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TOYOTA IST Reviews and Ratings


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Quality that matters, We are

by Michael Meya (Malawi) on 15/Jul/2024 Verified Buyer

Quality that matters, We are grateful

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP110)

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Toyota IST

by Said Noyi Fundi (Tanzania) on 20/Jun/2024 Verified Buyer

I am very happy for this car inside and outside. Engine was very good and I am happy for this selection.

Review on TOYOTA IST (CBA-NCP65)


Happy with my purchase from beforward

by Kamwanga Kawama (Zambia) on 27/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

The car condition was good as advertised, the vehicle in perfect shape, selection

Review on TOYOTA IST (CBA-NCP60)

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Excellent condition, no scratch metallic

by Marco Langida Alid (Tanzania) on 25/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

Excellent condition, no scratch metallic black , fast and powerful 2NZ engine with superb fuel economy..

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP60)

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by Archdiocese Of Mbeya (Tanzania) on 07/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

I chose the car because I like this model. The car is cruising well. The car is comfortable. The car is economical. I am a Catholic priest, during my off days and leisure time,the car is perfect in comparison to my Landcruiser LX. The picture shows The archbishop of of Mbeya and President of Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) blessing the car alo ...Read Moreng with me. Kind regards Rev.Fr Manfred Mjengwa Read Less

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP61)


The ist is a good

by Blessing Foster Kachipanda (Malawi) on 28/Oct/2023 Verified Buyer

The ist is a good machine I really like it it has perfect interior, very comfortable

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP115)

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My IST Car... Mpombo Jay - Zambia

by Mpombo Josphat (Zambia) on 09/Sep/2023 Verified Buyer

My experience was so amazing. I got my car in good condition and my client was so pleased to receive it. The communication and updates were great too. Thanks allot team be forward.

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP110)


Car condition

by Kondho Grace (Uganda) on 11/Jul/2023 Verified Buyer

I received the car in good condition though it has some funny noise in the stearing while turning it especially when driving on a rough road

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-ZSP110)


I would like to thank

by Zzoyid Logistics Ltd (Uganda) on 23/Apr/2023 Verified Buyer

I would like to thank for the Beforward for their good service. This is ZZOYID LOGISTICS LTD a car dealer but I received my car in good condition.

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP65)


Review for Toyota IST UA-NCP60

by Lameck (Tanzania) on 01/Oct/2022 Verified Buyer

I really appreciate your excellent services and timely feedbacks, the vehicle fuel consumption is what I expected, it is also easy to service and was found in a good condition. For sure I appreciate your services. Lameck G

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP60)



by Maamba Milton (Zambia) on 14/Jan/2022 Verified Buyer

I received my Toyota Ist on time & in good condition. Thanks to beforward

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP61)


Magari rahisi Delivery

by Lusobya Victor Magesa (Tanzania) on 30/Dec/2021 Verified Buyer

Asante Beforward Kupitia kamapuni ya MAGARI RAHISI nimetimiza Ndoto yangu hakika nimepokea gari nzuri mno imekuja ambayo imenifanya nifurahi zaidi Mungu awabariki sana mzidi kuwa hudumia na wengine

Review on TOYOTA IST (CBA-NCP65)


Appreciation note.

by Maganga Kazuri Kasoga (Tanzania) on 26/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

Nice car, received in good condition, cheap agent fee, proper handling of customer care, payment deatails are shared openly and the services is quickly with high percentage of safety, keep it up. From Mbezi Mpiji Magohe, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP60)


I received the car in

by Them Maguk Pan Ajang (South Sudan) on 13/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

I received the car in good condition thanks

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP60)

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Red Toyota IST

by Mainza Sialubanje (Zambia) on 10/Jun/2021 Verified Buyer


Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP65)


Dear Beforward and the team,

by Bahati (. on 26/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

Dear Beforward and the team, Thank you so much for your service! I received the vehicle in a very good condition. Keep up the good work.

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP60)


Purchased Vehicle

by Victor (. on 25/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

Thanks for the excellent service.

Review on TOYOTA IST (CBA-NCP61)


the best car I ever

by Mohammed Said Mustafa (Tanzania) on 18/Feb/2020 Verified Buyer

the best car I ever had bought from be forward

Review on TOYOTA IST (CBA-NCP61)


Expression of gratitude

by Wizick Cautious Mdzeka (Malawi) on 18/Feb/2020 Verified Buyer

I just wish to thank Be foward sales team for the support I got. My car arrived in good shape and in time. It was my first purchase through this process and your guidance and support has been ernomous. Once again, thank you so much.

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP110)

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by Artur Abel Semente (Mozambique) on 21/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

Recebi o meu carro em condições, tal como vi nas imagens! Muito obrigado e espero um breve encontro.

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP110)


Satisfied my demand

by Mohammed Said Mustafa (Tanzania) on 16/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

Satisfied my demand

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP60)


Beforward is number one

by Mwita Msabi Magasi (Tanzania) on 22/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

I would like to thank Beforward company and all the staff again that I received my car at a very good condition, and I will always support the company. Thank your very much.

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP60)

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2008 Toyota IST

by Raymond Samuels (Montserrat) on 09/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

The car arrived on time and was in good conditions. Great communication as usual. Thank you Mr. Satish and the staff at Beforward.

Review on TOYOTA IST (DBA-NCP115)


Thanks Beforward for the best service

by Chisore Nyirenda (Tanzania) on 20/May/2019 Verified Buyer

I have received the car as expected, though that only things like tires and wheel alignment were not good. I would recommend be-forward to anyone. Thanks Ann

Review on TOYOTA IST (CBA-NCP61)



by Michael Banda (Zambia) on 15/Apr/2019 Verified Buyer

The car is okey the exterior we worked on a few dents which were on the car the interior perfect. And we love the car we shall call again

Review on TOYOTA IST (UA-NCP60)