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MERCEDES-BENZ B-CLASS Reviews and Ratings


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I recently bought my wish

by Mustafa Ali Sangawe (Malaysia) on 01/Jun/2018 Verified Buyer

I recently bought my wish to have car (Mercedes B-Class) from Be Forward at a reasonably very good price. The car features and overall car condition are superb and most of all my wife is very happy with the car.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245232)


mercedes benz b 200

by Riaz Karim (Mozambique) on 16/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer

be forward i am real satisfied with the car keep selling clean cars

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245233)

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again totally satisfied

by Mr. Legino Stomp (Aruba) on 11/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Great handelingen and customer support. I couldn't ask for better service. My car is super, A1. This was the third vehicle I purchase from you, and I'm very satisfied.

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245232)


by Edrinnah Vivienne Ddumba (Uganda) on 24/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

I have always wanted to join the Mercedes Benz class, so i decided to purchase one from Be-forward Japan. I was amazed how quick the car was shipped to Mombasa on the exact estimated date of delivery. WELL DONE!! However, my car had a mechanical problem and couldn't be driven to Kampala, Uganda. My local agent Cadam Enterprises immediately co ...Read Morentacted Be-forward and informed them about the mechanical issue. BF warranty accepted to reimburse money to fix the mechanical problem. i now comfortably drive my posh Mercedes Benz around town. Thank you so much. Read Less

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245232)

B CLASS CV605158

by Nigel Kabanda (Zambia) on 27/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Hello Be Forward, thank you for your review. I can proudly say that my family and I are really happy at this vehicle and that my wife has been so happy especially with its colour - blue! You have indeed put a smile on our family again!

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245232)

Mercedes-Benz B Class

by Aubrey Filimoni (Malawi) on 23/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Received my vehicle in perfect condition

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245232)


by Nephtali Lihoki Makoko (Lesotho) on 01/Feb/2017 Verified Buyer

Satisfied with the whole proces

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245232)

CV548745 Customer ID number: 1166894

by Alphonce Masanja Nyalali (Tanzania) on 30/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

BF548745. Purchase went well; better interior and exterior conditions than that depicted on images. smooth and stable driving on the road with sufficient power facilitated by Turbo Engine. I don't regret my choice. The one month experience with the car has been great

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ B-Class (CBA-245234)