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FORD ESCAPE Reviews and Ratings


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Good deal from be forward

by Jorum Chege Ndungu (Kenya) on 04/Oct/2018 Verified Buyer

Car arrived on schedule,very clean and value for money.

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3P)

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by Mapendano Kisangani Etienne (D.R.Congo) on 21/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

Bonjour cher partenaire, Tout en vous remerciant nous vous informons que ce véhicule était bien arrivé a été livré au client /le propriétaire. Franche collaboration Etienne

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)


Amazing Ford Escape

by Reason Nyengera (Zimbabwe) on 09/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

The car is amazing and your survives are fantastic. Thank you so much BeFoward

Review on FORD Escape (TA-EP3WF)

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Ford Escape

by Davies Katongo (Zambia) on 13/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

The Car was well received and in perfect condition, so far so good no problem has been experienced with the car. Next time I feel like buying a car from BE-Forward, Am sure the I will receive a good deal. Since 2011 when I first bought the Nissan Elgrand from you I have had no issues with your company. Second vehicle was Mark 11 and now Ford Escape ...Read More. Read Less

Review on FORD Escape (TA-EP3WF)

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Ford Escape ABA-LFAL3

by Francisco Joaquim Pedro (Mozambique) on 22/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

Very nice car

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3)

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Ford Escape La-Epfwf

by Francisco Joaquim Pedro (Mozambique) on 06/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer

Very nice car,i like it

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)

Internal and external

by Kambale Kamete Joel (D.R.Congo) on 09/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer


Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3P)


by Dick'saint Dikangala Kifuani (D.R.C on 07/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer


Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAAJ)

ford Escape

by Kudzanayi J Tafa (Zimbabwe) on 16/Nov/2018 Verified Buyer

i have enjoyed the drive from Dar To Zim

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3P)


by Malenga Mayenda (Malawi) on 12/Oct/2018 Verified Buyer

The car arrived in perfect condition. The interior and exterior are nice and mint. We have liked the car. This is my 21st Car bought from Be-Forward. No disappointment yet. This gives me more reasons to continue trading with Be Forward and also recommending it to friends Malenga Mayenda, Kasungu, MALAWI

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3)

Ford Escape

by Martin Katuura Musozi (Uganda) on 16/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

I need to say you guys are great. I got my vehicle with everything intact from the pictures posted. However, the manual is all in Japanese and it is not helpful at all.

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3F)

A mini driving paradise

by Yvonne Mmangisa (Malawi) on 26/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

The car is great. My kids love it so much, especially the sunroof! It drives well and is good on fuel consumption. It was a good buy. However, the clearance took too long from the time the car arrived in Dar to the time I got it from Songwe. Things got slower but I am glad the car was well taken care of. It arrived with a clean interior with all th ...Read Moreings intact, nothing missing. Thanks for saving me time to go to Dar. Read Less

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3P)

Buying Experience with BE FORWARD

by Chinyama Machalo Chriss (Zambia) on 24/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

Like I already alluded too, our buying experience with BE forward WAS VERY FANTASTIC. We had no sleepless nights in transit.All was done by the company bringing the vehicle on the door step. Friends and many our colleagues have liked the purchase process, and they too would want to buy theirs in the some way with BE FORWARD.

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3F)

ford escape

by Mergery Sichembe (Zambia) on 06/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

thanks Be forward for good car i order and the interior, exterior was neat, driving smooth, its good to buy a car from you thanks again.

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3)

2002 Ford Escape

by Mcgreggor Richards (Solomon Islands) on 19/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer

Excellent vehicle. Drives and handles really well for a car that has clocked over 130,000km. The shpment took a few weeks more than adviced but condition of the car was great. Definately buying again from Be Forward.

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)

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by Davies Katongo  on 07/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

Good morning, Kindly be advised that our car was received in a very good working condition and everything was intact as shown in the photos my family were very happy.

Review on FORD Escape (TA-EP3WF)

Thank you BE FOWARD my

by Samuel Lisenga Mahuntse (Zimbabwe) on 07/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Thank you BE FOWARD my car arrived in Zimbabwe in good condition it was just as I saw it on your website with all the features indicated were there, once thank you team BE FOWARD

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)

Nice Car

by Joseph Benedict Nyansiro (Tanzania) on 02/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

The car i ordered was as nice as I expected. Good customer service. Thank you guys

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)

im very fine with my Ford Escape. looking forward for Noah

by Latifa Kasanga (Tanzania) on 02/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

The vehicle is very good inside and outside

Review on FORD Escape (TA-EP3WF)

Nice Car -Drives great!

by Raphael Banda (Zambia) on 02/Apr/2017 Verified Buyer

Its a nice car but as a regular customer you should have given me good discount. I am also expecting another car from Be Forward you sale good cars. Highly recommended.

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)

great car

by David Spitzer (Bahamas) on 22/Jan/2017 Verified Buyer

very nice and clean,,, But it took to long to get the car, 3 months??????

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)

Uma boa experiência com o

by Cristovao Daniel Jabu (Mozambique) on 14/Jan/2017 Verified Buyer

Uma boa experiência com o carro que comprei. Apenas ouve-se um barulho que parecem peças soltas ou ponteiras não apertadas quando o carro anda. Não sei se isso é normal. Mas o resto está tudo ok, muito bom carro, eu e a minha familia adoramos o carro. Obrigado

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)

Car Review

by Monica Jenala Mushibwe (Zambia) on 16/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

I would like to thank beforward and team for the remarkable job. my car reached in good condition except that I have to replace few things. Its a nice car ilke what I see, am yet to indroduce more customers to this effect. it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Review on FORD Escape (TA-EP3WF)

My Ford Escape

by Rhobie (. on 20/Nov/2016 Verified Buyer

What i like most about that car is: Exterior - the color itself is unique and it reflect (attract) so many people are asking where i got it. Interior - it's good as well, i like the leather and the comfort of the seats and no need of hoover. I really like it

Review on FORD Escape (LA-EPFWF)


by Justice Bwalya (Zambia) on 15/Nov/2016 Verified Buyer

I wish to state here that the experience was awesome! When I received the car I could not believe it, it was in VERY good condition. in fact I feel I got more than I expected from the deal as I discover every new detail about my car! I love the fact that the car is in tip-top condition. When my friends look at it they are amazed!

Review on FORD Escape (ABA-LFAL3F)