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HONDA FIT Reviews and Ratings


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Excellent service from BeForward

by Samuel Tunduwani (Zimbabwe) on 20/Apr/2024 Verified Buyer

The arrived safely as it was.Thanks to BeForward. The challenge was with Avecs they was a misunderstanding but later we resolved it.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)


Be forward very good service

by Pawan Balchandani (Aruba) on 14/Mar/2024 Verified Buyer

Be forward very good service and super fast delivery and safe I and my team love to buy vehicle from be forward

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE6)

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The vehicle was perfect

by Kudzanayi J Tafa (Zimbabwe) on 09/Feb/2024 Verified Buyer

The vehicle was perfect

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

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Aciano Motors Zambia

by Amos Chiluba (Zambia) on 20/Jan/2024 Verified Buyer

Aciano motors Zambia would proudly love to say appreciates doing business with Beforward. As for 2023 we imported more than 23 motor vehicles from Beforward alone. We love the business relationship with Beforward we have belt and looking forward to see more businesses together this 2024.. Amos Chiluba, CEO; Aciano Motors Zambia

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE7)

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Love my car

by Leslie Hanna (Bahamas) on 12/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

I absolutely love my new car, I live in The Bahamas and it came in 3 months. Runs good, ac works, and is very spacious. And the royal blue color is nice.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

496678000 496678006

The car is nice on

by Myke Matanda (Zimbabwe) on 05/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

The car is nice on both interior and exterior, mechanically the condition is good, with solid suspension, Thank you team Beforward for doing business with Chirandu Car Imports Zimbabwe.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)


My number one company BF

by Ivayn Samukonga (Zambia) on 17/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

My number one company BF I will never stop buying cars from bf there are good people and very quick to respond and very quick to ship cars the don't even take long I have been buying cars from bf since 2018 up to now I have never had any challenge with them. Please trust them by using there agents like myself am one of them car word was good i ...Read Morenterior itself was perfect the engine was clean thank bf Read Less

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE6)

490262282 490262304

HONDA FIT GE8 2010 model

by Kaziwe Simpokolwe (Zambia) on 16/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

Very nice Car. very nice on the road. am buying again definitely. no issues and still very smooth

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE8)


Honda fit GK3

by Zvikomborero Evencio Nyika (Zimbabwe) on 29/Sep/2023 Verified Buyer

Design is perfect and the car is looks good interior is nice . I will always trust beforward because you are the best. I will keep buying from you.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

455498486 455498511 455498542

My Access to this Car

by Shadreck Chare (Zimbabwe) on 16/Aug/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you so very much beforward for the service and providing me with the best fuel saver car I hope to purchase another one soon , the journey was so easy from the start of the purchasing UpTo the final collection I never faced any difficulties along the road I say thank and continue to offer the best service

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GD2)

455074330 455074357 455074371

Honda Fit unbeatable quality

by Happymore Kachidza (Zimbabwe) on 15/Aug/2023 Verified Buyer

The car was in prestine condition l dont regret buying or recommending others to buy from Beforward

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK4)



by Hazel Mafu (Zimbabwe) on 04/Aug/2023 Verified Buyer


Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

445824146 445824309 445824490

JCC Logistics Pvt (Ltd)

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 20/Jul/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward! Received my car in good condition.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK4)

434704671 434704684

Birtus Motors

by Birtus Online Motors (Zimbabwe) on 19/Jun/2023 Verified Buyer

Car is good, interior is too excellent, outside looks too excellent, no scratches. Thanks for great work. Keep up good job team Beforward Japan. More Thanks to Saif

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

434404866 434404891 434404926

Received a well designed Honda

by Tapiwa Madidi (Zimbabwe) on 17/Jun/2023 Verified Buyer

Received a well designed Honda fit with a good condition. The car is looking so great

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

431916180 431916184

JCC Logistics Pvt (Ltd)

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 08/Jun/2023 Verified Buyer

Super excellent. The car drives so smoothly

Review on HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)


Car worthy to drive when

by Shadreck Chare (Zimbabwe) on 03/Jun/2023 Verified Buyer

Car worthy to drive when you are in it know that you are going I just love the drive , life is easy THANK YOU at Beforward for giving me this Honda I never struggled along the road , I hope to purchase another soon , All the way from Tanzania to Harare I was enjoying myself

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GD1)

426559185 426559191

JCC Logistics Pvt Ltd

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 23/May/2023 Verified Buyer

Beforward never disappoint, thank you very much received the car in good order.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK5)

424722484 424722513

Trust Beforward

by Tapiwa Madidi (Zimbabwe) on 17/May/2023 Verified Buyer

Have always trusted Beforward for their best services. The car had a perfect condition, looking beautiful interior and exterior. The Honda fit's latest design is outstanding!

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

411536580 411536601

I received the vehicle in

by Mulenga Victor (Zambia) on 19/Apr/2023 Verified Buyer

I received the vehicle in perfect condition,the car is superb, looking forward to buy another vehicle from befoward,many thanks

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE8)

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by Last Mukomawasha (Zimbabwe) on 16/Apr/2023 Verified Buyer

Very nice and clean

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK5)

402047718 402047725

Honda Fit is one of

by Earnest Kantsonya (Malawi) on 20/Mar/2023 Verified Buyer

Honda Fit is one of the Best Brands. It a very good Car that is durable and very economical in fuel consumption. I like it.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GD1)


The car was in perfect

by Fortune Hofisi (Zimbabwe) on 16/Mar/2023 Verified Buyer

The car was in perfect condition.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

391261392 391261399

Super clean in and out

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 15/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer

Super clean in and out and smooth drive.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)



by Hazel Mafu (Zimbabwe) on 06/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer


Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GG7)