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HONDA AIRWAVE Reviews and Ratings


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Honda Airwave DBA-GJ1

by Andy C Ziba (Malawi) on 06/Dec/2019 Verified Buyer

Vote of thanks to you Beforward crew. Honda Airwave is a super machine which has simplified my life. The car drives smoothly and feels like a brand new car. The interior of the car is splendid and it is all as new. Beforward crew, your services are very fast and unique, including your guys in Tanzania. Guys don't hesitate to buy a car from Bef ...Read Moreorward. Read Less

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

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Honda Airwave is a superb

by Benjamin Kachikho Simion (Malawi) on 18/May/2019 Verified Buyer

Honda Airwave is a superb Machine which has simplified my life. The car drives smoothly and feels like brand new. Thank you Befoward for giving me a perfect machine with everything intact as displayed on your page. I can't wait to buy another car from you.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)



by Peter Bonam (Ghana) on 17/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

I love your services but feel you can work on your delivery time. It takes a bit long for the cars to be shipped and I think you should work on it. Overall your services are impressive and hence the four stars.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)


Time management

by Bernstein B. Nanseta (Malawi) on 18/Aug/2018 Verified Buyer

Buying a motor vehicle from beforward is very fast and unique.they will always not let you down in terms of time.very fast delivery in reaching the stated destination

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

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Honda Aiirwave CV581433

by Muchono Faith (Zimbabwe) on 28/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

I am really impressed by the purchase of the above vehicle from BFJ.The vehicle is par excellent,it is just as good as new.I am really feeling the value of my purchase which was reasonably priced thanks to Ryo.The interior of the car is splendid and it is all as new.The exterior is still sparkling green.I am really impressed by the condition I got ...Read Moremy car.The car is very economic to operate and it is very spacious with enough room for leg area and luggage.I thank BFZimbabwe Advisor Evans for encouraging me and guidance he offered me all the way.Everything on this vehicle is just as new you only need to fill up the tank and enjoy the ride with the powerful sound system to entertain you.Thumbs up to BFJ and your associated partners ZANACO and BFzim advisor who all played a critical role in making my purchase and delivery such an easy task. Read Less

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Good Service

by Stanley Kabaso (Zambia) on 20/May/2021 Verified Buyer

Always good

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Vote of thanks

by Benedicto Jason Kantchere (Malawi) on 16/Feb/2019 Verified Buyer

I want to thank beforward for the good bussines, I have received my car in a good in fact in an excellent condition.i I am very grateful with this Honda airwave,no mechanical problem, inside and outside very neat.i I have been doing business with you since 2014 and this is my seventh car.big up.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ2)

Very nice

by Damian Taylor (Jamaica) on 03/Dec/2018 Verified Buyer

Very nice

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ2)

honda airwave

by Ngoni Nyagumbo (Zimbabwe) on 16/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

want to thank the beforward team for my Honda airwave I found it in good condition no problem with it

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)


by Ezekiel Matibiri (Zimbabwe) on 02/Jun/2018 Verified Buyer

Honda airwave is a good car no complain

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Very happy and satisfied with the whole process of purchasing upto delivery

by Patrick T Chapenga (Malawi) on 29/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

Am so happy with the way BF Sales team helped me both in Japan and Blantyre Malawi. You gave me room for negotiation and also sound advice on my purchase. Am satisfied with the condition of the vehicle and your timely delivery. You are one of the best especially in Malawi. Keep it up

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Good afternoon. My car is

by Beatrice Kayiya (Zimbabwe) on 29/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

Good afternoon. My car is perfect. Everything about it is just good and on point. Unfortunately it did not have seat covers. But that but its not an issue.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

The car is has got

by Vitumbiko Nyirenda (Malawi) on 21/Dec/2017 Verified Buyer

The car is has got exceptionally beautiful interoirs and that all the accesories namely CD player, jack and wheel spanner were all intact is a plus for BF. To sum it all the I love the interior and the CD player. Thank you Be Forward, looking forward to doing business again.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

honda airwave

by Brice Nyoka (Zimbabwe) on 30/Nov/2017 Verified Buyer

Yes the car was in good condition but kindly make your radios and user guides user freindly by putting both english & japaneese for all of us to understand .

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)


by Bond Munnings (Bahamas) on 20/Nov/2017 Verified Buyer


Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Honda Airwave

by Patrick Msonkho (Malawi) on 02/Oct/2017 Verified Buyer

Very nice condition

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Beforward cars is the best

by Admire Nyasha Goni (Zimbabwe) on 22/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

i trust beforward all my cars i buy from beforward and they are all superb.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

wonderful service every time... highly

by Rashid Khan (New Zealand) on 19/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

wonderful service every time... highly recommended.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Honda airwave

by Tawanda Kanogoiwa (Zimbabwe) on 06/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

excellent vehicle and easy on the tanks well

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

im happy with my new car

by Farai Talent Jemwa (Zimbabwe) on 28/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

The only problem is the suspension system is not tht good bt everythng is okay and im happy I will purchase another 1 very soon and I hope u will give me a better discount this time

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ2)

Love it.

by Aisha Fox (Bahamas) on 26/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

Love it.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Loving my new Honda airwave

by Jamal Ferguson (Bahamas) on 14/Jan/2017 Verified Buyer

Nice clean and very good on gas

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ2)


by Esnart Chiumia (Malawi) on 28/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

I would like to inform you that am satisfied with the vehicle, the out look is good although it have some scratches I hope this happened during shipping process. There is no problem with the engine and am happy that the vehicle is in good condition. All the best, Esnart.Chiumia.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)

Great buying experience ,good perfomance

by Solomon Manganyi (Zimbabwe) on 16/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

Great buying experience ,good perfomance so far ,but you guys withheld the cracked rooftop glass on your pictures and am not pleased with that but generally good.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)


by Chrispen Mafirabadza (Zimbabwe) on 08/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

I liked the car, am really impressed.

Review on HONDA Airwave (DBA-GJ1)