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TOYOTA VITZ Reviews and Ratings


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My Toyota Vits its good

by Joseman (Zimbabwe) on 30/May/2023 Verified Buyer

My Toyota Vits its good and very powerful machine i like this one very much.

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)

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Muito obrigado

by Felix Francisco Raposo (Mozambique) on 13/May/2023 Verified Buyer

O carro está recebido em boas condições. Muito obrigado

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP90)

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Thank you very much, I

by Paul Mshanga (Zambia) on 02/May/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you very much, I got exactly what I ordered

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-NCP91)


It's always nice to work

by Tapiwa Madidi (Zimbabwe) on 16/Apr/2023 Verified Buyer

It's always nice to work with Beforward. Their vehicles are always the best, thank you!

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)


Toyota Vitz

by Peter Jere (Malawi) on 15/Apr/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you Be Forward l received my vehicle in good condition, , , and also want to thank you for all process, , and looking forward to do business with you again, ,

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-NSP135)

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Clean in and out

by Effelage (Zimbabwe) on 30/Mar/2023 Verified Buyer

Smart interior , the vehicle is grade 4 looks new

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)


I'm super excited about my

by Annie Chimbiro (Zimbabwe) on 22/Mar/2023 Verified Buyer

I'm super excited about my Toyota vitz it was clean and driving so well thank you Be foward

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)

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A great sport car

by Muhammad (Tanzania) on 27/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer

Very nice car (vitz Rs 2011)

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-NCP131)


So many thanks to be forward team .

by Stephen Malama (Zambia) on 04/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer


Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP90)

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Toyota VITZ , the car

by Mordecai Mfula (Zambia) on 31/Jan/2023 Verified Buyer

Toyota VITZ , the car was super neat . It was indeed a great experience buying a car with Beforward company in Japan. So far is the best company for buying second hand Vehicles. The interior was very neat. The engine in excellent condition.

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP90)


Birtus Motors

by Birtus Online Motors (Zimbabwe) on 02/Jan/2023 Verified Buyer

Car was extremely in good condition, I'm too proud of you team Beforward

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)

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by Justine Bwalya (Zambia) on 10/Dec/2022 Verified Buyer

Very Good car. My Boy's and there Mother Really Enjoyed.

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-SCP90)


The car is beautiful and

by Grace Mwamba (Zambia) on 04/Dec/2022 Verified Buyer

The car is beautiful and itvarived in good shape thanks Beforward

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP90)

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The car was in perfect

by Lloyd Bamhare (Zimbabwe) on 02/Nov/2022 Verified Buyer

The car was in perfect condition and everything was there and intact

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)


The vehicle is very neat.with

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 30/Oct/2022 Verified Buyer

The vehicle is very neat.with a black shinny color

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)



by Richard Mwiya (Zambia) on 13/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

I received my car and it is perfect, everything is performing just fine. Thanks Beforward for the good service and constant devotion. It is indeed an amazing experience working with a good company like Beforward. Thank you for your full cooperation once more.

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP90)

322203036 322203046

Beforward never disappoints

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 18/Jul/2022 Verified Buyer

Received the car in an excellent condition, actually it looks great in and out and it drives smoothly just good as new.

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)


The vehicle is intact and

by Daniel Mawelela (Zambia) on 12/Jul/2022 Verified Buyer

The vehicle is intact and running smoothly thank you beforwad

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-NCP91)


The vehicle arrived on time

by Stephen Abekah (Ghana) on 13/Jun/2022 Verified Buyer

The vehicle arrived on time and the body in a good condition. Thanks to BE FORWARD for giving me a good vehicle.

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-SCP90)


Happy bf member

by Arthur Webster Ndhlozi (Malawi) on 26/May/2022 Verified Buyer

The car condition is great , and intirio no any mechanical errors am happy to be a be forward member

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-NSP135)



by Emmanuel Muchongwe (Zimbabwe) on 20/May/2022 Verified Buyer

Excellent in good condition

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)


I received the car in

by Daniel Mawelela (Zambia) on 12/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

I received the car in good time and everything was intact as I purchased Toyota vits it good low consumption vehicle beforward am great full

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-SCP90)


I reserved my car in

by Andrew Sichimata (Zambia) on 11/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

I reserved my car in good condition am read to work with be forward

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP90)


Abu Importações Pemba-Cariaco Moz

by Abu Aiuba (Mozambique) on 11/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

Obrigado pela confiança mais uma vez!!!

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP130)



by Nyerere Jasson (Tanzania) on 08/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you very much Be Forward for your honesty I received my car on time the TOYOTA VITZ DBA-KSP90 is also a good car no problem I really like. By Nyerere Jasson

Review on TOYOTA Vitz (DBA-KSP90)