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MERCEDES-BENZ GL-CLASS Reviews and Ratings


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Hello BF Team

by Daniel Kasakula. K (D.R.Congo) on 21/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

I am really happy To have toi all guys as my business partners. I odered a vehicles and it's in a very Good condition. Thank you so much team and hope that i'll be back to you for others oders at Good prices

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ GL-Class (CBA-164886)


immaculate cars

by Gano Deng (South Sudan) on 02/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

People always ask me...Where do you all these clean cars. It is only available at BE Forward store. BE Forward!!!! well done and keep the excellent work. thanks

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ GL-Class (-164886-)

Estou gostando do meu mercedes

by Luis Filipe Dos Santos E Silva Cardoso ( on 25/Nov/2018 Verified Buyer

Estou gostando do meu mercedes a compra corresponde à expectativa. para nyeino para choques traseiro, fiz uma limpeza nos faróis e acr dito que vou vender bem o carro!

Review on MERCEDES-BENZ GL-Class (-164886-)