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PEUGEOT Reviews and Ratings


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happy with the car

by Arthur Webster Ndhlozi (Malawi) on 09/Jul/2022 Verified Buyer

Am happy with the car it is in a good condition ,

Review on PEUGEOT 3008 (ABA-T85F02)


Peugeot 307CC

by Kajoyingi S. on 19/Jun/2020 Verified Buyer

Super nice car thanks beforward

Review on PEUGEOT 307 (GH-A307CC)


Thank you the,i recieved

by Peter Katayah (Malawi) on 13/Mar/2020 Verified Buyer

Thank you the,i recieved this car in exellent condition,i drove it 2000km thus from Dar es salaam up to Nsanama. Machinga.Malawi without any problem and it is still intact.

Review on PEUGEOT 207 (ABA-A75FW)



by Musalizi Muharabu Roger-Lafleur (South S on 24/Aug/2019 Verified Buyer

Beforward m’a vendu deux bons véhicules depuis 2015. Cette dernière commande est très fantastique, elle est très VIP et smart. Ce véhicule récent de Marque Peugeot 207 décapotable, est très cool. Je vous le recommande via Beforward pour vos achats, une société qui facilite les la procuration rapide et au prix abordable. La livraison est très rapide ...Read More et de meilleure condition. Musalizi Muharabu Roger-Lafleur Read Less

Review on PEUGEOT 207 (ABA-A7C5FW)


Willard milanzi

by Alecca Alex Mlombwa (Malawi) on 18/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

Its realy smart and new thank u befoward

Review on PEUGEOT 508 (ALLURE-THP)


2005 PEUGEOT 307 SW

by Naomi Lutombi (Zambia) on 18/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

This is a very nice and comfortable vehicle I just ordered from Be Forward Japan on 8th June 2018. Its mechanical condition is intact without any fault because Be Forward only deals in genuine vehicles. The vehicle was delivered to me on 25th June 2018 and I am now enjoying the comfort ride with my family, thank you Be Forward for your services and ...Read More for providing quality vehicles at affordable prices, keep it up. Read Less

Review on PEUGEOT 307 (GH-3EHRFN)



by Kenneth Davis Musonzo (Malawi) on 02/Apr/2018 Verified Buyer

Thanks Beforward for the wonderful car delivered to me as seen on the internet. This is an excellent machine in excellent condition both internally and externally with all extras intact. I have been very impressed and satisfied with your service and looking forward to another purchase from you shortly. Keep up the excellent service

Review on PEUGEOT 307 (GH-3EHRFJ)


Peugeot 206 CC

by Innnocent Nyangulu (Malawi) on 25/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Dear Be forward thanks i received my Peugeot 206 cc in good condition and the looks just as the pictures were on your website, and its fun to drive the car, furthermore the car is almost new,thanks for that be forward am looking forward to do more business

Review on PEUGEOT 206 (GH-A206CC)

17103815 17103817


by Mwebaze Morris (Uganda) on 26/Apr/2017 Verified Buyer

Hello Beforward, my car arrived well and in good condition. This car is more beautiful than it appeared online, it moves well and everything is intact. Thank you Mr. Joseph for your support and BeforwardJp at large. Can't wait to do more business, big up. Cheers.

Review on PEUGEOT 206 (GH-T1NFU)

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Purchased car - Peugeot 206

by Exton Mtande (Malawi) on 13/Feb/2017 Verified Buyer

I am very satisfied with processes during the purchase of my car. Price was reasonable and I was able to negotiate according to little funds I had in my pocket, the vehicle just looked the same as it was in the pictures before purchase and was in mint condition. thanks to Be Forward and promise for continued parsonage and encouraging friends to pur ...Read Morechase with you too Thanks Exton Mtande Read Less

Review on PEUGEOT 206 (GH-A206CC)


