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MERCEDES-BENZ Reviews and Ratings


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by Gen Ride (Lesotho) on 13/Jun/2022 Verified Buyer

Place your order with Gen-Ride / Beforward Lesotho and enjoy excellent service ever!!

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245232)


Great purchase!

by Mweemba (Zambia) on 10/Jun/2022 Verified Buyer

Hi Beforward! Thanks for the great customer service! I am ENJOYING MY RIDE,though you sent the car with a depleted battery, I had to buy a new one,other than that,GREAT BUY!!!!

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-204052)


E class

by Bdc Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) on 19/Jan/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you beforward



Mercedes benz m class

by Andy Mbuyu Ngoie (D.R.Congo) on 03/Jan/2022 Verified Buyer

Andy mbuyu ngoie thank you beforward for a good conditions for my car i'm very happy

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ M-Class (-164186-)


Mercedes Benz c class

by Nsama Mulenga (Zambia) on 14/Dec/2021 Verified Buyer

The vehicle arrived in good time at the port and came just as ordered. It had no mechanical problems. Its a great car.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-204048)



by Sir Texas Logistics Pvt Ltd. (Zimbabwe) on 20/Oct/2021 Verified Buyer

Beforward loyal customer



Thank you Beforward my sister

by Daniel Kootsenye (Botswana) on 27/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward my sister is happy

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-203052)

195077395 195077400

My experience with Be forward. Thanks to Be forward!

by Richard Serenje (Zambia) on 14/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

My experience with be foreword was quite good, despite the delay. And obviously it’s because of pandemic. I received the car and it’s perfectly fine. Thank you be forward! Richard Serenje from Zambia

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-203042)

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by Luckson Shone (Zimbabwe) on 10/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

This is great.Thanx guys for being honest in everything I really appreciate.keep doing good Beforward jp

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (GF-203045)

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I am in Love with

by Mulenga Richard (Zambia) on 10/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

I am in Love with the Mercedes Benz C250 2009 model I bought from Be Forward. Actually the car looks more beautiful and in immaculate condition than it was seen on the advertised pics. Amongst other features that I am enjoying much is the the cruise control, I can travel for miles and miles without pressing my foot on the acceleration pedal. With a ...Read Morebsolute certainty and without fear of any contradiction, let me be hasten to mention that the car is in excellent condition. Read Less

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-204041)


Amazing experience

by Dmitry Dmitry Chaykovskiy (New Zealand) on 23/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

It is nice and easy to deal with BeForward. Thank you very much for your help!

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class (LDA-212224C)


Loving it!

by Nigel Shula (Zambia) on 14/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

I was initially sceptical about using Be Forward a second time but I was not disappointed. They just need to look at their document handling process. Otherwise the car is better than I expected. Runs just right!!! Thank you Be Forward

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-204048)


Hundred per cent in good

by Fernando Simbine (Mozambique) on 08/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

Hundred per cent in good condition near like new car. I am very happy with BE FORWARD

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-204041)

176105596 176105601

The car I bought from

by Kyarituha John (Uganda) on 25/May/2021 Verified Buyer

The car I bought from you recently moves well It reached Kampala very well and I'm still enjoying the ride Generally the car is intact

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ M-Class (DBA-164186)


Mercedes-benz C Class

by Joseph (. on 26/Jul/2020 Verified Buyer

Thank you so much BeForward l am so happy my car is still in perfect condition. I'm really enjoying driving this mercedes.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-203042)


Thank You Beforward

by Kudzanayi (. on 14/Jul/2020 Verified Buyer

The vehicle is very perfect

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (C180-CGI)


Sir Texas of Texas logistics Pvt ltd

by Tekesi (. on 18/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

Moving in modern times needs modern machines

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-204049)



by Nhamo (. on 16/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

Thank you i received my Mercedes Benz C- class in good condition

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (DBA-203054)


Wonderful service offered by beforward

by Komborerai (. on 04/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

Thank you so much for my car that i received it is beyond perfect it is of high quality I loved it. I always recommend my friends to purchase their vehicles from beforward because of your professionalism please keep the good work up do not tire in doing good. I belong to beforward and I mean it you are just incomparable. The interior is perfect it ...Read Moreis superb, mint condition i don't regret the purchase I made. The engine is running smoothly it is a dream come true, it is intact. Unfortunately I missed my spare keys, spare wheel and floor mates but overlly my machine is just too good Read Less

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (GH-203046)


The white beast

by Shelton (. on 27/May/2020 Verified Buyer

What are powerful engine and the interior is beautiful.very shine color big up beforward

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (GH-203046)


Merc benz-Sydney Ndachengedzwa

by Sydney (. on 22/May/2020 Verified Buyer

Car is great. Perfomance wise I am happy. Looking forward to my next purchase with you guys. You are awesom

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (GF-203061)


Excellent car

by Rumbidzai (. on 19/May/2020 Verified Buyer

Its as good as new,very neat and very comfortable

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (SKA1849B)


Very happy

by Evode (. on 29/Apr/2020 Verified Buyer

Thanks to be forward, I like the car very much. Not the first and surely not the last that I buy from you.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (GH-203040)


Clk 200 Mercedes benz is

by Frank Fungai (Zimbabwe) on 25/Feb/2020 Verified Buyer

Clk 200 Mercedes benz is just nice, comfortable and makes driving more enjoyable because of its extraordinary comfort... Thanks to BE Forward for the safe arrival of my car my wife and family are enjoying every moment...

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ CLK-Class (GH-209342)


Vehicle arrived intact, smooth ride

by Xaverio Chachoka (Mozambique) on 29/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

Vehicle arrived intact, smooth ride and clean. Will definitely buy next one with be forward.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class (DBA-211052C)