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HINO HINO OTHERS Reviews and Ratings


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Hino Liesse Bus

by Felix Kavinya (Malawi) on 17/Jul/2021 Verified Buyer

I have had a wonderful experience with a Hino Liesse Bus. I never regret having purchased it from Be Forward. No mechanical fault from the port! Both the interior and exterior sides are just beautiful.

Review on HINO HINO Others (KC-RX4JFAA)

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by Felix Kudzai Chingozha (Zimbabwe) on 30/Oct/2019 Verified Buyer

The Vehicle was super nice more than what i was expecting i enjoyed a nice drive from Dar es salaam up to Harare . I really thank beforward for giving me a Good Hino Truck . The engine is powerfull especially when loaded

Review on HINO HINO Others (ADG-FC7JKWG)

Hino Liise II

by Storyline Investments (Zimbabwe) on 27/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

Great vehicle smart and reliable

Review on HINO HINO Others (PB-XZB50M)

Hino ranger performance

by Innocent Sinjani (Malawi) on 03/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

Very good

Review on HINO HINO Others (KC-FD2JLBA)