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HONDA FIT Reviews and Ratings


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Super clean in and out

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 15/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer

Super clean in and out and smooth drive.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)



by Hazel Mafu (Zimbabwe) on 06/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer


Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GG7)

384978847 384978873


by Brandon Shamuyarira (Zimbabwe) on 29/Jan/2023 Verified Buyer

What a nice car, thank

Review on HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)

378168660 378168672

Great car

by Lee T Kahonde (Zimbabwe) on 04/Jan/2023 Verified Buyer

The car is great smooth drive and all was in place thank you

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

371233091 371233101

Happy Business

by Gream Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 10/Dec/2022 Verified Buyer

Clean as a whistle

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

369589961 369589964

The Car iz super clean

by Tyron K Pendere (Zimbabwe) on 04/Dec/2022 Verified Buyer

The Car iz super clean all round

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

348564693 348564730


by Harry Kadzalaufa Ngozo (Malawi) on 30/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

I received the car in fantastic and excellent condition. NO dent, either mechanical fault. It's interior and exterior are just vibrant. My driving experience so far has been hilarious. Many thanks to you Be Forward for your good services.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GG7)


Excellent neat good condition cars

by Zandile Nyamundanda (Zimbabwe) on 25/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

Excellent neat good condition cars received

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)



by Nomore Kahonde (Zimbabwe) on 18/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

The car was perfect condition and drives smoothly

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK6)

341578280 341578285 341578292

Thank you Beforwad, I received

by Frank Gumbojena (Zimbabwe) on 05/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforwad, I received my car Mazda Atenza in very good condition. Frank from Zimbabwe

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE7)


Thank you l receive good

by Last Mukomawasha (Zimbabwe) on 03/Aug/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you l receive good car

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)


Honda fit shuttle and Honda fit ge6

by Tichaona Dehwe (Zimbabwe) on 10/May/2022 Verified Buyer

Buy at be forward no froud and cars for be forward have low mileage

Review on HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)


The car is very clean

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 09/May/2022 Verified Buyer

The car is very clean and the interior is very good

Review on HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)


The vehicle was received in

by Josia Takawira (Zimbabwe) on 22/Feb/2022 Verified Buyer

The vehicle was received in good shape and the condition is good. I thank be forward Japan for the job well done. It has been more than 10 years doing business with be forward and it has been great.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE7)


Meilleur choix

by Israel Tshimanga (D.R.Congo) on 22/Feb/2022 Verified Buyer

Merci pour la voiture , je reçu sans traça, sans souci la voiture commandé sur les sites

Review on HONDA Fit (GH-1KBLX)



by Joseph Tshuma (Zimbabwe) on 03/Jan/2022 Verified Buyer

Vehicle was super excellent as advertised. Condition perfect ,it was matching advertised mileage hence service of Be forward being No 1

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE8)


Excellent condition, good as new!

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 03/Jan/2022 Verified Buyer

As usual, great thank you Beforward received my car in a perfect condition.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK5)


The vehicle was very neat

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 14/Dec/2021 Verified Buyer

The vehicle was very neat . It did not delay in come right on time from the shipping line .The interior is super and the engine very wonderful

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GG7)



by Onkabetse Lobadi (Botswana) on 09/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

Good day Be forward, My name is Mr Lobadi,thank you very much I have manage to receive the car in good condition, as it was online, it was indeed a long road to Botswana and I really enjoyed all the process, it really worth a lot of learning and experience, best service and system use, thank you million time and good doing business with your offi ...Read Morece and I believe this service will continue and looking forward to do more business with your office. Read Less

Review on HONDA Fit (GH-1KBLX)


Nice pink color

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 05/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

Nice pink color

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

198240688 198240689


by Fortune Hofisi (Zimbabwe) on 26/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

I received the car in perfect condition and the performance is very good. thank you Befoward for your quality cars.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GK3)

189511374 189511381

The car is neat from perfomance to appearance

by Temba Foni (Zimbabwe) on 19/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

I am happy to collect my car from Dareslaam to Zimbawe.

Review on HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)


Thank you Beforward Japan

by Happyson Gobo (Zimbabwe) on 04/Aug/2021 Verified Buyer

Thank you so much Beforward,the is just good exterior and interior. The engine is perfect and the whole package is awesome. Keep this great standard of supplying good cars to all your clients!

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-GE7)

180709430 180709437

The vehicle came as it

by Roselyn Joseph Willie (Papua New Guinea on 16/Jun/2021 Verified Buyer

The vehicle came as it was seen in the pictures. In great condition as expected. Accept that the battery needed replacement, and the front right parking light isnt working. Otherwise, this vehicle is a dream car for my kids and I. Thank you Beforward for the reliable service I trust and will continue purchasing from you.

Review on HONDA Fit (DBA-RG1)


Quality always

by Tatenda Dhakwa (Zimbabwe) on 15/Jun/2021 Verified Buyer

Be forward cars are always in excellent condition

Review on HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)