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Step 1 Order


Search for a vehicle you would like to purchase.


You can use one of these options to make an order:

Using “Buy Now”

Instantly reserve and buy the vehicle by quickly making payment. After placing an order with “Buy Now”, you can pay online or via bank transfer using the invoice (Proforma Invoice). Learn more about Buy NowLearn more about Buy Now

Using “Get a Price Quote”

Receive a price quotation by email. In case you have questions, reply to the email with quotation.
If you’re satisfied with the given price and condition, let us know your purchase intent. We will then place your order and prepare the invoice needed for payment (Proforma Invoice).
View sample Proforma Invoice (PI) and Purchase Agreement (PA)

Contact any of our Local Offices or Agents near you

Inform our staff reference number (e.g. BK123456) of the vehicle you are interested in or your preferences if you haven’t decided yet. Our staff will help you with your purchase. You can find local offices and agents for each country/region page under the “Local Services” navigation menu.

Step 2 Payment


After placing the order, promptly make the payment using available payment methods.available payment methods.

After making a payment, upload a copy of the proof of payment via “My Account” (at My Account > RESERVED > Upload Proof of Payment) or send it to BE FORWARD by email.
View sample Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) copy (Bank Wire Transfer slip)

*We also accept payment at some of our Local Offices in some countries and regions. Please contact Local Offices near you for more information.

Step 3 Shipment


When payment is received, we will send you the shipping schedule for your order.

After vehicle(s) is shipped, BE FORWARD will prepare the original documents required for import customs clearance including Bill of Lading. The documents will be delivered by DHL Express to your preferred address or handed over at the document centersdocument centers depending on your country/region.
View sample Bill of Lading (B/L)

You can track the location of your vehicle(s) using our tracking system (CAP). Learn more about CAP

Step 4 Delivery


Receive your vehicle at the Agreed Destination. You are required to clear vehicle(s) at the customs, usually through a clearing agent.

We also provide a City Delivery Service, which does customs clearing and delivers your vehicle(s) to a location near your address, saving you time and effort. To learn more about it, go to the “Service Map” section of your country/region page under the “Local Services” navigation menu or contact Local Offices or Agents near you.

Enjoy driving your new car!

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