria tributária
    • Registro

Our Sales Team

Find the Best Container Plan

We will ship the maximum amount of cars in each shipping container; reducing shipping costs. Shipping times are also reduced due to the fact that we ship vehicles to Somalia every week.

Image shown above are examples of 3, 4, and 6-vehicle vanning configurations. We have many other options depending on the size of vehicles. Our sales representatives will work with you to find the best container plan with the most savings. Contact us now

Service Map

Map Legend
Do porto de Dar Es Salaam para
  • Dar es salaamembarque no porto
  • NegomaneEntraga via motorista
  • NamotoEntraga via motorista
Do porto de Beira para
  • Beira
Do porto de Maputo para
  • Maputoembarque no porto
Do porto de Nacala para
  • Nacala

Payment Options

  • Bank Transfer

    Pay with Bank Transfer
    Make the wire transfer (telegraphic transfer) using the Proforma Invoice

  • PayPal

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    Pay online with PayPal. PayPal accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover

Frequently Asked Questions

O que é a Cópia TT?
Transferências Telegráficas são também conhecidas por Transferências Telex ou transferências SWIFT, abreviando por TT.
O preço CIF para Moçambique inclui a taxa de compensação do porto?
Não, a taxa de compensação não está incluída no preço CIF.
Onde é que faço a TT?
A Maioria dos bancos fazem a TT para si.
Direitos e Impostos (IVA) estão incluídos no preço?
Direitos e IVA não estão incluídos no preço. O valores referentes as taxas devem ser pagos por você ou através de um agente de sua preferência em seu país. Para mais informações sobre direitos e impostos em Moçambique consulte Intertek e a Autoridade Tributária de Moçambique.
Quando é que posso pedir o meu número MOZ?
Por favor solicite o número MOZ apenas depois de confirmarmos o pagamento do veículo para evitar quaisquer problemas.
How to import my vehicle?
BE FORWARD has local clearing and forwarding agent in your country for supporting your import procedure.

Q1: What can BE FORWARD agents do?
A1: Essentially takes care of the customs clearance and transportation.
Such as below.
・Arrange to pass the relevant documents at customs and authorities.
・Calculations and Check the process of "Duty and VAT payments" as applicable.
・Arrange Transportation service if needed.
・Supporting best route for the import procedure.
・Ensure smooth and timely shipment of goods.

Q2: What do I need to do if I want to apply for the import service?
A2: Please select your "Delivery Destination" at the time you select your vehicle.

Q3: What am I supposed to do after requesting for the import service?
A3: Please send the Copy of your ID to BE FORWARD Clearing agent as soon as possible.
Our agent will prepare for the import process.

Q4: What am I suppose to do after vessel arrival?
A4: Our agent calculates Duty, Tax and Local charge etc...
After you made the payment of those charges, your vehicle will be released from Port or Border facilities.

Q5: What is included in your service?
A5: Please check the service detail.

Q6: Are import service price negotiable?
A6: Yes it is!! Please contact our local office or visit them.

Q7: If my vehicle has already departed from Japan, will I not be able to use your BE FORWARD import service?
A7: You can still use our service!!
Please contact with BE FORWARD Clearing agent in your country as soon as possible.
Our agent will do the best to support your import procedure without any problem.

Why Choose BE FORWARD?

  • No.1 Used Car Exporter

    Exported over 500,000 vehicles to more than 152 countries

  • Customer Satisfaction

    80% of our customers repeat purchase

  • Best Price

    We offer large selection of low-priced vehicles

Local Services

  • We make sure you receive your vehicle in good condition. Unexpected missing items discovered after vehicle’s arrival will be covered by this warranty.

  • We can assist you with the process of importing your vehicle. Visit nearest clearing & delivery office about import requirements, tax calculation, registration and documentation.

  • We have document center to assist you with your importation documents such as D/O (Delivery Order) issuance, document handover and dispatch to your country

Our Customers from Mozambique

  • Truck purchase
    • 5.0
    by Joseph Godfrey Katebede (Mozambique) on 15/Feb/2017 Verified Buyer

    The Isuzu Forward truck i purchased from you is impeccable. What i saw on on the pictures before i purchased is exactly what i got and this is what i like most about Beforward. You dont get any unpleasant surprises, you only get pleasant ones. Keep up the good work.

  • 2004 Vitz-RS 1.5 NCP13
    • 5.0
    by Ivo César Caçador (Mozambique) on 13/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

    It was my first ever experience importing a vehicle, the whatsaap support number was ever so useful guiding me through every step and ensuring i was doing everything as per the regulation. Documents arrived, Car arrived in mint condition and with service done recently, one tyre was worn out but I already expected that from the pictures. I advised

  • TOYOTA HARRIER 1999 / BF735817
    • 4.0
    by Valter Nobre (Mozambique) on 11/May/2018 Verified Buyer

    Estou satisfeito, pois recebi a viatura em boas condições e tendo em consideração ao atendimento feito na altura das negociações com o Sr Vando foi espectacular. Imensamente satisfeito que em breve irei adquirir o Toyota harrier 2003/4.

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