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MAZDA DEMIO Reviews and Ratings


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The car is in a

by Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 16/Mar/2024 Verified Buyer

The car is in a mint condition

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DJ3FS)

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by Hazel Mafu (Zimbabwe) on 07/Mar/2024 Verified Buyer


Review on MAZDA Demio (LDA-DJ5FS)


Cliff Farai Chitenga

by Cliff Farai Chitenga (Zimbabwe) on 16/Feb/2024 Verified Buyer

Excellent car in our shona language we say INYAMA MOTA

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DJ3FS)

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Blissful Logistics

by Tapiwa Madidi (Zimbabwe) on 04/Feb/2024 Verified Buyer

Everything was in good order

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)

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Happy Business

by Gream Solutions (Zimbabwe) on 28/Dec/2023 Verified Buyer

Thumbs up to the Management. Happy People

Review on MAZDA Demio (LDA-DJ5AS)

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by Last Mukomawasha (Zimbabwe) on 25/Oct/2023 Verified Buyer


Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DJ3FS)

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Thanks be forward for the

by Clement Phiri (Zambia) on 11/Oct/2023 Verified Buyer

Thanks be forward for the good job you are doing I received the car in good condition

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)

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JCC Logistics Pvt (Ltd)

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 08/Oct/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward, received this little cute baby in perfect condition.

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)

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Be Forward

by Visible Car Deals (Zimbabwe) on 31/Aug/2023 Verified Buyer

Be Forward has the best service ever

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DJ3AS)


Good car received it in

by Rhobie Gatsi (Zimbabwe) on 18/Jul/2023 Verified Buyer

Good car received it in excellent condition

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)

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Perfect deal, very good fuel

by Fundisani Mabhena (Zimbabwe) on 12/Jul/2023 Verified Buyer

Perfect deal, very good fuel saver

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DJ3FS)


Melhores e boas Mazdas

by José Manuel Mualeti (Mozambique) on 03/Jun/2023 Verified Buyer

Melhores e boas Mazdas

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)


Trymore Mushope

by Tamia (Zimbabwe) on 03/Jun/2023 Verified Buyer

The Car was in excellent condition.

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)


Received neat and intact

by Tinashe Sithole (Mozambique) on 21/Apr/2023 Verified Buyer

Received neat and intact

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)


The vehicle came in good

by Ndawa James Kapembwa (Zambia) on 27/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer

The vehicle came in good and condition. I received what I ordered

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DEJFS)

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Clean in and out

by Effelage (Zimbabwe) on 27/Feb/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you Befoward

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DEJFS)

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Super clean in and out

by Joseph Chinosema (Zimbabwe) on 25/Nov/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you Beforward as usual you never disappoint. Received this car in good order everything was perfect, the suspension is still solid just as new.

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DEJFS)


Trymore Ruredzo mazda Demio

by Mudzonga Blessing (Zimbabwe) on 19/Sep/2022 Verified Buyer

Drives smooth nothing to complain on performance thank you Be Forward got the vehicle as ordered even the sound system was intact loving it

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)


The car arrived in good

by Pascal Mulindwa Bukuru (D.R.Congo) on 11/Apr/2022 Verified Buyer

The car arrived in good condition.

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DY3W)


Is good and received in

by Mpoki Alinanuswe (Tanzania) on 10/Mar/2022 Verified Buyer

Is good and received in a good condition

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DY3W)


Thank you BE Forward looking

by Rain, Elden Paul (Micronesia) on 03/Feb/2022 Verified Buyer

Thank you BE Forward looking forward for another one.

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DY3W)


Bom carro, economico e estavel na estrada

by Ercilio Salomao Jive (Mozambique) on 26/Jan/2022 Verified Buyer

O carro esta em optimas condicoes, o carro e' muito seguro na estrada e estavel. Possui um optimo consumo de combustivel e e' recomendado para Viagens. Eu recomendo a comprar o Mazda Demio

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DY3W)


Very Good vehicle

by Godfrey Phiri (Zimbabwe) on 24/Nov/2021 Verified Buyer

Very Good vehicle

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)


Abu Importações Pemba-Cariaco Moz

by Abu Aiuba (Mozambique) on 09/Oct/2021 Verified Buyer

Muitíssimo obrigado Be Forward em especial o colaborador Vando pela ajuda na aquisição dessa viatura!!! Abu Importações E.I Agradece

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DY3W)


Am Geoffrey Lazalo (Mponela) Malawi.

by Geoffrey K.Lazalo (Malawi) on 17/Sep/2021 Verified Buyer

Am Geoffrey Lazalo (Mponela) Malawi. The car is very good no problem found. Low fuel efficient 27km per 1liter. Thanks Beforward.

Review on MAZDA Demio (DBA-DE3FS)