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NISSAN X-TRAIL Reviews and Ratings


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by Zacharia Rephael Kilawe (Tanzania) on 29/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward Team for effective and efficient service delivery. I received my NISSAN X-TRAIL 2008 in mint condition

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)


Thank you Bf guys

by Henry Daudi Mpakani (Malawi) on 21/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward,am proud of you guys,the x trail condition was just excellent beautiful interior leather seats,mechanical condition excellent,no dents no any other issues,continue supplying us with excellent cars

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)

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The car arrived in best condition

by Knowmore Mhasho (Zimbabwe) on 15/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward Team for effective and efficient service delivery. I received my NISSAN X-TRAIL TA-T30 in mint condition.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (TA-T30)


Nouveau model Nissan XTrail 2006, c'est Fantastique

by Ben Kasala (D.R.Congo) on 31/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

Je vous recommande de Faire vos commande en passant par mon etablissement depuis Kolwezi vous ne serez pas decu , mais elle avait un bruit anormal au niveau de la suspension avant gauche.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-T31)

87560851 87560852

My Dream car

by Hanif Hassan (Malawi) on 12/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

I always dreamt about having my own Nissan xtrail and now finally I do. This is an awesome vehicle, very comfortable, spacious and most of all faat. Thanks beforward for making my dream come true with an affordable price.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-T31)

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Nissan X-Trail

by Tihpen Weital (Micronesia) on 02/Jun/2019 Verified Buyer

Very gud deal, fast shipping and I'm very satisfied with it. Happy camper. Tihpen Weital

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (TA-NT30)


Nissan X-Trail Purchase

by Godfrey Mashoko (Mozambique) on 27/May/2019 Verified Buyer

Dealing with BE FORWARD has been a great experience for me. I am very much satisfied with my car purchase. The exterior and interior of my car looks great. Talk of the driving experience the car suspension is good that i am really enjoying a comfortable ride. What i love most about my car is the interior, exterior and the engine: my car looks new. ...Read MoreTHANK YOU BE FORWARD for such a GREAT SERVICE. Godfrey Mashoko. Read Less

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)



by Hamza Salum (Tanzania) on 02/May/2019 Verified Buyer

I am very happy with my car, it looks good and more new than it looked before shipped to my port.,thanks Mr.Gon and all Beforwad JP team.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)


Thanks Beforward

by Davie Zolowere (Malawi) on 21/Apr/2019 Verified Buyer

I received the car in good condition. Thanks to Beforward. The car is smart and has an exquisite interior. It is very stable on the road with a perfectly functioning engine. However, the suspension had major faults.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)


My name is Muzavazi shame in zimbabwe .

by Muzavazi Shame (Zimbabwe) on 03/Feb/2019 Verified Buyer

I would like to thank Beforward for being reliable and perfect in thier business. I bought that nissan xtrail of 2004 and to say the truth this car is more perfect , neat and in good condition than what I was expecting. Thank you Beforward , this is my third car to buy from Beforward and all 3 cars I don't have any complain , im enjoying my ...Read Morex trail . Read Less

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (CBA-NT30)


Car review

by Simisosenkosi (Zimbabwe) on 29/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

Interior love it ,very nice.exterior paint work no so nice,fair though

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-T31)


My X trail SUV

by Natisha Howell (Jamaica) on 18/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

Ordering was a lil skeptical. Becuz I've never ordered online before. However Naomi very very impressive even tho i never spoke on the phone. Only thru emails. Everything was on point. Always giving me ACCURATE updates on each procedure. My van came to

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)


A fair deal for what I didn’t test drive

by Paul Yamikani Pakaine (Malawi) on 04/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

I got the car everything like I saw online and only disappointment was it never performed for its condition. No noise with anything but has vibrations over 100km, Tried wheel balancing which is not from 3 garages. No suspension noise at all and just wondering what a small problem this is.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (CBA-NT30)


Excellent Car

by Thamsanqa Ndebele (Zimbabwe) on 02/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

I received my car in good condition with no mechanical fault, same as what I had seen on the pictures. I was quite impressed with the performance of the car in general as well as it's neat interior. Keep it up Beforward

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (UA-NT30)

65067644 65067651

Great value for money!

by Ansley Syanziba (Zambia) on 02/Dec/2018 Verified Buyer

The Car (Nissan Xtrail_2007 model) I bought recently from Beforward Japan is very neat, of high quality and was at a good price. Both the interior and exterior are excellent. Thank you Beforward.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)



by Ambikile Albion (Tanzania) on 01/Oct/2018 Verified Buyer

I received my car in a very mint condition, thank you so much BEFORWARD!

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (UA-NT30)



by Zayson Maambo (Zambia) on 16/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

Hi Be forward team. i recieved my car in excellent condition and its running great. You are simply the best and trust worthy. Keep it guys.

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (UA-NT30)

52991787 52991788

Nissan X-Trail

by Amandio Come (Mozambique) on 26/Aug/2018 Verified Buyer

The car was as expected and even better! Thank you for your fairness in your photos!

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)



by Elsie Singogo (USA) on 22/Aug/2018 Verified Buyer

The Car is balanced on the road, heavy and fast. The fuel consumption is very good

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (UA-NT30)


Nissan X-Trail

by Roland Croes (Aruba) on 02/May/2018 Verified Buyer

Feeling verry happy and thankfull with Alex and Be Forward staff. Verry good service, verry good car. Roland Croes from Aruba

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (GH-PNT30)


As good as advertised!

by Kennedy Mbwette (Tanzania) on 09/Feb/2018 Verified Buyer

I'm impressed

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT32)



by Admiral T Samson (Zimbabwe) on 10/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

I love the Service from Beforward in Japan. Keep up the good work Guys....

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (CBA-NT30)



by Anna Seko (Lesotho) on 11/Oct/2017 Verified Buyer

I am very happy with my car, it looks more beautiful and more new than it looked on the photos. Thank you Taichi San for a good customer care, good communication until I received my car. Keep up the good work. May Be Forward grow from strength to strength

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (UA-NT30)

18730435 18730437

Very Nice vehicle! Great Deal!

by Joakim George (St.Lucia) on 07/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

The vehicle came in great condition, I had to do some cleaning in the interior but now it looks amazing! Thanks very much !

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (CBA-TNT31)

18518660 18518661 18518662

Nissan X-Trail

by Ashley Knowles (Bahamas) on 27/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Very pleasant experience! Car is in great condition, just like the pictures on the website. Extremely happy with this purchase!

Review on NISSAN X-Trail (DBA-NT31)