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FIAT Reviews and Ratings


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Punto Hgt abarth

by Mark Beresford (United Kingdom) on 15/Feb/2020 Verified Buyer

Car arrived as described very happy

Review on Fiat Punto (GF-188A1)


Vehicle in very good condition

by Steve Beloved Kaunga (Malawi) on 22/Aug/2019 Verified Buyer

I bought Fiat Grande Punto for my customer McDonald Chilomo, since the vehicle was bought, I found every thing intact and the interior of the car is very excellent and smart. The vehicle is still in a very good condition, it was very cheap as compared to other sellers

Review on Fiat Grande Punto (ABA-199142)


Fiat Punto Evo 2011

by Jeetu Jagyasi (Curacao/Netherlands Antil on 04/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

I bought this car after I saw it’s picture which caught my attention right away. The car drives awesome and is very comfortable. I can easily switch from automatic to manual driving but would recommend to mention this feature to future buyers. I didn’t know the car wasn’t fully automatic . The car is just as I had expected. Lovely car!

Review on Fiat Punto (ABA-199144)