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How to Pay

We are currently accepting the following four payment methods:

1. Bank Wire Transfer


Customers can send payments directly via wire transfer from their bank to BE FORWARD's bank. The account number on the proforma invoice depends on the sales representative. Click here for details.

2. PayPal

We highly recommend paying via Paypal because it's easier and faster!
Also, there's NO HANDLING FEE for Paypal payments!

After issuing the Proforma Invoice (PI), you can find the Paypal payment link/button below:
a) Your BE FORWARD Account b) The contents of the email where we sent the Proforma Invoice (PI)

For more details on how to make payments via Paypal, please click here

3. Bitcoin


We are accepting bitcoin. For details on how to make a payment with bitcoin please click here.

4. Western Union

Western Union

We accept payment via Western Union.
Customers can visit any convenient Western Union agent location to make a payment for the vehicle.

Required: Valid photo ID and information as follows.

  1. Company Name: BE FORWARD
  2. Code City (Company Code): BE FORWARD JP
  3. Account Number: Proforma Invoice Number (Issued by BE FORWARD)
  4. Amount: Invoice Amount (Issued by BE FORWARD)


  • Western Union is available for the following 8 countries: Chile, Mongolia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo.

If your country is not listed above, Western Union payment service is not available.

  • Not accepting partial remittance of the amount on Proforma Invoice.
  • The same person is allowed to use Western Union payment service once in 6 months.
  • Payment for used cars is acceptable, but not acceptable for other products.
  • Payable amount is from Minimum $0.01 to Maximum $5,000.