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TOYOTA PRIUS Reviews and Ratings


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My Toyota Rush

by Patricia (Zambia) on 12/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

My second experience was as awesome as the first one when i bought my first car some years ago. The communication to me and delivery of my car was amazing. The car came as scheduled.

Review on TOYOTA Prius (CBA-J210E)

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Karanje Manwere

by Karanje Manwere (Zimbabwe) on 18/Jul/2022 Verified Buyer

Very good powerful and very clean excellent nothing to complain.

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHP10)



by Last Mukomawasha (Zimbabwe) on 15/Jun/2022 Verified Buyer

I love beforward

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-GP3)


Nice car

by Last Mukomawasha (Zimbabwe) on 22/May/2022 Verified Buyer

Nice car

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DBA-NSP130)


Car review

by Moses Chiwenu (Zambia) on 13/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

The vehicle is very nice i drove it all the way from Dar es salaam port to Zambia without any problems thanks alot Beforward Japan

Review on TOYOTA Prius (CBA-J210E)


Beforward you are the Best

by Takunda Prosper Chemambo (Zimbabwe) on 15/Mar/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you for the great service you are offering us, I received my Car in excellent condition perfect and exciting condition. Thank you for the best service you are giving us

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DBA-NSP130)


thank you be forward i

by Vitalis Munemo (Zimbabwe) on 11/Mar/2022 Verified Buyer

thank you be forward i received my cars all in good condition

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHP10)


Befoward You Are The Best

by Takunda Prosper Chemambo (Zimbabwe) on 16/Jan/2022 Verified Buyer

You are the best and we always trust your Service no doubt on you

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DBA-K13)


The color was very neat

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 17/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

The color was very neat and the battery is performing well and my client loved it .

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHP10)


Super Hybrid

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 10/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

Thank you BF for a nice vehicle. The shipping was on time .The interior is very good. Thank u BF for a nice black vehicle . My client was very happy

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-GP3)


Good car

by Shonoy (. on 22/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

Great service great car

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHP10)


My 2010 Nissan March

by Charlotte Pryke (Bahamas) on 16/Mar/2020 Verified Buyer

I am very happy with the car I purchased from Beforward. Everything was receieved as advertised. The car runs great.

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DBA-K13)

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Happy to buy my Toyota Rush

by Lilian Peter Mremi (Tanzania) on 29/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

The car was in very good condition . The things I like the most is the car seats and the carpets.

Review on TOYOTA Prius (CBA-J210E)


Nissan MT March

by Ivan Manyenje (Malawi) on 04/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

It is awesome ,I find it as I saw it on BEFORWAD

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DBA-K13)


Paulo & Martha Chiziwa

by Paulo Chiziwa (Malawi) on 20/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

Than Be forward for sending the car in good time. I received the car in excellent condition. The car is much better just as I saw on the web. Bravo Be forward

Review on TOYOTA Prius (CBA-J210E)


Thank You Beforward

by Evance Henry Liwonde (Malawi) on 03/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

I have been purchasing my Cars from Beforward for more than a Year now but I have never been disappointed with the quality of service. This time around I purchased Nissan March which offers a wonderful great drive. I received it, in the same way, I saw it on the picture with everything intact except a battery which I believe it got exchanged at the ...Read More storage facility in Dar es Salaam. But other than that the car is running fine with great fuel economy. Thank you Beforward! Read Less

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DBA-K13)

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by Jaime Sitoe (Mozambique) on 17/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

I love my car at all, especialy because is 4WD. I have a good driving sperience, thank you very much. You have good services. I hope that I will always buy with you. Best regards Jaime Sitoe

Review on TOYOTA Prius (CBA-J210E)


5 stars.

by Nicos Andreou (Cyprus) on 25/May/2018 Verified Buyer

The best car dealer company in Japan. Buy free. I would like to say thank you very much for the car. I am very happy.!!!!!!

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DBA-NSP130)

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My Beautyfull Toyota Rush

by Ntakarutimana Léonard (Burundi) on 09/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer

I received my Toyota Rush purchased less than two (2) months ago: it is beautifull and gives me all waited satisfaction! many thanks to the 'Be Forward' Managers and staff in General, and to Mr Mulinda in particular. The only issue is the vehicule's automatic key, which was worn out: can you please help me to get another? In any ...Read Morecase, Many thanks and Congratutaion for your high quality service! Read Less

Review on TOYOTA Prius (CBA-J210E)

Zimbabwe Chinhoyi delivery

by Godiswithus Shame Godwa (Zimbabwe) on 14/Mar/2022 Verified Buyer

The Toyota Aqua I bought from you is do great, thank you with service delivery to Daresalaam. The car is fuel saver, suspension was just good and I like the car.

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHP10)

Toyota prius

by Noah Mashingaidze (Zimbabwe) on 23/Jan/2020 Verified Buyer

The car is awesome and in splendid condition. Than you

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHW20)

Proper Unit

by Wendell (Trinidad And Tobago) on 20/Jan/2020 Verified Buyer

The vehicle was in way better condition than I expected. And believe me I expect the best. So very satisfied with this vehicle.

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHP10)

Very Satisfied

by James Trueit (Canada) on 25/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

Be Forward was very professional. I received my car on time and was pleasantly surprised. It was cleaner than expected and everything seems to be functioning well. Mechanically, it is in great shape.

Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-NHW20)


by Sabir Chaudhry Sikander (Hong Kong) on 23/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer


Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-ZVW30)


by Nyamdorj Javhlantugs (Mongolia) on 21/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer


Review on TOYOTA Prius (DAA-ZVW41W)