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HONDA INSPIRE Reviews and Ratings


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It's awesome

by Sagar Gauli (Cayman Islands) on 09/May/2019 Verified Buyer

Thank u so much be forward my car is really runs smooth N very good condition...

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)


Although, there were a few

by Dianna Thomas (Antigua and Barbuda) on 23/Dec/2018 Verified Buyer

Although, there were a few scratches I wasn't aware especially with some being taped.... My overall opinion about my car including exterior and interior is great and my choice in this car is unregretable. I love it

Review on HONDA Inspire (UA-UC1)


Seguro, rápido, interactivo.... Recomendo

by Jose Marilio Macitela (Mozambique) on 22/Aug/2018 Verified Buyer

Be Forward manteve sempre informado do andamento do processo de envio da viatura. A viatura está em bom estado de conservação.

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)


Honda inspire

by Delroy Audley Turner (Cayman Islands) on 02/Mar/2018 Verified Buyer

Although car took longer than said to come here it came in great condition but there was a scratch on it that was not mentioned when it was being advertised

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)


My Honda inspire

by Petrona Menz (Cayman Islands) on 08/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

I love my Honda inspire It was a good buy am enjoying the ride so far .. interior clean and nice everything is in working order no issues very luxurious and comfortable. Highly recommend beforward to buyers I wait 5 weeks which was amazing good customer service and questions and email were responded to at a timely manner.

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)


Honda Inspire

by Christopher Phipps (Cayman Islands) on 03/Apr/2017 Verified Buyer

The Car exterior is Good & The Interior is Even better. Car runs great on the road the only trouble I am havin is My CD Player Stop Working. So its just the radio but otherwise its Phenomenal.

Review on HONDA Inspire (UA-UC1)


Honda inspire

by Christopher Phipps (Cayman Islands) on 01/Apr/2017 Verified Buyer

The car is real nice runs real good. Only fault I got is my CD player stop works. But I can say the engine etc is good and the features suprised me.

Review on HONDA Inspire (UA-UC1)

Awesome services

by Annie Mae Deleveaux (Bahamas) on 08/Mar/2020 Verified Buyer

Trustworthy and awesome customer service

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)

Very happy with my purchase with Beforward

by Laura Dixon (Cayman Islands) on 22/Jun/2019 Verified Buyer

My vehicle came in time and in good condition. All the paperwork that was sent to me was correct and in order so I had no trouble clearing the vehicle with local port authority. The battery was dead however but I was told that the battery is loosened during transit so that it is not drain. I stop had a few issue with it a few days later so I just ...Read More got a new one. I've not as yet gotten a full thorough servicing done but the mechanics that did get a chance to look at it don't show any signs of concern. I'm very happy with the A/C. It works so well. I did get a fm bandwidth expander so the radio could pick up local radio frequency but that is typical with vehicle ordered in from Japan. Thank you for a seamless and speedy car buying experience. Read Less

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)

Nice car

by Vanessa Jones (Cayman Islands) on 20/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

A really nice car. Only down part so far is that we were mislead by rims. Bought a degreaser to clean the rims and they started stripping.

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)

all cars

by Jacinto Thomas (Aruba) on 04/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

so far all the cars I buy from be forward is very good

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)

very good car

by Jacinto Thomas (Aruba) on 26/Oct/2018 Verified Buyer

the car is in a one condision I take the car to the Honda dealer here in aruba and have the transmission oil replaced and they told me that the car is in pefick condision I had the spark plugs replaced with the original Honda plugs and original Honda syntetic oil and its running like a brand new car thank you very much be forward team

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)

We love our Honda Inspire!

by Linda Sawka (Antigua and Barbuda) on 13/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

The process of choosing which car to buy was the most difficult as there were so many cars to chose from! But once we made the decision everything went quickly and smoothly. Once the car arrived we were so anxious to see if it was as good as we saw in the pictures and it truly was! We love it!

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)

Very happy with my purchase

by Bobby Joseph (Cayman Islands) on 16/Jun/2018 Verified Buyer

I am satisfied with my purchase, I had to replace the battery, but other than that...happy

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)


by Latoya (Bahamas) on 02/Apr/2018 Verified Buyer

I am very pleased with my car, it runs like a dream

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)

My car

by Horatio Ferdinand (Antigua and Barbuda) on 25/Mar/2018 Verified Buyer

Thank you for your help and I am enjoying the car that I've purchased

Review on HONDA Inspire (UA-UC1)

good and nice buy

by Chungu George (Zambia) on 24/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

good and nice buy

Review on HONDA Inspire (UA-UC1)

It's perfect

by Gentry Kellman (Bahamas) on 03/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

It's perfect

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)

2005 Honda Inspire

by Gary Lacle (Aruba) on 07/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Very happy with the car. Car was clean and good taken care of. Service was great!!

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)

Happy Customer Honda Inspire 2007

by Meghan A. Bethel (Bahamas) on 05/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

My car is so beautiful and in like new condition. It is quiet as a mouse but my v6 engine surely can ROAR! Customer service has exceeded my expectations. As a second time buyer I am very please with my new baby and the way I was treated. They tried their best to answer all my questions. They kept me in the loop every step of the way. Thank you BeF ...Read Moreorward for an even better experience the second time around. The wait was well worth it. Meghan Bethel -Abaco, Bahamas Read Less

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)


by Bruce Grogan (New Zealand) on 18/May/2017 Verified Buyer

Absolutely love the car just wish could get English manual

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)

Car is perfect !!

by Ravina Woodroffe (Bahamas) on 30/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

Great and spacious vehicle!! Naoki is the best everything was outlined for me which made the process very easy and swift!!

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)

Honda Inspire 2010 CP3-1300091

by Devenor Wilkinson (Bahamas) on 20/Feb/2017 Verified Buyer

I love my Honda Inspire. The engine is in excellent condition and clean. The cars performance is awesome. Is so fast and sexy too. All my female friends and people I don't know and my family and co workers love my ride. My neighbor call it a jet. I'm still learning new things about it every other day. This was an awesome buy. Thanks Be Fo ...Read Morerward team Read Less

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)

2006 Honda Inspire

by Bruce Grogan (New Zealand) on 30/Jan/2017 Verified Buyer

Very Happy with delivery and car in very good condition .The Inspire is great to drive comfortable and very economical considering the power of the 3 litre motor Very Happy with the Purchase Thank you Be Forward

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-UC1)

Nice. Love it

by Tamieka Mamby Fawks (Bahamas) on 15/Jan/2017 Verified Buyer

Nice. Love it

Review on HONDA Inspire (DBA-CP3)