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BMW X3 Reviews and Ratings


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by Benjamin (. on 24/May/2020 Verified Buyer

The car arrived in good physical condition. Very neat inside and outside. It had a mechanical fault. I had to replace the Turbo. All is now well. Thank you Be Forwad.

Review on BMW X3 (LDA-WY20)



by John (. on 21/May/2020 Verified Buyer

Thank you so much BE FORWARD TEAM Ireceived my car BMW X3 Is very good condition as expected, well done.

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)


Fabulous machine

by Joel (. on 12/Apr/2020 Verified Buyer

Fabulous machine...

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)



by Ndikubwayo Joe Danny (Burundi) on 05/Feb/2020 Verified Buyer

The car reached and everything in the car on the picture was the same as usual and the car is really a machine. Thanks to Befoward.

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)


B m w purchased.

by Ezekiel Jones (Grenada) on 18/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

Very satisfied, happy with the car and can highly recommend B Forward. They give value for money. And deliver on time.

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)

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Thank you so much Beforward Team. I received my BMW X3 is the very good condition as expected. Well done

by Luther Ilunga Nsenga (D.R.Congo) on 09/Nov/2019 Verified Buyer

I really appreciate my New BMW X3 bought via Beforward

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)


Pretty nice car

by Chris Marol (South Sudan) on 29/May/2019 Verified Buyer

I happy with my current BMW X3. It is much better than 3 series which had a lot of mechanical problems before even reaching. X3 is so amazing and pretty good. Thanks Beforward . Chris Marol - South Sudan.

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)


Good service

by Shamar Ali (South Sudan) on 18/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

Beforward service are so far the best via an online medium. Reliable and trustworthy.keep up

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)


Reception confirmation for BMW X3

by Jimmy Finzani (South Sudan) on 11/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer

This is the confirm the well reception of my car BMW X3 at the last destination in good condition.

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)

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BMW X3 Sunroof 2008model

by Newton Moyo (Zambia) on 28/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

Great looks both interior and exterior. Drives pretty well. Very happy with this purchase. Thanks be forward.

Review on BMW X3 (SI-SUNROOF)



by Ivan Manyenje (Malawi) on 15/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer

I really enjoyed driving the car it came as it is.thanks BEFORWAD

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)


Excellent well recommended

by Shane Z. on 15/Dec/2018 Verified Buyer

Once again it never failed. This car arrived as expected in the exact condition as discribed. Well recommended company to deal with as excellent quality for the price and service that you receive

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA30)


The car is as clean

by Boitumelo (Botswana) on 21/Oct/2017 Verified Buyer

The car is as clean as I didn't think I could be

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)



by James Gombania Mauma (Tanzania) on 13/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

JAMES G. MAUMA (TANZANIA) Elegant car, looking nice, drive good, just i forgotten to ask for one extra car key. Otherwise good car, i like your service and on time delivery of car. I also like the way your organized with DHL because they are very serious with what they are doing, i like it.

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)


by Peter (. on 24/Apr/2020 Verified Buyer

It's very nice car the engine is fantastic

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)

Bmw X3

by Rodway Power (St.Vincent) on 23/Dec/2019 Verified Buyer

I was very disappointed at first because the car took two extra weeks to get to me. However when I finally got the car it was worth the wait. The condition and performance surpassed my expectations. Very happy with my purchase. Will continue to do business with you and would also recommend you to my friends. Thank you BEForward.

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)

Vehicle in good condition

by Mathias Luoga (Tanzania) on 19/Oct/2019 Verified Buyer

It’s 9 years I have been buying vehicle from Be Forward I have never regretted. This is my company.

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA30)

No complaints

by Nuno Ferreira (Mozambique) on 24/Sep/2019 Verified Buyer

The car is better than I once expected.

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)

I so much enjoy this

by Neo Macheli (Lesotho) on 15/Aug/2019 Verified Buyer

I so much enjoy this babe, I like her especially when we go to far of places!!!!

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA30)


by Ismail Keri Hassan Lugor (South Sudan) on 11/Apr/2019 Verified Buyer

The car was in Mint Condition, both the engine and the interior. I value the quality of cars you sell to your clients that's why I have never sourced for any other company for the last 5 years.

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)


by Nelma Morais (Mozambique) on 30/Dec/2018 Verified Buyer

The car is very good. It looks super new, both inside and out. Impeccable engine. Thank you

Review on BMW X3 (ABA-PC25)


by Grace Joseph (Tanzania) on 24/Dec/2018 Verified Buyer

The service was okay

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA30)


by Simbarashe Kuzanga (Zimbabwe) on 03/Nov/2018 Verified Buyer

It was a great doing business with you

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)


by Inocêncio Titos Massango (Mozambiq on 27/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

Estou bastante satisfeito pela viatura recebida, ela é realmente a realização do meu sonho por que veio responder o que sempre vinha sonhando. A viatura está nas perfeitas condições, por isso me sinto mais uma vez parte da be forward

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)

BMW X 3 -

by Onesmo Lulandala (Tanzania) on 27/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer

I'm Onesmo Lulandala or Onesmart Cars. Would like to appreciate for the car, it arrived timely with very good condition, Thanks for that's

Review on BMW X3 (GH-PA25)