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TOYOTA RAV4 Reviews and Ratings


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Rav 4

by Polite Makumucha (Zimbabwe) on 25/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

Service very good

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)

Comments about the RAV 4 we bought from Be Forward

by James Musa Kahurananga (Tanzania) on 14/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

This to confirm that we bought a 2005 Rav 4 Car from Be Forward and it arrived from Japan in excellent condition and we have been driving it smoothly for the past 3 months. I highly recommend Be Forward for anybody who wants to order a second hand car from Japan. You get what you pay for.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)

Thank you for your service

by Kasereka Busiku (D.R.Congo) on 10/Jan/2018 Verified Buyer

No comment

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA11G)

Review of vehicle

by Ndiangui Mary (Kenya) on 23/Dec/2017 Verified Buyer

I bought a RAV4 registered in 2011. It is very beautiful and powerful on the road. However the manual is of no help as it is in Japanese. Where can one get a translation and I wish it had a spare tyre and repair kit. Otherwise am enjoying driving the car

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

Rav 4 vehicle

by Patrick Christian (Antigua and Barbuda) on 19/Nov/2017 Verified Buyer

Hello,you guys at Beforward,my Rav4 SUV arrived in Antigua/Barbuda in the middle of October, and i must say i am very pleased with the condition of this vehicle both inside and outside.For a vehicle that was manufactured in 2006 it handles very well and drives like a new vehicle.I must also say that you guys are real professionals in the used car s ...Read Moreelling business,and i thank you for how my ordering was handled,Thank you again ,i look forward[no pun intended]to do more business with you in the future if necessary.PATRICK Read Less

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ACA21W)

I am glad to have my Rav4

by Santino Fot (South Sudan) on 30/Oct/2017 Verified Buyer

I am thankful to Be Forward for taking care of my purchase and transport of my vehicle up to Juba, South Sudan. Many people are appreciating the car clean exterior and interior. Some people can not believe the possibility of buying online. I am recommending people to buy from BF.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)

I liked the service!

by Lawi Stephen Odiero (Tanzania) on 25/Oct/2017 Verified Buyer

It was my first time doing business with Be Forward Ltd! What I experienced was a good customer service. Getting updated on every step during shipment of my car was the thing I liked most. On top of that the car arrived in good condition! Thank you, I will continue my business with You and I will advise anybody to use your services. Keep it up!

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ACA21W)


by Chantal Kapesi (Tanzania) on 22/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

I would like to confirm that the services rendered were good. I received the vehicle in good condition. Be Forwad in Dar es Salaam are welcoming and supportive to clients.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

Cathy Jasat

by Catherine Barron (Zambia) on 15/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Excellent. Very happy with the state of the car. Good service.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)

Isuzu ELF Truck

by Blaise Kokou (Solomon Islands) on 12/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

The condition of the Truck is good and satisfactory compared with the price given.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA11W)


by Aisha Ndagire (Uganda) on 11/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

It's good have no problem With it thank you

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ZCA26W)


by Damali Kaamuli (Uganda) on 08/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Dear BEFORWARD, sorry, I am away from the vehicle but would like to thank you for the very smooth and professional way you handle clients right from the time of purchasing to delivery. I am a very happy customer and look forward to future purchases.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ACA21W)

Bien Satisfait avec l'achat de voiture chez BE FORWARD

by Mangale Ngongo (D.R.Congo) on 01/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer

Je suis tres satisfait avec la voiture RAV 4 que je viens d'acheter chez Be Forward. La voiture est arrive en bon etat.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)


by Kezang Deki (Mozambique) on 28/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer

Excellent car.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)


by Isaac Sakala (Zambia) on 24/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer

Big thanks to Nori who kept me posted all the time. I will continue with Be Forward Japan. Isaac Zambia

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)


by Jimmy Mwansa (Zambia) on 20/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer

Excellent Engine Performance. Interior and Exterior Good.Had to change Timing Belt and Tension Wheel.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (E-SXA11G)

good received

by Bakulikira Muderhwa Paulin (D.R.Congo) on 18/Aug/2017 Verified Buyer


Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (GF-SXA11G)

Thanks to Beforward/Merci Beforward

by Kassongo Inena (D.R.Congo) on 19/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

En général, le véhicule RAV4 que j'ai acheté est en bon état comme d'autres véhicules que j'avais déjà acheté chez Beforward. Pour cette RAV4, il n'y a pas de problèmes mécanique, mais un peu de contrôle électrique avec des lampes témoins de vitesse qui, de temps en temps ne s'allument pas. Je suis tout de même contenu du v ...Read Moreéhicule, surtout pour le prix. Merci Beforward. éhicule, surtout pour le prix. Merci Beforward. Read Less

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)

nice car

by George Mahombo (Tanzania) on 13/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

nice car

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (GF-SXA16G)

the purchase went well though

by Baraka Ildephonce (Tanzania) on 05/Jul/2017 Verified Buyer

the purchase went well though there was a little bit delay

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ZCA25W)

car update

by David Sondoyi (Zambia) on 28/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

the car arrived very safely and am happy with the services.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (TA-ACA21W)

Tres chers. Honnetement je suis

by Ndori Amini (Burundi) on 27/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Tres chers. Honnetement je suis tres content de votre travail. D'ailleurs, j'attent un payement de mon client pour reccommander encore chez vous un RAV4. Je profite cette occasion pour vous informer que actuellement le busness ne va pas bien au Burundi depuis 2ans.. Bien a vous. AMINI NDORI.

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (DBA-ACA31W)

Je suis vraiment content de

by Muliri -Simire Noella (D.R.Congo) on 16/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Je suis vraiment content de travailler avec beforward .Cette agence elle est la première au Japon en matière de vente de véhicule, elle est expéditive et honette

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)

Toyota rav 4 2004

by Salim Esmail Patel (Zimbabwe) on 06/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer

Excellent service

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ZCA26W)


by Atwine Jackline (Uganda) on 26/May/2017 Verified Buyer

Hi, I really like the car sent to me. Absolutely no mechanical issues though Beforward should have at least given me a tyre cover. The hard one. I am loving my car. The day it arrived, I pinched my self to reality. Many thanks especially to Joseph. Very patient and pleasant guy. Keep on keeping on Beforward Jacqueline

Review on TOYOTA RAV4 (CBA-ACA21W)