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Подержанных автомобилей

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Quality Control - 14 check points

Check out the video which shows the process of Quality Control in Thailand.

Quality Control

What is Quality Control?

It is a check prior to boarding the cars that consists of 14 POINTS:

  • 1. Exterior

    Check the exterior of the vehicle for scratches, dents, or signs of repainting.

  • 2. Fuel type

    Check the correct fuel type and register it on the system.

  • 3. Interior

    Check all the interior of the vehicle for any door, dashboard, the condition of the seats and mats etc.

  • 4. Back mirror

    Check the back mirror for any default if it`s working properly.

  • 5. Radio

    Check the radio and speaker condition if it`s working properly.

  • 6. Air condition

    Check fan speed, air conditioning fluid and air conditioning operation.

  • 7. Side mirror

    Check the side mirrors for any broken mirror or any other default.

  • 8. Power window

    Check all components of the power window system, including switches, wiring, regulator and motor.

  • 9. Oil leakage

    Check the undercarriage for any signs of leaks, such as oil or fluid stains.

  • 10. Radiator/coolant

    Check Radiator/Coolant for any abnormalities.

  • 11. Brake system

    Check brake system, including brake lines, brake pads and other electronics.

  • 12. Transmission

    Check the transmission of the vehicle, with a transmission diagnostic tool to diagnose any abnormalities.

  • 13. Corrosion

    Check for any visible damage or rust on the undercarriage and suspension parts.

  • 14. Engine

    Check the engine components to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Shipping Timeline Map


Average Vessel Transit Time

From Thailand to
  • ・DAR ES SALAAM3 weeks to 1 month
  • ・DURBAN2 weeks to 3 weeks
  • ・MAPUTO2 weeks to 3 weeks
  • ・MOMBASA3 weeks to 1 month

*Transit time is the time it takes for the vessel to travel from thailand to East Africa.

*Vessel schedules availability and loading space are at full discretion of the shipping lines.

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Quality Control

Best Price Guaranteed

It is our commitment to maintain low prices on our vehicles. Also, with a lower freight cost, we guarantee cheaper prices than the competition.

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