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MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS Reviews and Ratings


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M/Benz A class

by Tangai Mukamba (Zimbabwe) on 01/May/2018 Verified Buyer

It's a nice baby to drive in. Also fuel server.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (DBA-169032)


My Mercedes-Benz A-Class

by Natalie Lewis (Bahamas) on 15/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

My car is everything I wanted and more. It is in excellent condition and it drives excellent too. I love the look of it inside and out. I am so happy with my choice.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (DBA-169032)


Merc/Benz A Class Performance

by Blessings Zembani (Malawi) on 24/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

The vehicle is in good condition operating perfectly well

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (GH-168033)

Argam Snkhchyan

by Argam (Armenia) on 24/Oct/2018 Verified Buyer

Car interior and exterior looks good. i receive car with rear bumper in the salon. I bought car from site, but i needed auction sheet with no results.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (DBA-169032)

i had a wonderful experience

by Mercy Nyasulu (Malawi) on 27/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

the car is so beautiful am amazed with the way the car is inside and outside am enjoying driving it . Everything is so perfect . THANKS TO BE FORWARD

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (DBA-169032)


by Knowledge Munyelani (Zimbabwe) on 06/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

The i bought is fair.. The only challenge i faced when i drove the car from Tanzania to Zimbawe was that the front suspension of the car was not good.... Otherwise it was a good deal

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (DBA-169032)

I love the simple fact

by Charles Banda (Zambia) on 21/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

I love the simple fact that they changed my tyres when I received it, had new tyres

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (DBA-169032)

Great price

by Devane Evans (Bahamas) on 22/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Car is perfect. Very clean 100% satisfied

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (DBA-169033)


by Dumase Ziba (Zambia) on 11/Jan/2017 Verified Buyer

The appearance itself is superb but the gear box is failing already.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ A-Class (GF-168133)