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HONDA CR-V Reviews and Ratings


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Be Forward, You are wonderful

by Seth Anokye (Ghana) on 10/Jan/2023 Verified Buyer

I want to say thank you to Be Forward Company for your faithfulness in delivering the exact car I purchased, and in the same condition I saw it. I recommend Be Forward to everyone who wants to buy a car and I am hopeful with Be Forward, you will never regret it. Be Forward, you are wonderful

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RK5)

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My experience with Beforward Japan

by Wisdom Mwitwa (Zambia) on 29/Dec/2022 Verified Buyer

Absolutely gorgeous and amazing! The car was actually bigger than the image I had in my mind. Perfect transmission and very neat! The company kept me informed at every stage of the purchase until I got my car. Beforward Japan is simply the best. I wish I got some stickers and a T-shirt so I could advertise as I drive around in Eastern province of Z ...Read Moreambia! Wisdom Mwitwa- a satisfied customer from Zambia! Read Less

Review on HONDA CR-V (CRV-4WD-SR)



by Pearson Rangwani (Mozambique) on 27/Oct/2022 Verified Buyer


Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)


Nice vehicle from Beforward Japan,

by Kuiparima Tinofirei (Zimbabwe) on 23/Oct/2022 Verified Buyer

Nice vehicle from Beforward Japan, thank you so much

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP5)

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The vehicle arrived safely and

by Stephen Kudzanai Katehwe (Zimbabwe) on 02/Oct/2022 Verified Buyer

The vehicle arrived safely and in good condition

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP6)



by Isaac James Manyoni (Malawi) on 23/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

Thanks for the opportunity, it was a dream come true when I received my vehicle in one piece. A great thank you from you guys you are simply the best and buying from you guys you truly never disappoint. Thanks very much and may God bless you Review on

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)


Satisfied customer

by Emmanuel (Zimbabwe) on 11/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

Satisfied customer

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP5)


From Ditsumi clearing & forwarding agency.

by Mokhesi Zakaria Mokhesi (Lesotho) on 04/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

Welcome to Lesotho all the way from Japan. The arrived on time and my client loves it so much. And am looking forward to order more cars

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE4)


Thank Be forward for being

by Maike Passmore Muneka (Mozambique) on 11/Aug/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank Be forward for being a trustworthy car exporter .I have received my vehicle in good condition ,I mean everything perfect. the vehicle looks very good interior and exterior and it performs well mechanically.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)

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Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importers (Beforward Lesotho)

by Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importer on 26/Jul/2022 Verified Buyer

We are a leading car dealership in Lesotho

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE4)

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Thank you so much Beforward

by Hazel Mafu (Zimbabwe) on 10/Jun/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you so much Beforward I safely received my client's car. HezyMotors Logistics

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)


Received car

by Baraka Evarist (Tanzania) on 10/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

Nimepokea gari langu bila shida yoyote na nimeendesha umbali wa km 1200 pasipo tatizo lolote kwenye gari

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RK5)


2012 Honda Fit

by Mark Haines (USA) on 23/Feb/2022 Verified Buyer

Unbelievable how nice of car this is. Excellent support through the entire process.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)


Great car

by Ryan Carroll (Bahamas) on 23/Dec/2021 Verified Buyer

Always wanted to try a hybrid vehicle and this Fit is a pleasure to drive, like new condition, inside and out and mpg is 57 per US gallon.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP5)


The condition is excellent

by Stanley Musavengane (Zimbabwe) on 29/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

The condition is excellent

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)

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Excellent condition, good as new!

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 29/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

As usual thank you Beforward

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP5)


The vehicle came as it

by Vitalis Munemo (Zimbabwe) on 10/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

The vehicle came as it was seen in the pictures. In great condition as expected. This vehicle is a dream car for my wife and I Thank you Beforward for the reliable service I trust you and will continue purchasing from you thank you

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP5)


The exterior was nice a

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 04/Oct/2021 Verified Buyer

The exterior was nice a pink color was super and the interior was very neat. Generally the vehicle is very Good .

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)


Honda fit

by Josia Takawira (Zimbabwe) on 16/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

The vehicle was received in good shape. Thanks no complain whatsoever.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)


It's actually fair

by Oneraipo Matiyenga (Zimbabwe) on 16/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

Thanks to Be Forward for the Honda Fit Hybrid. The engine is perfect but the suspension needs some touch-ups. Good fuel saver and the Hybrid unit is working efficiently.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP5)

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by Luckson Shone (Zimbabwe) on 10/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

R grade has reached home without any is driving in zimbabwe.Thanx to beforward japan for being honest.I thought buying R grade is mistake.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP5)


Great Appreciation

by Happyson Gobo (Zimbabwe) on 22/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

The vehicle arrived and it was as shown on the website pictures. The car is in perfect condition and l am really excited to have such a nice car. Thank you Beforward for selling good cars. Just maintain this great standard!

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)

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by Sir Texas Logistics Pvt Ltd. (Zimbabwe) on 11/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

Delivering with passion

Review on HONDA CR-V (DAA-GP6)



by Isaac James Manyoni (Malawi) on 10/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

I bought a HONDA FIT from beforward and I was very pleased when I received the car. It was clean than I expected. I highly recommend Beforward to everyone. Thank you beforward for high quality cars and keep it up.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)


Nice car thank u so

by Sibs Logistics (Zimbabwe) on 13/May/2021 Verified Buyer

Nice car thank u so much befoward...

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-GE6)