My Purchase Experience PEUGEOT 407 -GH-D2V

by Cassim Chilimba (Malawi) on 22/Jan/2017 Verified Buyer

I find the purchasing of vehicles with BE FORWARD very simple and well managed.The vehicle has comfort inside it and it is stable on the road when driving. The vehicle has security features which prevent the would be robbers from stealing and it has reverse alarms that assist to prevent heating an object. Besides all this the vehicle's ball jo ...Read Moreints in front worn out. So I can no longer drive the vehicle at the moment until I replace the ball joint pair. Thank you Regards Cassim Chilimba Read Less

Review on PEUGEOT 407 (GH-D2V)

Peugeot 307 CC

by Kaem Kapalata (D.R.Congo) on 21/Jan/2020 Verified Buyer

I am ecstatic to tell you my joy about this Peugeot 307 cc. I have found it more beautiful than the pictures shown. it is brand new. The interior is so clean with a good smell. The exterior is so bright. For to be honest, I cant hesitate to recommand Beforward to others who want to buy an occasion car. I have done 1800 Kms from Daresalaam beach to ...Read Moremy country with any mechanical problems. The only thing I had to do is to add fuel. And it does between 8-9 liters for 100 kms. The most thing I love on this Peugeot 307 CC is: it is two cars in one. I open the roof (1) and when it runs I shut it(2). It is so funny to have it. Thank you BF Read Less

Review on PEUGEOT 307 (GH-A307CC)

Carro recebido

by José Ernesto Manhiça (Mozambique) on 26/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

De certa maneira deu para superar as expectativas apesar de várias anomalias detectadas

Review on PEUGEOT 307 (GH-A307CC)

it okay only the air

by Perlean Hepburn (Bahamas) on 03/Jul/2019 Verified Buyer

it okay only the air condition is not working . other than everything good

Review on PEUGEOT 207 (ABA-A7W5F01)


by Khatchaturov Sergo (France) on 26/Jun/2019 Verified Buyer


Review on PEUGEOT 407 (GH-D2CPV)

its a nice car

by Robin Ulikaye (Tanzania) on 21/Jun/2019 Verified Buyer

its a nice car

Review on PEUGEOT 308 (ABA-T75FT)

Excelent Peugeot

by Rosário Da Cruz (Mozambique) on 16/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Beautiful and in very good condition. It was a nice purchase.

Review on PEUGEOT 207 (ABA-A7W5FW)

PEAUGEOT 407 2008

by Ashok Kumar (New Zealand) on 16/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer


Review on PEUGEOT 407 (ABA-D2BRY)

Peugeot 206

by Moea Khatala (Lesotho) on 28/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

The condition of the vehicle is very exerlent and the engine runs smoothly

Review on PEUGEOT 206 (GH-2EKNFU)

Awesome car!

by Lavert Donnatello Williams (Bahamas) on 26/May/2017 Verified Buyer

I was really impressed with this unit. It was like brand new!

Review on PEUGEOT 207 (ABA-A75FW)

Nice services from beforward

by Elibariki (Tanzania) on 17/Mar/2017 Verified Buyer


Review on PEUGEOT 206 (GH-M206CC)

Nice Car

by Rex Hibajene (Zambia) on 02/Dec/2016 Verified Buyer

Both the interior and exterior are super nice, thank you very much Be Forward you are the best car dealers.

Review on PEUGEOT 1007 (GH-A8KFV)

Fantastic experience from end-to-end - Kudos!

by Jacky Mizele (D.R.Congo) on 23/Sep/2016 Verified Buyer

This was our first time purchasing a car with Be Forward and shipping it to D.R. Congo in Kinshasa. The end-to-end process deserves thumbs up. Keep up the good as the hard part is maintaining the high standard. Thanks for everything!

Review on PEUGEOT 307 (ABA-T5NFU)

peugeot 207

by Jessee Waithaka (Kenya) on 22/Aug/2016 Verified Buyer


Review on PEUGEOT 207 (ABA-A7W5FW)

Mr Patrick Anderson

by Patrick Anderson (Saint Helena) on 11/Aug/2016 Verified Buyer

Yea i am satisfied with my purchase my overall experience good about car bying i like the way that i can just go on line and pick the car i like and be able to see all the pictures of the car so i can see the condition it is in

Review on PEUGEOT 206 (GH-T1NFU)