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NISSAN JUKE Reviews and Ratings


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I love the choice I

by Odellie (. on 16/May/2020 Verified Buyer

I love the choice I have made thank You my car is better that I thought It would of....!

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

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by Kimo Liburd (Saint Kitts And Nevis) on 22/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

This car is great. Interior space is great and good on fuel. Thank you for making my client happy. Kimo Liburd

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)


Thank you so much. I

by Gayle Roberts (Bahamas) on 12/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

Thank you so much. I received my vehicle in good standing condition just like you said I would. Great Service. I will recommend your company and service to my family and friends.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)


Aline Charles

by Monaise Cartwright (Bahamas) on 10/Oct/2019 Verified Buyer

The car is far better than I expected. I don’t think the pictures did it justice. I thought I would’ve had to do a deep cleaning but to my surprise the car looks almost brand new. Everything seems to be working fine. Thank you Monaise Cartwright for helping me select a car that suits my lifestyle. You were very knowledgeable in what the car comes w ...Read Moreith, going through every picture conducting an online inspection. I’m extremely pleased! Read Less

Review on NISSAN JUKE (CBA-F15)


Nissan juke

by Ivan Manyenje (Malawi) on 16/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

The car was in good condition

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)


Got it nice

by Aklilu Habteab Ghebreyonas (Kenya) on 22/May/2018 Verified Buyer

I received my Nissan Juke unit. I am happy with the internal and external condition of the car. I am more than happy to do business with you guys in the future.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

All from beforward. I have

by Thokozani (. on 28/May/2020 Verified Buyer

All from beforward. I have trust in them.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Merci beaucoup be forward je reçu mon véhicule en très bonne état

by Mutund Irung Alexis (D.R.Congo) on 28/Dec/2019 Verified Buyer

Je vous remercié pour le BG536909

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Excellent service

by Carlyle Campbell (Guyana) on 09/Dec/2019 Verified Buyer

Excellent service

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Excellent service, great car everything works very satisfied.

by Keith (. on 19/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

Great car, excellent service, will buy more cars.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

This is David Mpoyi, I

by David Mpoyi (D.R.Congo) on 08/May/2019 Verified Buyer

This is David Mpoyi, I would like to thank you because since i started business with your company have never regretted. This vehicle is in good condition and is running well. I am really happy.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)


by Sawan Jigar Trivedi (Kenya) on 24/Oct/2018 Verified Buyer

Excellent car and services

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

2010 Nissan Juke, Auckland, New Zealand

by Gunter Medwed (New Zealand) on 22/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

This was the third car I have bought via Be Forward. On each occasion communication was fast and efficient. The vehicles arrived in better than expected condition. This last one - a 2010 Nissan Juke - was no exception. It appears that the garage working for Be Forward here in Auckland, New Zealand has done a good valet job on the car plus - by the ...Read Morelooks of it a small service, oil change, fluid top-up etc. Very happy with my dealings with Be Forward. Read Less

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Excellent Service!

by Juega Casa Ltd (Tanzania) on 26/Feb/2018 Verified Buyer

My car arrived in perfect condition. The process was simple and efficient. I highly recommend BE Forward. The car came with all documentation and was fully inspected, I was kept up to date throughout the entire process. Extremely satisfied with BE Forward. Keep up the fantastic work!

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)


by Betthe Domingos (Mozambique) on 17/Feb/2018 Verified Buyer


Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

car is Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Karl Tyrell (Jamaica) on 08/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

Great purchase, Great car !!!!!!!!!!!!

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Bom Dia Caro(s), Terei todo

by Ricardo Oliveira (Mozambique) on 13/Oct/2017 Verified Buyer

Bom Dia Caro(s), Terei todo o gosto em responder à V/Solicitação, e com 5*'s ! Mas antes, volto a pedir encarecidamente a Vossa ajuda em obter o código do rádio da viatura (Nissan Juke). Estou convencido que com o Vin number, conseguirão obter o código através da Nissan, aí no Japão. Certo da Vossa compreensão, Muito Obrigado

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

I love my juke!

by Wendy Lewis (Bahamas) on 17/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Its a great vehicle so far. It was spotless, and I mean spotless on the inside and out. Arrived ahead of schedule as well. I am very pleased with Beforward.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Nissan Juke

by Monica Mwangi (Kenya) on 24/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

to begin with,the shipment process was smooth and i wasnt required to do much because theres prompt communication from Be forward staff... about the car all i can say is that AM far so good, the car was in great shape when it arrived. I only changed the water pump during its first service upon arrival and i haven't identified any othe ...Read Morer issue so far. Read Less

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Nissan Juke

by Mua Erastus Nzia (Kenya) on 29/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

I received the car in perfect shape. Everything about the car is just supper. thanks.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Nisan Juke

by Mua Erastus Nzia (Kenya) on 21/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

could not believe that a used car would be so good. the interior is perfect, all sytems working. Thank you as I remain anxiously waiting for the next shipment of Nissan Otto. will always buy from you guys.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

Nissan juke

by Hanif Manji (Kenya) on 28/May/2017 Verified Buyer

Fantastic, efficient service very satisfied customer thank you very much.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)

2010/11 Nissan Juke

by Keisha Farrell (Saint Kitts And Nevis) on 24/May/2017 Verified Buyer

Its very nice and up to date vehicle. Thanks and all the best for your company

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)


by Kamal Gray (Bahamas) on 30/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

I am so far enjoying my Juke, it rides smooth looks pretty much like described..but I am a bit disappointed that my rear-view camera that was advertised was not working when i received my vehicle.

Review on NISSAN JUKE (DBA-YF15)