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HONDA CR-V Reviews and Ratings


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BF745039 RD1-5026462 Honda CRV

by Tembo Elemiya (Zambia) on 06/May/2018 Verified Buyer

I have found the vehicle to be very efficient and neat. I thank Beforward for the excellent service provided to me. Looking forward to more working relationship. Elemiya Tembo, MPIKA, Zambia.

Review on HONDA CR-V (E-RD1)


Honda CRV 2007

by Charline Chahaira Burke-Hassell (Aruba) on 22/Nov/2017 Verified Buyer

I in love with my new Honda all the way From Aruba the shipping was fast good service and the car is in good condition in and out very clean interior the only thing that I had to change was the wheel bearings but otherwise everything works perfectly very nice ride I'm a very happy customer thanks befoward for all the good service

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE4)


The car was jus perfect,

by Rhobie Gatsi (Zimbabwe) on 17/Nov/2017 Verified Buyer

The car was jus perfect, keep up the good work guys

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)



by Jacqueline Jackson (Antigua and Barbuda) on 29/Oct/2017 Verified Buyer

I am very satisfied with my vehicle. It is what I wanted and even more. Thanks much!

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE3)

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Car is performing very well,

by Kenly Edwards (Grenada) on 21/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Car is performing very well, drives smoothly, shocks ok, interior and exterior fine. Only issue is the fuel consumption its a bit excessive along with the braking system.

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)


Honda CRV 2008

by Benedict John (Saint Kitts And Nevis) on 19/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

I am very pleased with my car. Interior and exterior are in top condition. It drives well.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE4)

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Honda RD4

by Arnold Maviya (Zimbabwe) on 06/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

The interior of the car is perfect. Outside looks is good. it drives well. The engine is not that good it has a sound which sound like tarpets.

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD4)


Honda CRV

by Worrelton Mcdonald (Cayman Islands) on 03/Apr/2017 Verified Buyer

This car is very nice and clean, I am pleased with the condition I received it in, I am ordering a next one right now.

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD4)

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by Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importer on 25/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

First and foremost, i would like to thank Beforward for this opportunity to express our views regarding vehicles we purchased. As a dealer, i have been putting a smile on my clients faces with the cars from Beforward and the pictures bears testimony to that.As i look forward to even more fruitful business relationship.

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)


Trustful Reliable and the best Price

by Marvin (Aruba) on 19/Feb/2017 Verified Buyer

couldn't ask for more. the where very honest with me about the condition of the car. what I saw is what I Received. was more than happy with the price of the car

Review on HONDA CR-V (E-RD1)


by Ernie Boland (Commonwealth Of Dominica) on 15/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

The experience is excellent. The car exterior is perfect and interior is even better. I can't complain so far I think this was a very good buy. Thanks

Review on HONDA CR-V (CBA-RD7)

Honda RD-5

by Ireneaus Chimboya (Zimbabwe) on 18/Jun/2018 Verified Buyer

The car was in good condition

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)

The interior of my car

by Grace Manatse (Zimbabwe) on 22/Nov/2017 Verified Buyer

The interior of my car is perfect and also the engine as well. The exterior have got a scratch from the driver's door to the back of the car and a dent on the passenger front door which I did see the time I viewed the car during purchasing. I am enjoying driving my car. Best regards Grace Manatse

Review on HONDA CR-V (ABA-RD5)


by Mr Yobe (Zambia) on 19/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Am very impressed with the car I got from beforward.

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)

Honda CR-V E-RD1

by Annette Roberts (Grenada) on 08/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Thank you for your prompt and smooth service. On clearing the vehicle though, there were three (3) things that surprised us; - The bonnet of the vehicle was open. - There was engine oil finger prints on the bonnet and around the both front door handles. - There was No oil in the engine. After driving for a while, we felt excessive heat from the e ...Read Morengine and observed that the radiator fan wasn’t switching on. That situation has been addressed. Apart from those few issues, we are quite satisfied with our CR-V (especially the interior condition). We truly appreciate your service and look forward to doing business with you all again (minus the issues!). Regards Annette Roberts Read Less

Review on HONDA CR-V (E-RD1)

Honda CRV

by Michael Gooden (Cayman Islands) on 15/May/2017 Verified Buyer

All Vehicle I purchase with Beforward is satisfaction. I will definitely keep recommending your service. My next purchase will be an Honda Fit 2008. Hopefully again I can obtain a discount. Kind thanks

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE4)

Honda CRV

by Ashmo Dorset (Saint Kitts And Nevis) on 01/May/2017 Verified Buyer

Great Jeep, Good discounts, keep it up! 5 stars. 99.999%. Loving the deals! Great service from Ghani and Takashi-N.

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE4)

So far so good no problem encountered

by Bostern Munsaka (Zambia) on 04/Apr/2017 Verified Buyer

Thank you to befoward

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)

CRV purchased

by Ian Bonamy (Bahamas) on 27/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

The car is awesome.very clean and looks brand new. Would recommend this dealer to everyone. the prices were even better than the other sites

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE4)


by Julian Morrishaw (Saint Kitts And Nevis) on 02/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

Beforward had great cars, reasonable prices. satisfaction guaranty

Review on HONDA CR-V (CBA-RD7)

I found the service at

by Temeisha Baltimore (Antigua and Barbuda) on 20/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

I found the service at be forward to be great. I love my vehicle, it is in good working condition, I am a very satisfied customer.

Review on HONDA CR-V (CBA-RD7)


by John Fui Sooalo (Samoa) on 14/Nov/2016 Verified Buyer


Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)

Dwayne Adderley

by Dwayne Adderley (Bahamas) on 02/Nov/2016 Verified Buyer

The Car is great. Please send me a promo code to buy more for the partnership as promised

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE3)


by Sonny Eale Imolo (D.R.Congo) on 20/Oct/2016 Verified Buyer

I Luke exterior and interior as Well avery things are good

Review on HONDA CR-V (DBA-RE3)

Honda CRV 2003 LA-RD5

by Francis Tuitt (Commonwealth Of Dominica) on 30/Sep/2016 Verified Buyer

I am very satisfied with vehicle purchased. I love the quality and the almost newness of the vehicle. I could not have made a better choice. Thank you BE FORWARD

Review on HONDA CR-V (LA-RD5)