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MAZDA Reviews and Ratings


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Mazda CX-5 LDA -KE2FW

by Harrison Banda (Zambia) on 14/Feb/2024 Verified Buyer

We received the vehicle in exallent condition and I'm very much satisfied with your service's please keep it up And I want to in carriage people especially those who wants to pachase vehicle's from Japan for the first time to for be forward and telling you won't regret because there service are amazing

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2FW)


Mabasa Kafuridza CX5

by Chirambadare Rabson (Zimbabwe) on 10/Feb/2024 Verified Buyer

Review The car is driving well, a few knocks can be on the suspension when turning or when passing through a pot hole. The air conditioning, wipers and windows are all in good working condition. The spare wheel was missing, however the availability of a portable pump was comforting. The biggest disappointment was the radio which has a password and ...Read More also is in Japanese language which I'm not able to understand or read. I look forward to a response about the radio. Read Less

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (DBA-KEEFW)

518952960 518952954

Blissful Logistics

by Tapiwa Madidi (Zimbabwe) on 04/Feb/2024 Verified Buyer

Everything was in good order

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)



by Tadious Muchafa (Zimbabwe) on 04/Feb/2024 Verified Buyer

This Mazda CX5 was just perfect, I drove it from Tanzania to Zimbabwe Harare and did not encounter a breakdown along the way.

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2FW)


Mazda Axela Hybrid is massive

by Richard Mjudah (Malawi) on 30/Jan/2024 Verified Buyer

Good car, fuel consumption is wow

Review on MAZDA Axela (DAA-BYEFP)

513803829 513803823

I picked my car towards

by Alex Mbulo (Zambia) on 21/Jan/2024 Verified Buyer

I picked my car towards the end of December,2023 as a gift for my family for the new year 2024. The interior was very neat as advertised. The engine was very good with good fuel consumption and I covered 1,612km from Dar es Salaam to my place with 96litres of diesel. Generally, the vehicle was very neat and drives very good. I should have given fiv ...Read Moree stars if the vehicle was serviced as agreed and paid for. I highly recommend anyone to buy from BeForward. This is my third purchase from BeForward and I will buy another very soon. Read Less

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2AW)

510509341 510509351 510509369

Mazda Axela ❤️

by Happymore Kachidza (Zimbabwe) on 10/Jan/2024 Verified Buyer

It's a good car delivered on time. Thank you for the great car and Service

Review on MAZDA Axela (DAA-BYEFP)

509952982 509952991 509952972

Mazda cx5

by Arnold Banda (Zambia) on 08/Jan/2024 Verified Buyer

I received my vehicle as described but only one small defect that wasn't mentioned. Overall am happy with my car and the service I received.

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2FW)

508422709 508422701

Mazda Axela

by Joseph Mukokori (Zimbabwe) on 03/Jan/2024 Verified Buyer

Very excellent drive

Review on MAZDA Axela (DBA-BMEFS)

506689199 506689163 506689231

Happy Business

by Gream Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 28/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

Thumbs up to the Management. Happy People

Review on MAZDA Demio (LDA-DJ5AS)


Mazda primacy

by Delight Marimo (Zimbabwe) on 28/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

Good as new I recommend b forward

Review on MAZDA Premacy (DBA-CWEAW)

503650907 503650908

JCC Logistics Pvt (Ltd)

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 18/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

As usual, thank you Beforward received my car in a perfect condition...!

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2FW)

502746752 502746754 502746755


by Rhobie Gatsi (Zimbabwe) on 15/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer


Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2FW)

493663051 493663063


by Andrew Nelson (Jamaica) on 27/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

Great condition

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (3DA-KF2P)


Mazda Titan truck

by Maambo (Zambia) on 25/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you beforward for your services, I received my Truck in an immaculate condition as was on the pictures you initially sent. Keep it up with your wonderful service. Maambo Chitanda from Zambia

Review on MAZDA Titan (TKG-LHR85A)

492232629 492232635 492232641

The car is mind and

by Quinton Mubaiwa (Zimbabwe) on 22/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

The car is mind and perfect nothing to say more

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2FW)

491904774 491904792 491904799

I am a happy client,

by Fundisani Mabhena (Zimbabwe) on 21/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

I am a happy client, millions are saying it's nice, thank you Beforward team. Mechanical condition is just amazing, fuel efficient and has plenty of space

Review on MAZDA Familia (DBF-BVY12)

488913061 488913066

Happy Business

by Gream Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 13/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

The Van was very much Nice Petrol powered engine. Super clean

Review on MAZDA Bongo Van (ABF-SKP2V)


Clean in and out

by Effelage (Zimbabwe) on 09/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward the car has a good drive and has clean interior like newone

Review on MAZDA Familia (DBF-BVY12)

485880438 485880443 485880447

We got it very nice

by Nazareth Mfune (Malawi) on 05/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

We are jii Importers and we buy from beforward and it doesn't cost much gor us

Review on MAZDA Bongo Van (ABF-SKP2V)

485681093 485681098

Mazda CX-5 a great beast

by Drive It Global (Zimbabwe) on 04/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

Perfect body , condition is great,and the car can move,great machine.

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2FW)


Trymore Mushope & tinotenda kahonde

by Tamia (Zimbabwe) on 03/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

The car was excellent

Review on MAZDA Axela (CBA-BM6FJ)


Mazda CX-5 KF2P review

by Michael Njau (Kenya) on 01/Nov/2023 Verified Buyer

CX-5 has been praised for its attractive design, enjoyable handling, and high-quality interior. This diesel variant has generally been noted for its strong fuel efficiency and torque, making it a favorable choice for those seeking a balance between performance and fuel economy.

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KF2P)


Mazda CX5

by Fortune Hofisi (Zimbabwe) on 28/Oct/2023 Verified Buyer

The car is in perfect condition and it is driving well. Thank you beforward for the machine.

Review on MAZDA CX-5 (LDA-KE2AW)

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by Last Mukomawasha (Zimbabwe) on 25/Oct/2023 Verified Buyer


Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DJ3FS)