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TOYOTA RAV4 Reviews and Ratings


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The car was exactly the

by Mwewa Kelvin (Zambia) on 22/Jun/2024 Verified Buyer

The car was exactly the way I saw it. It was in good condition and I have no complaint. Am happy.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA36W)



by Lydia Tamanda Zabuloni Mbewe (Malawi) on 21/May/2024 Verified Buyer

I like the TOYOTA RAV4 - it matches perfectly with my long time dream car and expectations; both in appearance and performance. Thank you so much BE FORWARD JAPAN for enabling me fulfill my dreams. May God's blessings continue to be upon your company.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)


Thank you Be forward, I

by Muhindo Salumu Claude (D.R.Congo) on 10/May/2024 Verified Buyer

Thank you Be forward, I appreciate your work, I am satisfied

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (GF-SXA15G)

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When I decided to buy

by Cemal Akalan (Tanzania) on 17/Mar/2024 Verified Buyer

When I decided to buy my car, I was given 1 key upon delivery, even though there were 2 keys in the pictures. Although I sent you an e-mail regarding this matter, there was no response.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA36W)



by Paulino Magido (Mozambique) on 15/Mar/2024 Verified Buyer

Se deseja comprar uma ou mais viaturas em perfeitas condições mecânicas contacte-nos, nós ajudaremos a ter o seu carro em menos de 40 dias. NIASSA, MOÇAMBIQUE

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA36W)


Thank you for my Rav4

by Muhindo Salumu Claude (D.R.Congo) on 07/Jan/2024 Verified Buyer

Thank you for my Rav4 It's a good

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA15G)

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by Grayson (Tanzania) on 03/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

BeForward the Best and Great Company for selling used and Brand Cars

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)



by Abraham Waledala (Solomon Islands) on 25/Jul/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you BE Forward team, its been great ordering from you. My clients here are very happy to see the quality and best cars you sell. Am please to recommend Be Forward to other frends wanting to own a new car. The Rav was very clean and eye catching on our roads. Thank you BE FORWARD... A.WALE.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)


BF has never disappointed me.

by Marco Langida Alid (Tanzania) on 17/Jul/2023 Verified Buyer

BF has never disappointed me. I received my car in a very good condition both in and out. BF will always be my choice

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)


My subaru impreza wrx

by Yunus Ayub (D.R.Congo) on 12/Jun/2023 Verified Buyer

I just want to say thank you so much to all of you Mr Emmanuel and Mr Satoshi_U, i have receive my Subaru impreza wrx in vary good condition and clean I promise to come again very soon for more Subaru. Best regards Yunus AYUB

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (AWD)

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Good condition car

by Adil Ali Sheha (Tanzania) on 08/Apr/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you beforward I received my car with good condition and arrived on time

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ZCA26W)

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by Florence Ayebare (Uganda) on 04/Nov/2022 Verified Buyer

The car was in a good condition and had a smooth drive from Mombasa to Kampala,and quick delivery and shipment process to my satisfaction thank you Beforward!!

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)


Hallo i was receive my

by Deogratius Marwa (Tanzania) on 23/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

Hallo i was receive my car in good condition i like your service im Deogratiuus Marwa from Tanzania

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)


Car brought through Be Forward

by Harjeet Singh (Malawi) on 09/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

Toyota RAV4 SUV is great. Having powerful engine with 4WD makes it suitable for all whether and all terrain. There was problem in gear box but Be Forward has very kindly replace it. Now it working very smooth and nice. Condition of vehicle excellent. I received the vehicle delay for for various reasons but I am satisfied with services provided by B ...Read Moree Forward. I want to thank Be Forward team from Lilongwe Malawi to Japan. Read Less

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)


We received the car in

by Happy Simwaba (Zambia) on 15/Jun/2021 Verified Buyer

We received the car in great condition.Your professionalism is great during the process to the end. The interior of the car is 100% neat we’re happy. We’re encouraging our friends to trade with Beforward. See you in the next purchase. Mutinta Cheelo LUSAKA,Zambia.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ACA21W)


I found the above car

by Duku S. on 17/Jul/2020 Verified Buyer

I found the above car very good especially for our roads in South Sudan and I wish to buy more in the future.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)


Excellent Car as advertised

by Simon Ero Holara (Solomon Islands) on 10/Mar/2020 Verified Buyer

Excellent Car as advertised

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ACA21W)


Received the car

by Gift Kasusu (Zambia) on 21/Feb/2020 Verified Buyer

I got the car in a very good conditions. Thanks BE FORWARD.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)

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Lucas Turuka Jackson

by Lucas Turuka Jackson (Tanzania) on 18/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

I am so happy to order a car through you and I have not regret, you have given information at every step you are definitely number one, thank you so much,I promise to come back.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (GF-SXA11W)


My new car Toyota Rav4

by Faustino Mario Rodrigues (Mozambique) on 21/Oct/2019 Verified Buyer

The car is very nice and beautifully thank you. I like it.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ZCA26W)

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Facilitation suivie et achat

by Alain Muhindo Kyayivweka (D.R.Congo) on 28/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

Service de qualité et travail Kyayivweka service

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ACA21W)


My car is in good shape and moving efficiently

by Majok Mon Mareec (South Sudan) on 19/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

I only face challenges with battery, when i changed the battery, the good is very nice now and moving go road well.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

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Toyota RAV 4

by Sikazwe Davy (Zambia) on 16/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

I was very excited when I received my RAV 4 it was wonderful experience. The car was in a perfect condition. Looking forward to giving business.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)


Comfort on the will

by Joseph Chanda Chipalata (Zambia) on 04/Jun/2019 Verified Buyer

I bought this Rav 4 from Beforward and 3 weeks later received it at my door step as neat and intact as i bought it. I now enjoy the comfort. Beforward your services are wonderful and continue the same to others

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)



by Mandlenkosi Mwilima (Zambia) on 18/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

I received the car in good mechanical condition as seen on website pictures, all is in place and am happy with the performance and the interior is neat, it's just as I expected, once more thank you be forward staff for excellent service. (Gaku my man keep it up)

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)