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What is Notify Me?

Notify Me, is a free e-mail notification service to notify you that the car you were interested in but was under offer has become available and returned in the stock list. To use this service, please sign up or login.

1. Login

After login, go to the Car List Page.

2. Click "NOTIFY ME" Button

If a vehicle is Under Offer for another customer, please click "NOTIFY ME" button to be informed when the car becomes available.
Click "NOTIFY ME" Button CLICK


Click "NOTIFY ME" Button POPUP

3.Confirm your "NOTIFY ME" request

To confirm your "NOTIFY ME" request, click "Notify Me" from the My Page drop down.

To withdraw your request, click the "Remove" button.
Confirm your "NOTIFY ME" request CLICK


Confirm your "NOTIFY ME" request MY PAGE

4. Receive e-mail notification

If the car becomes available, you will receive the following e-mail notification.
First-come, first-served! Don't miss it.
Receive e-mail notification